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Fan fiction by 123Jordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Geoff: Looks like a storm is comming!
Bridgette: It was sunny a घंटा ago.
Trent: that happends alot.
Geoff: Trent?
Trent: yeah!
Bridgette: I thought u would be a singer.
Trent: I tryed that but i don't get lots of mouney. Here, i get $20 a hour.
Geoff: wow! do we?
Trent: i don't know.
Bridgette: oh
Kadie: Oh my goodness sadie, did u hear that?
Sadie: Oh my! I did!
Kadie: that was so lound!
Sadie: I know right?
Bridgette: I think that lighting touched the ground.
Noah: Guys! A tornado touched down here!
Trent: But it's not tornado season!
Noah: I know but there's touch down here!
Bridgette: what is the #?
Noah: off scale.
Geoff: so a f.............
Noah: F10!
bridgette+Geoff: Oh my!
Kadie: saide lets go to aur सुरक्षित place!
Saide: yeah!
Duncan: Coutney is in the storm!
trent: get her out of there.
Duncan: I don't know where she is!
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I sit on my बिस्तर with all the lights in my room turned off. I guess I like sitting in the dark when I think. My dark eyes fill with tears, the memories of me and Trent stick painfully in my दिल even though we are over . I start sobbing and the tears run fast down my pale cheek. I hug my knees, wishing I had someone sitting beside me on the bed. As the night progresses on and I sit still on my dark blue bed, I keep trying to deny the fact that what I need is a boyfriend to fix what has been broken of my heart.

The अगला morning I got up and change my clothes. I picked out a black पैरामोर shirt,a pair of very dark blue jeans,and some black converse. I brushed द्वारा blue and black hair. Then I heared a car horn and I walked over to the window. I saw Bridgette wave her hand out of her car window. I hurried and grabed my black bookbag, I grabed some on the go breakfast and headed out the door. I got to Bridgette's blue घोड़ा and sat shotgun. In the back of Bridgette's car was Duncan,Geoff,and Courtney. I waved at them but only Duncan was paying attention and waved back. I blushed a little. "I प्यार the कमीज, शर्ट Gwen." Bridgette कहा to me in a brightening...
Fan fiction by vamp_grl_123 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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AN: Ok i पोस्टेड chapter 1 like a billion years पूर्व and never did post the rest. Sory. If u need a refresh on chapter 1 check it out here. (link) Also if u dont want to wait for me to update here, u can read what i got so far here as well

One और thing. This is rated PG-13.

Gwen's POV

I sat in the cold quite darkness of my room slowly nibbling the खाना I was given. I cant believe that woman made me live with 4 beautiful guys. She knows how I hate and distrust beautiful people. या at least I have been 2 years पूर्व till now. It was such a painful memory I'd rather not rethink it. Let's just say a beautiful person I loved did something that scared me for life and I will NEVER get over it.

I ate my रात का खाना quietly listening to the conversations the boys where having. Two where in the room अगला to me talking bout how they plan to make me lady like. That will never happen. Not only will I never leave this room, but I will never go near those 4. Even if my life depends on it. Especially not to be told how to...
Fan fiction by Raven9087 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*Gwen's prov*
Ok this isnt your normal romance this is an awakawrd प्यार relationship I never felt this away bout anyone before I mean as soon as Trent got voted off Tdm I had no feelings for him but I did have feelings for another guy he was nice to me on TDI but tht time I didnt have feelings for him but now I do he was coming my way
"Hey Gwen, Duncan told me to give this to you" कहा Cody "Thanks tell him Ill read it soon"said Gwen
*Cody's prov*
The letter was from me but I didnt want to tell Gwen cuz I knew she doesnt like me. When I saw Jared I asked him something
"Hey Jared I need to ask आप something I really like Gwen and I wanted to tell her face to face but I know she doesnt like me. What do I do" कहा Cody "Well...you dont tell a girl आप like her right off the back आप have to just be yourself" कहा Jared "Cool Thanks" कहा Cody then he saw Jordan with Lia and asked them a सवाल "Hey guys I have to ask आप something how did आप guys get together???" asked Cody "Well Jordan just been himself and he was really nice and sweet to me and I asked him if he wanted to go...
List by Dramatic-Teller posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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#1. Kari (Like a big sister)

#2. Yuri (Like a little sister that doesn't annoy me =^-^=)

#3. Addrey (Like the bff I've always wanted)

#4. Luz-Luz-Anwar-Night (Tu eres la mas cool de este club! Tu eres mi mejor amiga que habla espanol, lo siento, mi computadora no se puede ser el asento.;D)

#5. DuncanxGwen4evr (She's a really cool rocka chick)

They कहा I have to keep लेखन या I'll have to put it as a forum...u knowz we barely read those.

List by StarWarsFan7 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Sumer, I just want to say that I was inspired of what आप wrote so I'm going to do it too. (Hope UR not mad)

Best Friend: jjj113 (sorry if i spelled it wrong), dramalyric, sumerjoy11, topez99, potterandtdi, tdifangirl, totaldramarox, VioletSunset, MP4girl, cuteasduncan59, IDDfan, luz-anwar-light, dxarmy423, xxXsk8trXxx, CyD12, Duncan_Courtney, GWENxTRENT, splinter505, punkygirl29, xcv_2013, Lolly4me2, -owe-, sumosabs, obsessedTDIgirl, ahern34, awesomeguy123, and -ewe-.

I want to save the best for last.






Article by TDItwin posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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fanpop / the funhouse ???
heres a little song buy p!nk that i think sums up the tdi spot on फैन्पॉप i herd it at a disco in france and फैन्पॉप just popped into my mind !!!!
[i]I dance around this empty house
tear us down and throw आप out
screaming down the halls
spinning all around and now we fall

pictures framing up the past
your taunting smirk behind the glass
this museum full of ash
once a tickle now a rash

This used to be a funhouse
but now its full of evil clowns
its time to start the countdown
im gonna burn it down down down
im gonna burn it down


Echoes knocking on locked doors
all the laughter from before
i'd rather live out on the street
than in this haunted memory

ive called the movers,called the maids
we'll try to exorcise this place
drag my mattress to the yard
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I hate DxC, but I'm bored. I might as well write a fanfic :D

"I have to talk to you," Duncan whispered urgently.
Courtney swung her brunette hair around and gazed him in the eyes. She felt लॉस्ट there for a moment, and in those eyes, she found something special. "Duncan...?"
"Meet me at the boathouse, बूथहाउस at midnight," Duncan continued, winking.
"Uh, okay..." Courtney murmured; she couldn't say anything else. She would have believe anything from Duncan, and she had to fight hard to control herself around him.
"Okay," Courtney repeated.
Duncan smiled and winked. "See ya later, Princess."

"I don't know what it is, Courtney," Duncan said. "I really don't. But there's something about you..."
At that moment Courtney felt whole, as if a missing piece she never even knew was missing had been added to her life. She had a perfect life, friends, popularity, lawyers... but there was something else she needed.
Opinion by TOTALIzzyluver posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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So here is my review for the series and characters of TDI plz remeber its my opinion and there is no need for freaking out if i कहा something mean about your fave character.

Ok here is my over all दिखाना review:
It's funny and addicting. Even though it's a cartoon its pretty real to me. Its entertaining and doesn't get boaring; while watching it, u won't wanna get up या have any other noise in the room. For me, no one is allowed to talk to me while im watching it.

Characters (random order)

Izzy- Funny to watch. Tells hilarious stories about her crazy family

Trent- Musical. Hunky. Not a bad dude

Gwen- a bit of a downer and bit depressing but totally lightens up द्वारा the end of the series and is way और pleasent in season 2

Owen- HILARIOUS!!! funny in a discusting way.

Heather- mean bossy bitchy (sorry to all Heather प्रशंसकों its just my opinion)

Beth- one word; WANNABE
Fan fiction by Dramatic-Teller posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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WARNING: This is NoahXCody!!!!!!
And it is rated T for Teen.

Noah saw Cody flirting with Gwen.
Noah got jealous...he couldn't stand it.
He ran over to Cody and grabbed his wrist and ran over द्वारा a tree.
Noah got extremely close to Cody

Noah: "What were आप doing?"

Cody: "Uh. Just...talking with Gw-"

Noah stepped even और closer to Cody and took his chin: "I don't like it when your with her..."He कहा with a husky voice.

Cody: "Noah. Stop screwing around."He turned his head but Noah just grabbed his chin again...but this time he kissed him aggresively making Cody's दिल pound and make him feel as if he was going to faint...but it gave him so much pleasure...he wanted him to never stop.

But Noah stopped with a grin and leaned into Cody's ear and whispered: "Your all mine..."Then he nibbled on Cody's ear making him hesitate.
Fan fiction by iloveduncan6 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*after they defete heartless they run into a big house*
sora: lets विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up.
chey: i'll go this way!
sora: cool.
chey: *runs off*
*duncan's pov*
duncan: *runs off to find chey. then stops at house and walks in* *thinking* since chey has perfume on it trails behind her.*snifs air* this way.
chey's pov
chey: *keeps running till she meets axel* you.
axel: *runs to chey and pins her to the wall* ever since आप broke up with me i allways wanted to get आप back for it.
chey: let go of me.
axel: no. not until आप take me back.
unfermillur voice: she कहा let go of her.
axel: what the...
chey: duncan!
duncan: let go of my girlfriend!
axel: girfriend! *looks at chey* आप pig! *punches chey*
chey: *falls to ground knocked out*
duncan: no! *runs to chey but axel stops him*
axel: lets see who is better for her me या you. lets battle.
duncan: *takes chey's key blade* game on!
Opinion by iloveduncan6 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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a quick note: just to let आप know i skipped them voting chey to be on tdi. but she did get picked! just a quick note!

chey: *steps off boat*
chris: and this is chey!
chey: *stands द्वारा a boy named duncan*
duncan: *thinking* man she is hot! *not thinking* *then faints*
chey: uhh chris? is that supost to happen?
chris: i guess not. go put water in your hands and dump it on his face.
chey: ok. *does what chris says*
duncan: *jumps up* im ok!
chris: thats good! ok everybody stand over here for a group photo!
everybody: *does what they are told and smiles*
chris: great! that will be a keeper! ok go bring your things to the cabbins and unpack!
chey: *unpacks everything in the cabbins. then her key blade appears* no! not now! i better go tell chris! *runs to find chris and finds him* um, chris.
chris: yes. what is wrong?
chey: um, something came up and i need to take care of it now.
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Look around you, I told myself, over and over and over again. Look around you, and cry. Cry freely, girl.

But I didn't. I couldn't find the strength to cry... to make the tears fall from my eyes. I didn't think I was ready to let the tears hit the ground with a soft patter; to wince at the sad and depressing sound that came from my mouth; to let Duncan see that I couldn't handle anything.

I looked up at him. His eyes were glazed and pained as he gazed into mine. I immediately felt a pang of guilt, and I sighed.
"Mina?" He brushed my cheek.
I didn't answer. I wanted to cry -- yet I didn't... I had no idea why. I wanted to let it all go, yet the other half of me, the और determined half.. warned me not to let it go until it was the right time.

Whatever that was.

"Duncan..." I would do it. I would break up with Duncan. "I'm... sorry." Well, that's great, my sarcasm inside me sneered. You're sorry. How delightful. Want me to tell आप I'm sorry, too?
Fan fiction by rose35 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Quote of the episode: It's actually kinda funny if आप aask me. All of these people are running around hopeless and idiotic while I laugh. I would do anyhting to get out of Leif city. So many girls that gossip, and would do anything to ruin my life. I just grabbed everything I could and I left, no goodbyes, no regards and no wishes. I just couldn't stand that place. All my फ्रेंड्स were traders and my family kicked me out of the house for being acused of doing drugs. Everything is so peaceful to other people, when it isn't if आप have to हटाइए in with your ex's old rusty apartment building, and आप have to go to parties with him because he doesn't have any body to take him घर because he's a hammered mess! Really I mean come on! My school is full of backstabbers, my family don't want to see my face again over some rumor that wasn't even true and I have to be affraid to get puked on every night! This is my dream come true! I'm heading down south to live with my sister in someone elses sweet car, I have enogh money for gas and decent clothes, and I have all of my stuff that I packed before I left and I get to get away from that drunky duche bag! I wonder if things could get any...
Opinion by izzyxcody posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Summary: After Cody's encounter with the bear, Izzy takes it upon herself to take care of him and nurse him back to health. Little does Cody know, the red head has ulterior motives in mind.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Pairings: Main: Izzy/Cody, Side: Tyler/Eva, Katie/Ezekiel, Mentioned: Duncan/LeShawna, Gwen/Geoff and Lindsey/Owen, Hinted: Noah/Heather.

Warnings: FLUFF and the usual

Winter-Rae: I swear, I'm never gonna get to लेखन an actual fic anytime soon. But when elephantburch offered to do a fic trade with me, how could I refuse? I mean hey, I'm getting a Duncan/LeShawna fic out of this! Woot woot! Enjoy.


Nurse Izzy

Cody was और than a little depressed when he was dropped off at the Playa des Losers resort.

But being kicked out of the contest, when it should have been Heather, was only one of the things that were bothering him this night. He was sore, what with being attacked द्वारा a भालू and all. He was soaking wet, since he had rolled off the dock and into the lake, nearly...
Fan fiction by juviechick1339 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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i woke up feeling groggy and tired. i was at the hospital, i noticed, but i didnt know why. then i heard voices.

'She wont remember you. she wont remember anyone.' one voice said. the other person was crying. i wondered who had forgotten everyone. i got up and found some clothes. i changed out of the hospital गाउन and put them on. there was a black miniskirt and a tight dark purple tank चोटी, शीर्ष and a pair of black boots. i put my hair up in low pigtails. then i left the room.

'Courtney?' a woman with mocha coloured hair like me looked at me. she was crying.

'who's Courtney?' i asked, utterly confused. the woman began to cry harder. 'can i leave? i don't like hospitals.'

the doctor guy looked at the woman then nodded to me. i left and found myself wandering around an unfamiliar town. i ended up at a park so i sat on a झूला, स्विंग and let my mind wander. who was that woman? who am i? where am i? my thoughts were interrupted द्वारा a teenage boy with a green mohawk and a skull कमीज, शर्ट walking over with a smirk. he had georgeous टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला eyes.
Opinion by lillymango1 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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ok i know i should put it on a ppg group but theres not much on there trust me thav all quit it so im makeing this so there tell me your person name ok

eye colour:
hair colour
pose :
anthin else
back ground:
pic if आप can
and ill draw

yeah its tellin me to write और so heres ramdom : dfgDFHBF gdf gf hf hfgh fg fh fh fhn fg hfg f jgj f x xc fc h df fhgh jdf sey r t o bc as f b n h h h j ,mh k kg kg hkhghk mgh k fy kgk g kgh kgh hkg hk ghk hkgkg kg hk gk gkghkk bfhf dg bfg hf hdf hf ghd gjfh kjgh jkgh kfh kgh g kg kgh kg k gh kgh kfg hf jg jg kh k h k kg kg kg kg k g kg kg k g kg k nGfj dhfg hf hf jfg j fgj f j f jf f jg jg jf jf jg k g j jj gh hm
Opinion by KARIxTRENT posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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sam was holding the camerea:ok!1,2,3 action!
kari leaned against a wall,and shoved her thumbs in her pockets,then dumped a bottle of water on her head and did a hair flip.
kari was skateboarding,and she heard that she was chosen for tdi....as a intern!
kari rolled her eyes:oh great..
when trent had the blowfish attack:
kari preformed mouth to mouth cpr on puking trent.
then wiped the vomit on her sleeve and left.that was the last seen of kari in tdi.
confessions of trent:
dunno WHO did that,but,eh,I didn't really mind it.
trent winked:you know who I'm talkin' to.
Fan fiction by KataraLover posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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4 fans
Once there was a widow women and her little daughter Bridgette she was a kind women who loeved her daughter but felt that she needed a fater so she married again a man named Chris of good family with two daughters just Bridgette's age द्वारा name Courtney and Eva but after the death of this good woman the step-families true nature was revealed cold and cruel and jelous of Bridgette's charm and beauty they forced her to be a servant but she stayed gentle and kind and dreamed that her dreams would come true and her step-family called her Cinderella
Cody(as a mouse)-Bridgette wake-up
Cody-It's important there's a माउस in a trap
Bridgette-A trap oh no
Owen(Mouse in a trap)-SOMEBODY HELP ME
Owen-Thank आप miss..... um.....
Owen-Bridgette thank आप I'm Owen
Bridgette-Hi and why are आप in my room
Owen-It was raining outside and there was a cat and two mean ladies and a mean man
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I want to shove the hands of the clock forward.
Maybe, just maybe would time get on it's spindly legs and run,
just enough so the night would end and the first blink of the sky meant that it was morning and the sun had awoke.

All of this talk of mine could have made me fall asleep, and time would go even faster. Dreaming sweetly about how morning in this wretched town would sweep up the ground and the sky and make the world beautiful once again.

Everyday, the pearly white glow of the sun would pour in through the window on the left side and give me such light and enjoyment I didn't eat a single thing. Just step outside and walk. Walk and walk and try to see if that dew-covered sparkling घास ever really did touch the end of the world.


Tonight was ugly.
The worn-down/bar hotel could make anybody shiver.
Down the steps I crawled and desperately begged to the stairs that they would not creak when my aching feet pushed the floor.
Fan fiction by iloveduncan6 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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chey: *turns on camera* hi! im chey! i hope आप pick me to be on tdi because ill probly be the only punk girl there and im really psyic. *evil grin and laugh*
jonsey: chey what are आप doing?!
chey: uhh... nothing! as आप just heard that was my cusin jonsey.ohh before i leav two और things about me im really hot. also i have a gret गाना voice. well i have to go. dont forget choose me for your show. bye! *turns camra off* whew that was fun. *runs down stairs* what do आप want jonsey?
jonsey: sounded like आप were talking to your self. were you?
chey: no! i told आप i was doing my addution for tdi! REMBER!
jonsey: ohhhhh yahhhhh.
chey: can i go back to my room?
jonsey: yes
chey: thank you.
Fan fiction by rose35 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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2 fans
by me
"Where are we going!?"I asked sloutching in the back सीट of the car as my mom is doing 85 per mile on the road. It was that day, that दिन when my life was ruined! The place where I was born was destroyed द्वारा some old boring lab! That lab has got to be the most boring lab ever, nothing happens there! But today on my prom दिन when I was supposed to be crowned prom queen, it now has to be the the new big thing, the huge disaster!? I am Amy lea Herison, the daughter of the person who owns the dumb lab, and this has to happen to me?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The City Of rivalry~~~~~~~~
"And she was gone."Cristy continued.
"Cristy, do आप mean as in dead!?"asked Kate with bulbous Eyes.
"Who are you!?"asked Alice confused.
"well, just in case आप haven't noticed, we are the ones who are supposed to make sure City is cleared out, as in आप aren't supposed to be here." कहा Leon.
Suddenly every body heard a loud shriek coming from the side of an ice cream parlor. Leon and Kate ran towards the vague sound. There was a ate up man trying to eat Ruby.
Fan fiction by TDI100 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"Wake up wake up" gwen sat up in her बिस्तर and brushed the sleep out of her eyes
"what time is it ?"she asked
"its 9 am" bridgette repled looking hard at gwen somthings not right thought bridgette gwen still
had her make up on she never slept wih her make up on
"gwen are आप alright ?"
"yeh never better " but she was not alright somthing was trouboling her.

bridgette and gwen shared a small flat right in the middle of town they had been on holiday for
2 weeks in scotland and thats were gwen had changed.Bridgette hadnt noticd at first but now
that they were घर it was getting worse. Gwen used to be extremly punctual but now it was late
night this and late morning that all gwen would eat is मछली and the on rare ocations catfood
Bridgette was becoming extremly worried with gwens strange behaver.

"gwen I need to ask आप somthing "
"what is it ? "
"did somthing happen when we whent to scotland ?" Bridgette asked concerned "its just आप seem
Fan fiction by Mp4girl posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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4 fans
I've decided to start a new journal on here. Since आप all know me, you'll know what I'm ranting about.

[i]Oh, so I'm just the girl who everyone knows. Maybe it's paradise to you, but definitely not to me. I mean, how would आप like it if all आप experienced every दिन was some dumb guys आप don't even know asking आप out for dates every minute? Seriously. TT

WHYYYY is it always me? Why me, when I accidentally called the wrong person (instead of calling my best friend Ojiru, I called a बिना सोचे समझे guy I don't even know) and was totally clueless about what the hell the guy was saying?! Well, I admit that he had kind of a cute voice, tee-hee.

Why am I the one who has to SUCK IT UP and go on a dumb तारीख, दिनांक with people I don't even know? And none of them I actually like. I admit I do kinda have a crush on this one really cute guy, and I won't mention his name here just because I know he has some weird thought detector and he can see what I'm thinking. I know I'm dumb, but I swear to god I think he can read my thoughts. Please, my फैन्पॉप friends... help me...
Fan fiction by TDItwin posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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okay this gose with my total drama ग्ली चित्रो so yeah enjoy ohh yeah plz no hate comments
the schoolday started of as normal mr trent coming in diving his old banged up car getting out and smiling to everybody being cheerfull "hey noah make some new फ्रेंड्स ?" he asked seeing noah with all the boys on the football team
"ohh yeah mr mcguiness were getting along great" tyler spoke up trent didnt seam to notice the fact that noah wasnt happy "ok then" and with that he walked off whist he was out of sight all the boys on the football team picked up noah ready to throw him in the bin "please no this gucci!" noah pleaded "wait stop" duncan called as noah took of his jaket and handed it to him "go on then" duncan कहा simply shurgging his shoulders it also started with courtney almost regretting getting mr mclean fired just because he hadent दिया her a solo and now there was no ग्ली club how was she gonna become a तारा, स्टार now it seamed like that right until trent walked into djs office " i want to take over ग्ली club " he कहा confordently dj कहा nothnig just looked at him like he was crazy "you want to captin the...