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-The Surgery-

"Won't survive?" Ally asks weakly.

The doctor shakes his head.

"We've been looking all around the hospital since आप came in, but no one is your match." He says. "In fact, we are still looking.

Mike just couldn't believe it. The girl he loved is still going to die. Even though he stopped from killing himself, Mike felt dead on the inside. He had to do something, he just had to. He did not want her to go down. Mike knew that if she went down, he'd willingly go down with her.

    "I'll donate one of mine!" Mike exclaimed.

"That's very sweet Mr. Michael but there's a slim chance...
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hi!!!! i know many of आप were expecting this. well, here it is! basically, this दिखाना will be featuring 16 campers. i'm your hostess, Hadar. here we have our first contestant, Star!
Star: *comes on to the dock* this is it? seriously? *sigh* ugh.
Hadar: *smiles* now we have Jecica! Jecica? hello?
Jecica: oh right that's me! *comes on to the dock*
Hadar: alrighty then. now we have Melissa!
Melissa: *comes on to dock* आप mean we're staying HERE? no hot tub? nothing?
Hadar: uh-huh!
Melissa: ugh, great.
Hadar: now we have Lance!
Lance: *comes on to the dock* it's not exactly what i imagined but i guess...
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-Is it all worth it?-

Both Ally and Mike separately walked home. They both were crying heavily and trying to clear their minds.

The मिनट the two both walked into their houses, they grab a चाकू and tan into their rooms. Locking the doors just in case their parents came घर early.

Mike was depressed even more.  He just sunk onto his knees on the ground and started screaming.

"Why?! Why do I have to be so miserable!"

He grasped the चाकू tighter in his fingers and raised it to his right wrist. His mind was buzzing with many thoughts. His brain was telling him to stop, but he kept on going....
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-Do anything to win-

The last घंटी, बेल had rung for the दिन at Lakeside high school. As Ally opened her locker, a little गुलाबी note fell out of it. It had a tiny दिल sticker and 'To Ally' written in cursive.

'Dear Ally,

Meet me in the south wing hallway after everyone leaves. I have to tell आप something. Remember, I प्यार you!

              Love, Mike'

Ally grinned and put all of her book in her locker. She walked to the southern wing of the school. Around the corner, Tiffany smiled and rushed Down the hall, and through the lunchroom where she found Scott.
"Are आप ready?" Tiffany asked....
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-The evil plot-

It took Ally about a week to get over the debate. If Tiffany actually won, she'd never hear the end of it! Ally had to try her hardest! She worked दिन and night working on her dress and waltz. She'd never stop until she beat Tiff. As the same with Mike. He had been planing for ages! He really didn't want to lose to Scott either. It was Finally two weeks before the dance, and Ally and Mike were nervous wrecks! They were always on the edge and you'd never know when they were gonna snap and let their meanest personalities out. They didn't even get to talk to their friends....
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-The debate-

"Okay students! Who's ready to choose for Snow prince and snow princess?" The principal asked in a cheery tone.

The whole theatre full of Teenagers roared in cheering.

"First up, we have Tiffany Hawk!"

The whole crowd cheers as Tiffany comes up to the podium.

"Hey Hey! What's up lakeside? I know, I'm like, the most लोकप्रिय girl in school! And I know that you'll all vote for me.but I have to get this out to everyone. I'm the type of girl who wants to दिखाना school pride! Who cares about everyone! Who is willing to be a loyal princess! Also, if आप vote for me, I'll invite everyone...
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: I think it's obvious I'm a female

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Likes: Shopping, make-up, cosmetics, Alejand- Wait! No! NOT Alejandro! That's for sure.. *nervous laugh*

Relationship: I'm waiting for someone that's actually in my league. 


Duncan: Your a female? I thought आप were a cold blooded reptile!
April 15th at 9:02pm

Heather: Again. Will आप please shut up?
April 15th at 9:03pm

Duncan: I would but..
April 15th at 9:04pm

Heather: But what?
April 15th at 9:05pm

Duncan: The temptation is too great. ;)
April 15th at 9:08pm

-Gwen, Courtney, Harold,...
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-The ugly truth-

"I can't believe Tiffany.. Of all people.. Is signing up for Snow Princess!" Ally exclaimed. She had called an emergency meeting with all of her girlfriends at the park.

"I'm a  surprised आप didn't see it coming.". Izzy कहा hooking her legs onto a पेड़ branch.

"For once, I agree with Izzy. Do आप know how big it would be for her ego if she won?" Courtney said.

"It was a good thing आप signed up now, या she would've won द्वारा default." Dawn stated giving a गिलहरी a little acorn.

"You guys are right! I'm going to apply myself all the way until I beat Tiffany's stuck up butt!"...
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-Signing up for Snow Princess-

Since September, the last few months have been pretty enjoyable for Ally. After meeting all of her new friends, she didn't feel lonely any more. They all had a great time together and hung out as much as they could. They even dressed up for हैलोवीन and went out for trick या treating and a late night party. Ally marked all of the wonderful costumes down so she would never forget.

Ally: Vampire
Mike: Dracula
Zoey: Josie (from Josie and the pussy cats)
Dawn: Hippy
Cameron: Mad scientist
Brick: Popeye
Noah: Teacher
Izzy: Witch
Gwen: School girl
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: Male.

Hometown: I'd rather not have a creepy stalker like Izzy follow me around wherever I go, thank you.

Likes: My computer, रिपोर्ट cards, Jane Austen, पुस्तकें and much more.

Relationship: Thankfully, no.


Duncan: Dude. Your प्रोफ़ाइल is a serious downer.
April 10th at 6:54pm

Noah: And what's your excuse Mr. Delinquent?
April 10th at 6:55pm

Duncan: My excuse? What excuse? My प्रोफ़ाइल is wicked.
April 10th at 6:56pm

Noah: Uh huh. Just keep telling yourself that.
April 10th at 6:57pm

Duncan: And what's that supposed to mean?
April 10th at 6:57pm

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posted by TDrocksand6teen
Sierra: * walks to up to zoey and kicks her*
Zoey: what was that for!
Sierra: आप चुरा लिया my Cody-kins!!
Zoey: i did not!
Sierra: * jumps on Zoey and starts to hit her*

Dawn and noah were just watching then fight.
Dawn: I know were we can go ;)
Noah: ok... well it has to be better then this
Noah followed dawn to a पेड़ पेड़ house,Sierra and Zoey sop fighting and cody mike and them followed them.

Dawn:Look at this.
Noah: WOW
हे climbed up to the पेड़ house.
Noah: now what.
dawn:* kisses Noah*
They start to make out and cody,mike and Sierra and zoey watch, they were surprised they thought that no one would like Noah?
Cody: NOAH!!! WHAT ARE आप DOING!!!!!!

need ideas plz plz plz:)
"Words can hurt, but start Love"

         Chapter 2

-Science, Art, Lunch, Enemies, and new friends-

Ally and Mike finally made it to the Science room. It was filled with teens sitting at tables. Most were talking and texting while some were rough housing. Ally took a सीट अगला to Mike as the teacher began to start the class.
     "Good morning class! Now before we start today, I'd like to introduce a new student. Ally Johnson. Ally came here all the way from Seattle. Hello ally, I'm Mrs. Turmol . Would आप like to come up?" the female teacher  asked. 
        Ally bashfully got out...
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: Female. Have been my whole life :)

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship: As a matter of fact, I am. I have an amazing Cyclopes as a boyfriend ;) 


Duncan: Thought I told आप not to call me Cyclopes anymore ;)
April 4th at 9:05pm

Gwen: आप still call me pasty. It's only fair :P
April 4th at 9:07pm

April 4th at 9:08pm

Gwen: ..... Okay then?
April 4th at 9:08pm

Courtney: Oh I hate आप so much -_- आप boyfriend kisser! Ugh. आप know what's super unfair???...
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Words can hurt, but start Love
  Chapter 1

This is a story I'm making up for my new Oc Ally. I'm sorry Zoke प्रशंसकों but I'm gonna have ally hook up with mike.. But there are two cute twists to it..1. ALLY HAS M.P.D TOO!!! Yup!! Ally has the same disorder as mike!! Another reason they are good for each other! The सेकंड reason is that ally is a knock off of one of my Jimmy two shoes OCs!! आप guys know that mike is a knock off of Jimmy two shoes right? Well, I made an Oc on the 'Jimmy two shoes show'.. Her name was ऐनस्टेशिया and she was a blue monster with blue horns, fangs, skin, and she wore...
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: I'm a girl! Duh!

Current City: I'm confused. Can आप repeat the question?

Hometown: Umm... Canada?

Relationship: I have a boyfriend! Now, what was his name?


Duncan: आप don't remember your boyfriends name? Why am I not surprised.
March 7th at 7:06pm

-Courtney Likes This

Courtney: लोल Duncan. Too funny!
March 7th at 7:07pm

Duncan: Yeah...
March 7th at 7:11pm

Lindsay: I'm so confused. I thought his name was Dougie.
March 7th at 7:14pm

Heather: No smart one. And your boyfriends name is Tyler. 
March 7th at 7:15pm

Lindsay: Ohh! Tyler! :D
March 7th...
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posted by TDrocksand6teen
sierra and mike tried to go different ways but they could not make up there minds and who is going were.
Mike: No आप go first
Sierra: No you
and they want on and on. Well up at the flags were Dakota and heather.
heather: Im going to win this
Dakota: good luck
And then heather jumped on Dakota and they were fighting and sam ran up and took a flag and was the first do finish. Now thats go back to Sierra and Mike.
Sierra:*falls onto Mike* oh sorry for tha..she stop
Mike: *Stop her with a kiss* i dont mind :)
Then chef came and hit Sierra in the back with a paint ball and Mike in the forehead.
Mike: owwww!!! that hurt
Chef: your out, go and sit over there with the other luv people
Sierra: CODY!!!!! is my CODY OVER THERE!!!
Chef: yes,yes he is

Sierra:* walk to the place were they were sitting* that red head चुरा लिया my CODY-KINS she is so dead!!

और ideas plz i need और :)
posted by TDrocksand6teen
ok so lets start :)

Sierra: CODY!! CODY!! were did आप go! she yelled
Sierra ran over to cody and zoey.
Sierra: come on cody-kins lets go win this.
Zoey: wait!
Sierra: what now red!
Zoey: me and Cody are out we got hit with a paint ball
Sierra: oh.......ok and cody do not talk to that girl
Zoey: i have a name आप know.
Sierra: who cares.
and then they walked off Zoey and Cody were not the only ones out Dawn and Noah were there to.
Zoey: how did आप guys get paint balled
Noah: we were making out behind a tree
Dawn: what about you
Zoey: we were going to किस and then we get paint balled
Cody: umm Zoey do आप still....
Zoey stop cody with a kiss. "happy" she said.

Sierra ran into mike on the way to get a flag and i mean ran into each other.
Mike: oh sorry i didn't see आप there *said rubbing his head*
Sierra: *stared into Mikes eyes* आप have pretty eyes, i i i mean ok its ok.

What will happen to Sierra and mike in part 5 plz need और ideas :)
posted by TDrocksand6teen
so were we left off Sierra was yell at Cody for winking at Zoey so thats see what happens.

Sierra: * rans over to zoey and smaks her face*
Zoey: what was that for!
Sierra: well आप are flirting with my Cody-kins!!
Zoey: I was not Cody was!
So lets just leave them a lone for right now. Well the campers see its not really a race, there were people making out (Bridgett and jeff) and holding hands and talking so really its just a get to आप people.

When Sierra and zoey were done fighting Sierra forgot Cody (thats a first) and mike well i think hes lost.
Cody:*walks up to Zoey* Sorry about Sierra she thinks she is going to marry me.
Zoey: I can see that she कहा holding her arm
they leaned in to किस but then chef came and got Cody in the head with a paint ball and Zoey in the are.
Cody and Zoey कहा at the same time "WHAT"!

what will happen अगला :)
posted by TDrocksand6teen
ok so this one has 2 parts 2 it and ya so hope आप like.

Chris:Noah there are no team in this ok
Noah: fine
Chris: ok so your challenge is to go to the other side of the island and get a flag,if आप come back with a flag आप can not get voted off,and just so आप know there are only 15 flags oh and watch out for chef he has a paint ball gun and आप dont want to get hit द्वारा that, and GO!!

All the players were off and Noah and Dawn stop to talk.
Dawn: आप really wanted to be on my team.
Noah: umm ya a bit
Dawn:*she kissed him on the cheek* Good luck आप will need it.
Noah:*he blushed* आप too

Now lets go up to zoey and mike well lets just say mike 'fall' into a puddle. Sierra was looking at Cody the hole time and seen him wink at zoey.
Sierra:*she stopped Cody* DID आप JUST WINK AT THE RED HEAD!!!
Cody: no......ummmm yes

Find out what will happen tomorrow dadadaaaa :)
posted by iPsychic
Dawn and B, One-Shot.

Ok, I really प्यार this pairing! They’re so adorable! If you’re a Dott fan, please do not comment.
Takes place just after the challenges of ‘Ice Ice Baby,’

‘B? B! Where are you?’ Dawn yelled quietly. It was the evening and Dawn needed to find B urgently. Her team-mates wanted to vote him off that night and she needed to warn him. Dawn searched everywhere around the island, but had no luck. She couldn’t find him anywhere. Dawn quickly ran, dodging everything that stood in her path, but making sure to not scare any of the wildlife that lived in the forest. She...
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