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posted by dxarmy423
*Theme music*

Chris: welcome to total drama vs wild!!!

Chris: last time we saw Kayla leave

Chris: who will leave this time on TD vs wild!!

*camera goes to plane*

*In the passenger hold*

Ya'vanti: *asleep*

Cedric: ugh I gotta take a walk my foot fell asleep *goes to mess hall*

Penny: ugh Im gonna find something to eat *goes to mess hall*

Jake: *stomach rumbles* uh oh *runs to bathroom*

Mason: आप ok dude?

Jake: Not really!!!

Mason: what ever

Jessica: *listening to Ipod*

Talia: *wakes up* huh wonder where we are now

Kiara: *to talia* IDK but it looks rainy

Talia: ugh

Kiara: why so bummed

Talia: its cedric

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(at the grave yared)

chirs:frist bone go's toooo jakki andrea mallory
samantha samantha rollings sara ashley suna dustin rose lynn anacpriana sara kristing amy kenya the last one go's to blaze im sorry chelsea

chelsea:thats ok

tak:bye chelsea (and gives her a hug)

chelsea:bye tak

(after the show)

lucas:i have no idea आप sing good


chirs:will tak and lucas be और than friends


chirs:and will everyone die on this दिखाना find out अगला time on total drama goth vs emo
posted by SlimShady33
Hazel:U sher?
Jeayed:Ya!*sees hazel asleep*Oh.
Freddy:U shouldn't have fallen asleep!*laughs and shows blades*
Freddy:Sweet Dreams!*laugh and shoves blades through Hazel's stomic*
Hazel:*bloode comes through her mouth and cries then dies*
*they see her dead*
Jessica:Why do u want me here?
Vanti:I don't know come with me to this room!
Jessica:Ok?*sees a pile of roches*
Freddy:*walkes in and Vanti&Jessica...
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Ray: I think we should vote off Buddy.
Jordan: Agree he's such so crazy.
Raven: Yeah. so he's out.
Ray: so who ever Buddy वोट्स for...........
Jordan: is out too.
Raven: *gulp*

*Emation room*

Chris: after tonight, there will be only 2 of आप left. Thhe first one gose to................... Ray!
Ray: finle 2!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: There is only 1 और safty treat left............ The finle one gose to .................................................... JORDAN!
Jordan: YES!
Raven: what???? *looks at Buddy* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Chris: Buddy Raven! say ba bye.
Buddy: WHAT?!?!?! I'M OUT?????? WHAT!!!!!!...
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chirs:todays challge is गाना frist tak and lucas are going to sing


chirs:you two got a hour

tak:i have no idea what to sing

lucas:we an sing just dance

tak:thanx god your my friend


(hour later)

chirs:lucas tak time to sing

tak:I?ve had a little bit too much, much
All of the people start to rush, start to rush by
How does he twist the dance? Can?t find a drink, oh man
Where are my keys? I लॉस्ट my phone, phone

What?s going on on the floor?
I प्यार this record baby but I can?t see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what?s the name of this club?
I can?t remember but it?s alright, a-alright

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posted by potterandtdi
"Welcome back to Total Drama 60s!" Allison said, a grin on her face. "First, we we will विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें आप up into teams! There are two of them." Lulu said. "First up... Team फूल Power! Storm, Raynie, Andy, Paige, Athena, Jamie, Erica, and Laura!" Mizze said. Allison threw the team a banner and pushed a button. Team फूल Power dissapeared, leaving thier terrified screams behind. The rest of the contestants had scared looks on their faces. "Next up... Team Beatles! Annie, Jared, Stephen, Rayven, Rochelle, Penny, Fay, and Rachel!" Allison did the same thing to them that she did to Team फूल Power....
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back lets soo what the campers are up to!

*With Jessica,Sam R. and Kylie*
Jessica:Ok i think the reward is under this rock!*Lifts rock* UGH nothing!
Kylie:Ok jessica just chill a little bit ok
Sam R.:Ya i agree with her lets take a break!
Jessica:Ok ok i am ust gonna fall asleep आप know take a nap
Kylie:Ywa lets go!

*With Ya'vanti and Shawn*
Ya'vanti:Ok umm its over here no over there hahaha!! *laughs like a maniac*
Shawn:I think your going crazy!
Ya'vanti:No i know its here i know it!

*With Sammy and Blaine*
Blaine:So.....how is everything with your केबिन and everything
Sammy:Its good...
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posted by SlimShady33
Jason:che che che ha ha ha ha.che che che ha ha ha ha.
Jessica:Did u hear something?
*everyone continues walking*
Hazel:WHAT?!*looks worried*
Penny:Oh relax!He's proabally lieing!
Jake:I प्यार when u say that!*they make out*
Matt:Their's a killer named jason who sinked and died,OR DID HE!!!!!It says he lerks in this camp and kills anyone he sees!
Shady:That's a bunch of bull!!!!
Vanti:I don't know we should विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up!
Drew:Lets do me,Jessie,Vantie..
Vantie:TAY TAY!!!!
Drew:um....tay tay,Jake &penny!
Vantie:LET'S GO!*they विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up*
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posted by The_Kill
avan:im the better emo!

lucas:no im the better emo!

tak: stop it both of आप plz,gawsh this is twilight all over again!

zoey:for the first time i agree with tak.

jordan:has anyone seen bridgette?

lexxi:uh jordan bridgette's gone remember?

jordan:oh right i knew that

jen:hi guys do आप know wheres jordan?

lucas:uh yea he's right there?

lucas:uh jordan?

*he hides behind lexxi*

lexxi:um jordan shes looking for you

jordan:i know but im scared of her shes the stalker girlfriend i ever wanted until i got one!

zoey:don't आप have ur own फ्रेंड्स to talk to jen?

jen:no,but who needds फ्रेंड्स when आप got jordan!!eeeeee!!!!!

jen:*finds jordan and grabs him and hugs him*

mizzie:she's like sierra with cody

ray:i know


ray:you look alot like noah

xavier:i know cuz im his brother

रे and mizzie:we both प्यार noah!!
xavier:uh i can let आप see him

रे and mizzie:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok!:D



rayven:ok then O_e

to be continued....
*non-first class*

Buddy: I made the finle 4!
Raven: me too.
Buddy: wanna शामिल होइए an alince???
Raven: sure!


Raven: I know i'm doing an all girls alcien with Ray. I will vote him off. but.............. he wotn vote off me! *evil smile*


*first class*

Jordan: finle 4 huh??? isn't that sweat????
Ray: yeah i gusse.
Jordan: still miss that evil Draven??
Ray: No noah.


Ray: I miss आप Noah. huh. i should have never fail for that evil Draven! I'm sorry!


Jordan: it's going to be ok. maby आप will win.
Ray: yeah maby.
Chris: Ok everyone to the main room!

*main room*

Ray: is it ok...
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*first class room*

Jarde: रे Raven!
Raven: agggggggggg what is it?????
Jared: Draven is not good.
Ray: oh your just saying that cause he likes us.
Jared: Ok but don't say i wroed you.


Jordan: Jared is so gone!!!!!!!!! arggggggggggggggg!!!!!! girl friend cheater!! agrgggggggggggggggggg!

Jared: Draven's gonna end up winning with रे and Raven! I want him gone soo bad.. But Raven and रे will never vote him off! Im not sure what to do

Ray: Draven is sooooo sweet...even if he did give me a हार with poison ivy on it...and volcanic ash, which I'm allergic to...(frowns suspiciously) but...
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*non-First class*

Buddy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... I'm the only one in here. I swear thoughs 5 people in first class will pay! argggggggggggggggggggg................ It's so lonly in here. at least i can think of a plain to get everyone els off the show. hummmmmmmm.......... I might kill one of them.

*first class*

Jared: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... first class!
Jordan: I know. I fill victorius.
Jared: Oh I like that show.
Jordan: really me too.
Jared: sweat!


Jordan: i know Jared! I didn't think i would stand him.

Draven: arggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!! jared and Jordan??? फ्रेंड्स are like...
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Geoff: Ok we are back.
Lulu: Our अगला guest broke a record of he's on total drama.
Geoff: is घर schooled
Lulu: and once became a Zombe.
Geoff: please welcome..................
Both: Ezekiel!!!!!!!!!!!
Ezekiel: हे everyone.
Lulu: so how was it being votted off???
Ezekiel: I made it farther than i thought.
Geoff: Your sure did. आप made it to the merg!
Ezekiel: I know eh.
LUlu: so who do आप want to win????
Ezekiel: My only प्रशंसक Jordan.
Lulu: I know i can't belive he's your fan.
Geoff: me ether.
Lulu: Oh i just thought of a qustin Geoff.
Geoff: what is it??
Lulu: who do आप want to lose???
Ezekiel: Jared eh....
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posted by bcthestrongest
 me getting ready for बिस्तर
me getting ready for bed
A bus comes down the airport this young lady comes out of the bus and smiles she runs to hug Courtney heather Gwen leshawna and the rest of the girls she then turns to the boys and hugs all of them um were out of breathe young lady कहा the host oops im sorry Chris i just प्यार being on here कहा the new girl Alejandro comes out of the bus and sees every girl except the new one he soon bump into her she has brown hair that flows brown eyes and brown skin she look at him well hello im Kenya but call me yaya कहा Kenya but chica i rather call u my corzaon but no one knows what that is कहा Alejandro...
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posted by dxarmy423
*Theme संगीत plays*

Chris: last time we saw our contestants in the Canadian rockies

Talia: yeah and It was freezing

Chris: and Team Water won but will they win again today

Cedric: Where are we today

Jessica: yeah I hope its not cold

Chris: would आप people talk

Jake: yeah the और he talks the closer I am to one million bucks

Chris: We are currently over the outer hawaiian islands where there are no people

Ya'vanti: Yes Hawaii!!

Chris: dont get to happy आप guys will be jumping into the ocean from 40 feet up!!!

Jordan: thats insane

Cedric: yeah but I live for the adrenaline rush

Mason: were gonna die

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posted by wwefan2000
gwen pov
so i am going to hot topic with my sis and i see the cashior and he is so cute so i go and say hi

trents pov
i see this really hot goth chick and she come over

gwen:hi i'm gwen
gwen:i hope आप don't mine me asking how old are आप
gwen:me too
trent:what highschool do आप go to
trent:me to
gwen:even though we just met do आप want to go to the dance with me
gwen:cool i got to go bye hugs him

at the dance

gwen pov

so we get to the dance we chat the we dance and then we किस so chesesy but awesome
 awww cute
awww cute
posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back last time we had are campers doing a brutal truth या dare. And actually the Raging Raccoons actually won! And poor Talia had to leave lets see what happens this time on Total Drama Secrets!

Screeching Hawks Girls:
Kylee:I wonder what the challenge is for today
Ray:yea हे it feels like there is only 2 people in here even though there is 3 of us!
Kylee:Yea i know Sammy has been so out there but i still like her
Ray:Yea she is very nice
*Sammy walks in*
Kylee:Sammy are आप ok?
Sammy:Yea i am
Ray:Ok whatever आप say?
Sammy:*confused look*

Screeching Hawks Guys:
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 I am not a real supporter of DxG but its for आप guys! enjot:)
I am not a real supporter of DxG but its for you guys! enjot:)
This story is about two young teens falling in love.....

It all began in a reality दिखाना on a crappy island facing treachorous challenges and food....

Duncan:Hey i am Duncan
Duncan:So what do आप like to do?
Gwen:Whats it to ya
Duncan:I was just wondering
Gwen:Ya sure anyway nice talking to ya? *starts to get off then slips*
Duncan:*Catches her* i gotcha
Gwen:Woah thanks ha
Duncan:Yea sure no problem
Gwen:Ha your not to bad
Duncan:Ha thanks and your not to shabby yourself
Gwen:So आप wanna know what i like to do?
Duncan:Yea that would be great

They talked and talked. Then later they fell in...
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posted by wwefan2000
ashley pov
i'm ashley monro ever scince i was a kid i could tell that i could hear ghost i can remember that first time
mom:come done for रात का खाना guys
ghost girl:*whispering*come on there gunna find us
ghost boy:*walks through ashley*
ashley:*sees figure*mom
ashley:can आप see that *points to the figure*
mom:wat i'm i supposed to see
ghost girl:crap *disapears with the ghost boy*
*flashback ends*
now i'm sixteen a ghost whisper and i have a great boyfriend

sorry its short the rest will be long