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Fan fiction by acrossmyheart11 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: Your challenge is learn an instrament. them preform for me.
Matthew: Um.. chris आप do know that lucy can play 13 instraments right?
Chris: Yeah... Oh well she can be with erm.. आप matthew.
Lucy: No fucking way. Not again.
Matthew: I'm fine with it. I प्यार blondes.
Lucy: (takles matthew)
Mizzie: Um... can i be with noah and crysatal?
Chris: Sure. i guess. Pik your partners!
Duncan: I'll be on a team with gwen and Lisa and sofie.
Courtney: Me lindsay, jared and selena.
Zoey: DJ what about me आप and Storm?
DJ: sounds (gulps) Great.
Jamie: Jude what about it?
Jude: Sure.
Leeroy: What about me?
Chris: आप are with Lucy and Matthew.
Leeroy: Okay.
Chris: Now duncan's team i want आप all to learn the....glockenspeil.
Duncan: What the fuck is that.
Chris: Bells. Zoey's team play flute. Matthew's team well matt play...Piano. Leeroy play... piccolo. Lucy play...Sitar.
Lucy: Fucking sweet!
Fan fiction by acrossmyheart11 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Lucy: Not funny guys!
Matthew: Oh so funny.
Lucy: Why did आप dye my hair blonde while i was sleeping?
Matthew: Eh?
Jude: Oh just cause we can. Besides आप look hot wiht blonde hair.
Lucy: NO! i want my black hair!
Jamie: Whoa. Lucy what happened to your hair?
Lucy: Matthew and company dyed it while i was sleeping.
Jamie: Oh i'm sorry.
Chris: Oh those yeah i took those. Not allowed on board.
Storm: Oh i will get आप Chris! (kicks Chris in the erm... आप know)
Chris: (falls to the ground) Mommy?
Storm: Haha worthless earth jelly!
Crystal: Oh my gosh. Good one storm! haha.
Anthony: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Chris got a kick to the नितंब, गधा द्वारा a fucking marshain person!
Storm: (Kicks anthony in his huevos)
Anthony: Shit! (falls to ground)
Storm: Any one else?
Guys: No....
Chris: (Gets up) Ok that was uncalled for! But i have a suprise six contestints will get the drop of shame right now! Ok it will be: Dameon, anthony, hannah, jackson, brendon, prudence. Bye-bye.
Opinion by lola641 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"Welcome to Total Drama TV! I’m your host Mizzie!" I कहा gesturing to the studio behind me. "This is where 12 contestants will live and take challenges for $1,000,000 and their own TV show! And here come our contestants now!"
I had been told that I would be hosting a TV दिखाना about a week ago, but I thought that is was just my brother trying to prank me. Only after I got about one thousand résumés did I know that it wasn’t my brother.
Just about then a rank bus drove up and a girl Penny walked out carrying two bags of luggage.
"Hi TV people!" कहा Penny.
"Hello Penny!" I said. “Can आप put your luggage over there?"
"Sure!” कहा Penny sprinting over to a spot.
"Sporty, nice!" I said.
अगला out of the bus came Zoey.
"HI!" कहा Zoey hugging me.
"Hi, Zoey, do आप mind letting go of me?" I said.
"Sorry!" कहा Zoey "I'm excited!"
"I could tell."
अगला from the rank bus came Jax.
"Hey Jax, dude." I said.
"Where's Zoey, I heard she was here!" Asked Jax
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris:*looks like he's waiting for something*Where is he?!
Chris:Nobody...and because आप interupted me,you go first!
The teens,excluding Buddy,Buster,Tak,Bree,and Alex are standing on a cliff,watching Chris and Jordan,Jordan shaking
Chris:Ha!Your challange,is to jump off this insanely large cliff!
Storm:...This wasn't here before...
Chris:This really बिना सोचे समझे insanely huge cliff...Jump!
Jordan:No way,man!I can't do this!!!
Storm:Just Jump आप pansy!Or I'll make you!
Mizzie:Storm!He isn't on our team! If he jumps,he'll win one for his team!
Storm:Yeah,but if he jumps,there's a possiblity he'll break all the बोन्स in his body!
This made Jordan shudder
Mr.Fluffykins:*sneaks up behind him*JUMP!
This sudden scream startled Jordan enough that he accidentally lunged forward,off of the cliff
Fortunately,when he landed,he fell on a softer part of the forrest floor,only causing a minor spraign.
Fan fiction by CodyxGwen posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: हे i'm chris! This season on Total Drama we are haveing 6 cuples and they will get in sets of 2! they will go through प्यार challanges! Lets meet our first cuple! Alejandro and Beth!
Alejandro: Chris do I have to be with her?
Chris: yes yes आप do!
Alejandro: Man!
Chris: Naxt cuple is Eva and Ezekiel!
Ezekiel: she scares me eh?
Chris: too bad!
Eva: If आप don't wanna get hirt let us win!
Ezekiel: Ok homes!
Chris: अगला is Bridgette and Trent!
Trent: Can I be with Gwen?
Chris: how do आप know she's here?
Trent: she standing over there.
Chris: अगला is Harold and Heather!
Heather: Please chris Don't let me with him!
Chris: Too bad! अगला is Justin and Katie!
Sadie: No i get Justin!
Katie: Too bad *sticks tug at Sadie*
Sadie: *gasp*
Chris: अगला is the last cuple Izzt and Cody! The rest of आप Bye bye!
Courntey: I deman to be on this season!
Chris: Ok! Courntey and Noah!
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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themesong plays
The camera zooms up on the teens,walking through the forrest at night,but Alex,Bree,and Tak are missing from the group
Storm:Don't blame me that आप लॉस्ट your fellow Earth monkeys! It's their faults they left the group!
Lucy:I hate to say it,but she's right...they did leave the group.
Jacob:Yeah,and they'll find us later,now can we please find a spot to rest.
Jordan:I agree!
Buddy:*is glaring at Buster and Mr.Fluffykins*
Buddy:You too are d*cks.
Buddy:The whole monster thing.I have a headache worse than a hangover and I'm not tired!
Echynna:*in a mockingly pouty sarcastic voice*Awe,you poor thing.
Buddy:Shut up!
Mizzie:We didn't say anything!
I do get along with everyone here,but I don't think Storm quite does.But I really don't see what she sees in that meat creature,all I see is violance...Though I can't say I blame her...he'd be good to help kill Zi-oh god...is that thing still on?
Fan fiction by acrossmyheart11 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: Ok the challenge is... bungee jumping for team domination and team destiny आप get to pick either ripcord या cliff diving. Oh and your new captainis now Courtney.
Courtney: We will do um...
Mizzie: Ripcord!
Courtney: NO!!
Chris: Yes आप will do ripcord!
Decide who is going first.
Kari: Leeroy and Me will go first.
Lucy: (frowns) ok fine, i don't care!
Kari: (whispers to Lucy) Jealous?
Lucy: (shouts) I AM NOT JEALOUS!
(everyone looks at Lucy)
Lucy: (blushes) what im not?
Kari: Yes आप are and let's go Leeroy.
Leeroy: I'm going first. (jumps) WOOOHOO!!!!! YEAH! (Finishes) Piece of cake.
Kari: Ok here i go.
Storm: (Shouting) I hop they forget to strap आप in!
Kari: Shut up storm!
Storm: (murmurs) Douche bag.
Kari: (Jumps) AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!
Everyone: Chicken bok-bok-bok!!!
Kari: (Finishes) your turn lucy.
Lucy: Here we go.
Matthew: I'll go with आप if that would calm आप down.
Fan fiction by acrossmyheart11 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: We are going to confessionals to see what the playes think of other people now.
Dameon: I hate everybody...except Leeroy. He's awesome!
Anthony: No comment.
Hannah: I'm so glad Kari isn't here anymore. She was really mean. Now Matthew is All mine!!
Jude: Yeah everybody is cool. Especially Lucy.
Mizzie: Whoa. Ok i प्यार noah! hes so tight man.
Lisa: Duncan! Oh and sofie are awesome!
Sofie: WooHoo. Lisa rules!!!
Zoey: What can i say? DJ is cool and i'm so glad that Kari is gone. Ugh. She's like a minature courtney/ heather.
Dj: Yeah everyone is cool. It's not like Storm freaks me out...(blushes) What she doesnt.
Courtney: Gwen better watch her back i'm right there. Oh and i Liked Kari. she was cool.
Crystal: Hm... they cool.
Selena: Odiaba kari ella es como Courtney y ugh no puedo soportar su kari, tonto, tonto! Podría haber ganado nosotros que desafío!
Lucy: I really like Leeroy. He's super funny and a daredevil. Kinda cute. Jude is a stocker.
Fan fiction by acrossmyheart11 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: Welcome back. Ok Campers i am gonna put a twist in. There is some और contestents. Meet Crystal.
Crystal: Hey...How's it going?
Chris: Prudence.
Prudence: HEY!!! GOOD TO BE HERE *Squeaks*!!!
Chris: And Selena.
Selena: estos son los idiotas que tengo que jugar? Esto será demasiado fácil!
Chris: What? No foreign languaes!
Selena:muy bien! Me acordaré de esto más adelante en el juego!
Chris: And और drama here is... Duncan, Courtney, Lindsay, Noah, DJ, and gwen.
Courtney: Why does Gwen have to be in this?!?!
Chris: Cause i can put her in here...more drama.
Courtney: UGH!
Zoey: Could we please get to the challenge?
Chris: Sure, now DON'T INTERRUPT ME ZOEY! Clear.
Zoey murmur: Crystal.
Chris: Alright i will now put आप in teams. Team one over here there will be... Mizzie, Kari, Anthony, Hannah, Jude, Dameon, DJ, Zoey, Sofie, Lisa, Courtney, and Crystal. Decide your team name.
Chris: And the rest of आप go over there आप decide your team name as well.
Fan fiction by StarWarsFan7 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: *throws some boy and girl baby dolls*

Lucy: *catches doll* I get to name him!

Jordan: Nuh- uh!

Lucy: Yuh- huh!

Lucy and Jordan: *while pulling the arms of the doll* Nuh-uh! Yuh-huh! Nuh-uh! Yuh-huh! Nuh-

Chris: *gets between them* Alright already! SHUT UP! आप both have to AGREE on the name okay?

Jordan: *whispers* No.

Lucy: *gasps* *slaps Jordan* Do आप want to win a million dollars या NOT?

Jordan: *sighs* *to Chris* Continue.

Chris: *throws baby गुड़िया to the rest of the cast*
Lucy and Jordan, Leeroy and Bree will all KEEP a baby as your own. *throws bottles to cast* Whoever doesn't agree on things their spouse want to do. The couple must divorce and आप WILL get eliminated. Understood?

Everyone: Ummm.....

Chris: Good. Let's start.

Alex L: *talking to Rayven* Why does Leeroy get Bree? I mean am I NOT good looking?!
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris: Last season on Total drama!! 17 teens fought it out for 1 billion dollors! They had to go through barfy challanges! and some CRAZY Love! But over all the winner was Zoey! One of the niceist girls on the show! She kissed a boy named, Jax! He is a boy right? yeah he is! what will happend on this season Of Total Drama? Total.......... Drama............... Awesomeness!
*theame song*
Chris: We have 3 buses comeing the first bus has the contestents that were in Total Drama Crazy! The 2nd bus has all the TOtal drama Island/Total Dramam Action/ Total Dramam World Tour contestents. The 3rd bus has contestents आप never seen befor! here comes bus #1! The first person to come out is Bridgette!
Bridgette: Hey!
Chris: अगला is Jordan!
Jordan: Hi bridgette!
Bridgette: ummmm.... Jordan I'm sorry i used आप on the last season!
Jordan: It's ok!
bRIDGETTE: Thanks!
Chris: अगला is Jax!
Jax: what's up Jordan?
Jordan: nOuthin.
Jax: Bridgette *looks at her meanly*
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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In the race
Jacob kept dodging the knives,but came close to tripping alot.Buddy,however,wasn't doing so well.His hyperness meant that he wasn't paying attention,so he kept stopping and looking at the knives whenever they flew past...until one hit him.Almost jerked out of his hyperness,he pulled the चाकू out,and looked at the intern with a deadly look,licking the blade.
Chris:Oh god...BAIL,PHIL,BAIL!
Buddy threw the knife,and stuck him in the back of the neck.He walked oer there and drug the bloody intern away into the forrest brush.
Storm:Um,I-i better go check on them.
Storm:Heh,nice warm human organs?Who can pass up the offer?!
-end of confessional-
Phil:*walks up with pizza*Um..I just got the पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा आप wanted...
Chris:Oh..wait...then who's that?
Chef:An intern?
Chris:Aw,no one cares about that guy then.
Jacob imidantly realized his openening and sprinted,reaching the finish line
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Theme song play
The camera pans from side to side of all the contestants in the mess hall,which this time around was outside.
Buddy.Buster,Leeroy,and Mr.Fluffykins are sitting at the same table,trying to eat the food.
Leeroy:*looks at the other contenstants on his team with a scowl*Bastards.
Buster:Leeroy,I know what they did was horrible,but remember,they'll all get what's coming to them eventually.
Mr.Fluffykins:Speacking of getting stuff,what'd आप do with the monster,Buddy?
Buddy:*pulls it out of one of his pockets inside his jacket*Nothing.
Buster:Oh,I'll fix that.*opens it,turns Buddys head sideways and starts pouring the drink in his mouth,Buddy struggling the entire time,then lets go when he's done.*
Buddy:Gah!*wipes his mouth*What the hell,Buster?!
Buster:*laughs*Ok,so some of आप might be skeptical of Buddy right now,but trust me,this will be funny as hell!Ha!
-end of confessional-
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Jacob:Well,no one really did anything bad to make us lose....this is hard!
Storm:I say Lucy,she didn't listen to me!
Alex:..The only one I can think of is Zatch,and he didn't anything wrong!Gah!
Zatch:Poor Leeroy,I hope he doesn't get voted off...
Jacob:*after लेखन the names of the people on a sheet of paper,he closes his eyes and circles a बिना सोचे समझे name*
-confessional over-
Chris:Okay,The वोट्स are in.If आप do not resieve a मौज़ा, जुर्राब filled with soap,you will be leaving.
Alex:Sock with soap?
Lucy:How is that scary?
Chris:The hurt,trust me.Anyways.We will begin.
Storm,Mizzie आप have immunity,so here आप go.*tosses socks*
Alex,Jacob,you too.*throws socks*
Leeroy,here आप go.*tosses it sock*
Zatch,Lucy,I have one मौज़ा, जुर्राब left.If आप do not reseive the sock,you will be leaving....and ..................................................Lucy.
Fan fiction by hot-mess13 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Brittney:were back on total drama starz and theres और intense fights and riots this will be good to read and watch in this episode!
*theme song*
Avan:who the heck broke my phone!!!!!
Jar3d:and what if it was me?
(avan jumps on jar3d and punches him in the face)
Brittney:woah,woah,guys back off save your energy for todays challenge,on todays challenge were going on a little field trip,someplace.
kierra:oh great,i wonder what well do there.
zoey:maybe it's fun?
Alec:or suckish
kristen:where are we going,huh?
Brittney:you'll find out when we get there.
*few मिनटों later*
Brittney:get on the buses kiddies,it's special.
*all get on bus*
Ray:this is school all over again
victoria:you might be right
zoey:come sit अगला to me,joesph,were bffs
Avan:hey babe,wanna sit अगला to the ईमो guy?
Rayven:umm i guess,but don't call me babe!
Avan:sure watever आप say sweet thing
Fan fiction by StarWarsFan7 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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On the first day, all of the contestants were asleep but that changed.

Chris: *through microphone* EVERYBODY UP, UP, UP, UP, GET UP!!!!!

Everyone: Oh MY GOD!!!

Chris: *carrying a baby doll*

Everyone comes in their pajamas.

Rayven: Chris...

Ray: Is that....

Bree and Erica: A BABY!?

Chris: No, it's just a doll. That's what today's challenge is about. 4 people will be "married" and the others will have to babysit a baby doll and take care of it like a real baby. Lucy and Jordan will be a couple that's "married". Bree and Leeroy will be a "married" couple. Now all of आप will have to take these babies. *throws some boy and girl baby dolls*
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Alex:What's our challange?
Chris:Heh.Your challange is to-
Storm:It doesn't include water,right?
Chris:*sigh*Yes,it has nothing to do with water!
Chris:Like I was SAYING,the challange is to venture into that woods,and find the voodoo doll!
Tak:I'll be winning this!
Jacob:Yeah,right आप will!We will!
Chris:Quit discussing it and go!
Buster:Well,what exactally is the prize?
Chris:Prize?Um...*turns around and diggs into a bag and pulls out a tall can*This!
Most the teens gasp.
Bree:Th-thats a Monter can!
Alex:And It hasn't been opened!
Buster and Zatch:WE NEED THAT!
Storm:A monster is the ONLY human खाना that doesnt make my guts sizzle!I MUST have that can!
-end of confessional-
Jordan:Yeah...you do that...
Chris:You have exactally 30 मिनटों to find the doll,and आप HAVE to have ALL of your team members with आप when आप bring it back.
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chris is walking with the teens following him.They wonder into the area with the sheds.

Chris:This is where you'll be sleeping!

Alex grunts and a few other teens gasp.

Jacob:Will be sleeping in Sheds?!

Buster:Buddy's sleeping outside!!!!!

Buddy:You've never seen my shed,so how can आप believe I actually kill people in it?!

Buster,Zatch,Leeroy,and Mr.Fluffykins all give him a looke that कहा "Yeaahh." making Buddy look down,slighty in shame.

Storm:*whispers to herself*Hmmm,a killer,huh?He might come in handy.

Mizzie:Whatchya talking about,Storm?


Lucy:So,who goes into which shed?

Chris:Hmm,never thought about that one,how about this;I'm feeling nice today an-

Chef:*laughs*You?Nice?Ha!That's a kicker!

Chris:Yes!I'm nice!I'm very nice!Anyways...The sheds hold about 3 people,so find two फ्रेंड्स and find a shed.
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Geoff: I'm Geoff!
Gwen: and i'm Gwen!
Geoff: and this is the most Specialist is aftermath आप will ever see!
Gwen: today we have the finale 2 of Total Drama Crazy!
Geoff: it's Zoey
Gwen: and LULU!!!!!!!!!!
Geoff: we have reporter Sierra at the big Party at the total drama Crazy set.
Gwen: and while she gose around the party we will दिखाना the adishen tapes the new conpetaters had to send to chris to see who gose in!
Geoff: let's दिखाना the first one we have befor we go to Sierra.
Gwen: It's zoey's Adishen Tape!
Geoff: here we go!

*In Zoey's room* Hello! My name is Zoey. I am 16 years old and I wanna be on tv so bad! As आप can see I'm a girly girl because my walls are गुलाबी and I have lots of stuffed animals. I think आप should let me on the दिखाना because I can cause drama. When I get mad I turn into a different person. I can get along with my teammates and I can help them with the challenges. *Her brother makes faces at the camera* आप ARE SO GONNA GET IT आप LITTLE....oh uh I have to go! I have to teach my older brother a leason. Pick me for your show! *starts beating up her brother and then the *audition ends*...
Fan fiction by STALKER-TOAST posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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A peacefull lake scene apears.Everything looks so calm and peacefull.Suddenly,the scene,now revealed as a painting,is torn away द्वारा a large looking axe.Chris comes through ,throws the axe somewhere to his left,and looks at the camera.
Chris:Hi!As आप can remember,we've had so many fun seasons of Total Drama,but this time around,we're taking a HUGE turn!Brace yourself,and welcome to Total...Drama...Paranormal!
Theme song plays
Chris and Chef come into the scene,which has changed into a very ragged looking terain,featuring a series of abandoned metal tool sheds,arguing.
Chef:I thought we agreed no to that name!
Chris:Well,what other name goes for something like this?!
Chef:Well...um...*thinks for a second* How about Believers?
Chef:Total Drama Believers!
Chris:*sigh*Fine,we'll go for your idea.*faces the screen*Slight Name Change,it's now Total Drama Believers because Mr.Fussy pants has to have his way.
Fan fiction by BridgexJordan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Jake: I wonder what happend to Jar3d.
LUlu: me too!
Ray: I still can't belive आप kissed Jax.
Zoey: he likes me i was just being nice!
Ray: Wow!!!!!
Chris: what's up finale 4!!!
Jake: what about jar3d?
Chris: He's not here with us anymore!
Lulu: he's dead!!!!!!
Ray: Oh my!!!!!!!!
Chris: no he's off the show
Zoey: why?
Chris: I can't say.
Jake: chris.........
Chris: yeah?
Jake: why arn't आप wearing any pants????
Chris: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... I got to go! Meet me at the circus challange!

*circus challage*
Chris: OK!! today आप will go throught each challange!!!!!! The first 2 that make it to the finsh line will go to the finale 2! The others see ya at the last eposde!
Jake: I can do this!
Chris: *gets a papper* oh wait! Yougo throught each challange at a time the first person to finsh will win!
Ray: this will be fun!!!!!!
Chris: kk! Now this challange is आप have to ballance on a tide rope!
Fan fiction by dxarmy423 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*camera goes to studio*

Chris: Hi as आप may see this is not our usual location and your probobly wonering why

Chris: well because this is no ordenary episode its the first of many Backlash episodes where we look back at the contestants that got sent घर and the crazy events of the last episodes

Chris: So let me introduce to आप the fallen contestants

Chris: Alejandro, Trent, Terra and Duncan

Chris: *looks around* wheres duncan

Intern: We dont know

Chris: well find him

Intern: ok *goes to find duncan*

*camera goes to the losers*

Chris: so here are exclusive interviews with the losers

*camera goes to alejandros interview*

Alejandro: f***ing bam margera अगला time I see him Im gonna beat the s*** out of him *swears in spanish alot*

*camera goes to trent*

Trent: well I लॉस्ट cause of duncan ahh what ever I got a plan
Fan fiction by TDIlover4ever posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Fay: Alright, Team Skittlez, pick someone आप want to vote off, but आप can't vote off Ray!

*after everyone votes*

Fay: Okay, you've all made your decision, if I call your name, come up and get a pack of Skittles. Avan.

Avan: YES! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Rayven.

Rayven: Sweet! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Megan.

Megan: Yay! *takes Skittles*

Fay: ..Aydan.

Aydan: Yeah! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Jordan.

Jordan: Awesome! *takes Skittles*

Fay: Natalie, Mack, this is the final pack of Skittles this evening.

Natalie: *nervous*

Mack: *not nervous*

Fay: The last pack of Skittles goes to....................................NATALIE!

Natalie: Really? YAY!!! WHOOO-HOOOO!!!! *gets Skittles*

Mack: What? How'd I get kicked off?!

Fay: *shrugs* I don't know! I just know the answer of who, not why!
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Chris: Ok! Today our challange is a Scary films!
Ezekiel: I can't hold it in Eh?
Leeroy: Oh आप कहा eh!
Noah: आप both lose! I win!!!!
Leeroy and Eziekel: Man!!
Courtney: Duncan would have won this challange!
Chris: too mad Duncan isn't here!
Rochelle: I प्यार scary movies!!
Chris: Well today the challange is who ever screams first wins!
Avan: I can do that!
Chris: the team with the least amount of perople that didn't scream wins! If there is a tie than all teams will vote off someone! So आप can go to your rooms या any where आप want!
Rochelle: I'll go where ever Cody gose!


Avan: This will be so easy!

Geoff: Jordan! I'm going to scare him!


*Jordan, Jax, Avan's Room*
Geoff: *knocks on door*
Jordan: who is it?
Geoff: the ghost of the grave!
Jordan: I'm sorry i don't know anyone with that name.
geoff: It's Geoff let me in!
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Chris: Welcome. Let's Introduce our campers. Here is Kari.
Kari: हे party people! I'm ready for my money!
Chris: The Beautiful and talented Lucy hailing from London!
Lucy: Heya! (Pulls out electric गिटार and Plays knights of cydonia solo on electric guitar)I'm here and ready to rock!!!
Chris: हे it's Dameon. हे dude what's up.
Dameon: Nothing. हे where are all the guys in this contest?
Chris: They are coming chill dude!
Dameon: Ok, geez.
Chris: Here is Anthony, Jackson, and Hannah.
Anthony: Stay the hell out of my way.
Jackson: Chill dude.
Hannah: Yeah, gosh. Oh hi. (Walks up to Kari) I'm Hannah.
Kari: Wonderful.
Chris: And here is Matthew.
Matthew: (singing micro cuts द्वारा म्यूज़् on key) (removes earbuds) Hello (british accent) Hows आप been?
Kari and Hannah: Dang he's cute and wow.
Kari: Hannah, he's mine.
Hannah: No, Kari, he's mine.
Kari: Oh Yeah? (tackles hannah)
Matthew: Wow, strange people here in america.