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As आप may of have guessed द्वारा the title, आप can already tell how much i hate Total Drama All Stars.
1. Do i even need to explain? This season is anything but worthy of being called a season!
2. Lightning is still the same as he was in season 4: putting sha in every sentence and still dumb as a rock
3. How is Sam even remotely considered an all star? Seriously! Wouldn't someone like Brick be a better choice? I'm not disputing Christian Potenza's choices for who he picked to be in season 5, but still, wouldn't Brick of have been a better option?
4. The cast in general is disappointing. I know i'm going to get a lot hate for this, but hear me out. This is the reason that this season did not meet any of my exceptations.
5. Not only has nothing changed about Lightning, but the same can be कहा for Scott. What i mean is his fear of Fang remains unchanged.
That concludes part 1. Stay tuned for part 2.
Mikica's P.O.V

I Was awoke to the sleep i had just fell into द्वारा a phone ringing. I fell of the बिस्तर i was in with Duncan. I picked up my phone and answered it.
"Hello is this Mikica या Nikica" The voice asked. It sounded like Ariana's Mom.
"Yes It's Mikica" I कहा walking out of the cabin.
"Ok. I just wanted to tell आप it's Ariana's funeral tomorrow. I know She would want आप two there." Ariana's Mom Chocked out.
"Ok will be there." i कहा trying not to cry.
"Bye" She said.
"Bye" I said. I leaned agents the केबिन and slowly slid down. I tried not to cry i did. But i did. I haven't got past the fact...
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 the pic is of अजगर my baby
the pic is of python my baby
Mikica's P.O.V
I woak early for some reason. So i got अजगर and some clothes and went to the bathroom to change. I got changed quickly. i walked out of the stall and looked in the mirror. I screamed in terror and anger.

Heather's P.O.V
last night Mikica really pissed me off. So i thought I'd teach her a lesion. With a little help from someone else who hates her. HaHaHaHa

Duncan's P.O.V
I heard a loud scream it woak me and almost all the guys in are cabin. I noticed Mikica was gone. I got up and follow to were the screaming came from. It lead me to the girls bathroom. अजगर sat in front of the...
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*Mikica's dream*

I was in Ariana's room, tho i have no idea how i got there. Ariana was crying.
"Are आप ok?" i asked. She didn't say anything. I then went up to her i tried to bring her chin up but my hand just went trough her. She grabbed her note book that was on her बिस्तर side table. She started to write something. When she was done she put it on her डेस्क . I ran over to her डेस्क i looked at the note

Dear family,
I am sorry. I cant do this any longer, i cant take is. This feeling of not being enough, good enough. I will miss आप and the cruel world we call home. I've tried to push back thee...
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Gwen's P.O.V
I woak up early and Mikica was gone so i went to find her to see if she is alright. I was walking past the boys केबिन and in the corner of my eye i saw Mikica in बिस्तर with Duncan.
"Holy crap." i कहा very loudly. Waking Mikica and a few of the boys up.

Mikica's P.O.V
I heard Gwen say
"Holy crap." I shot up and noticed i was in बिस्तर with Duncan in the guys side of the cabin. Duncan was still asleep so i thought I'd walk him the best way i know how. I kissed him on the lips.

Duncan's P.O.V
I was peacefully dreaming about Mikica and i making out. I swear my dreams seem to be coming true lately...
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Mikica's P.O.V
"Hey Mikica. Are आप trying out for the new दिखाना total drama island. Cause आप would total dominate there" Maddison कहा sarcastically.
"Oh yeah, i almost forgot, आप suck" Maddison said. Did i forget to mention she is a total bitch. If आप thought that was mean आप should see her when she's in a bad mood. Oh! आप probably thought that was her bad mood. That is where आप would be mistaken. *Back to reality* I have always been one to think over what i say before i say it- Wait am i being serious that is one of the main reasons i have been to juvie.
"No आप should cause being a...
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12. "The एनचांटेड Franken-Forest"
11. "Backstabbers Ahoy!"
10. "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean"
9. "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste"
8. "Truth या Laser Shark"
7. "Runaway Model"
6. "Grand Chef Auto"
5. "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"
4. "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown"
3. "Eat, Puke & Be Wary"
2. AND 1. "Finders Creepers" AND "Up, Up & Away in My Pitiful Balloon"

TDI: "Phobia Factor"
TDA: "The Princess Pride"
TDWT: "Hawaiian Punch"
TDRotI: "Finders Creepers" AND "Up, Up, & Away in My Pitiful Balloon"
Let me make this clear not everyone on this सूची I hate.In fact this is totally different 3 of the characters on my मतदान I grown to like more.Like Lindsay I hated her stereo type but when I re watched it she seemed like a great character.Beth is ok same thing with Tyler.

I still stand द्वारा that he's the best written character on the show.But when I re watched it his nice side seemed kinda of force I'm mean Dj just happen to find a Bunny in the woods I live there and I rarely see a bunny and Duncan happen to have a close bound to pets.And the last time his good side was shown it was after...
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Since,I'm new I decided to make a सूची of my प्रिय characters.So people will agree and start knowing me better.So let's get started.

10.Lindsay, She is such an enjoyable character!
I'm MEAN c'mon she's tries to get along with
every body not counting Heather and Courtney.
And she so agree-able I'm mean how could
someone not like this character!

9. Dj,He's such a sweetheart and he's so
like-able! He is so caring and thoughtful
too!And I really wish he'll get और screen
time.There's not much to talk about.

8. Beth, She's basic-ly like Lindsay but smart
and doesn't stand up for her-self so yeah..
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posted by DipperPines2010
People have their good days and bad days, but sometimes, my days are far beyond exhausting.

DandC4evacute can sometimes be a pain in my big white butt. She's only popular, because she developed early and started putting out at the age of eleven years. Yet, she can't stand to look at herself in the mirror, because all she sees is a whore. Yet, she defends Duncan and Courtney (from Trent/Alejandro), just so she can avoid an inevitable future that once she is twenty years old, her प्रिय characters will not be trusted द्वारा other people.

How does that sound? TDWT has their own version of Trent. Why? I had a dream where I saw Trent's misdeeds, whether if it's sabotaging other's chances at a million, या breaking valuables of other contestants. This is something that the real Trent would never do.
The first 14 Applications will be on my new दिखाना Total Drama Daring Island! Once I get fourteen I start. Please fill in the information below in a comment.



Hero या Villain:





And that's it. I hope आप sign up because the और apps the sooner I'll start posting. I'll post one episode a day. So remember the fist fourteen will be in it. So the दिखाना is moved to Boney Island. Yes the spooky place. And there is TWO invincibility statue's. I'll make a contest for that later. So I hope to see some Apps! Thanks-Jcbob12345
posted by Aurelia_Tepes
[b]I would like आप to give me your honest opinion of this.[b]

"Bentley?" An older male inquired across his cell to his new cell mate. The boy, Bentley, was no older than twenty. He was sitting on the floor when the older male called to him. Moving his ebony black hair aside, coal grey eyes looked up innocently.

"Yes, Johnson?" He replied to the other.

"Have आप ever heard of the series called Total Drama?" Johnson smirked as Bentley's eyes lit up like a क्रिस्मस tree.

"I loved that show!" He gushed, his lithe body curling up slightly in anticipation. "Why do आप ask?"

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Ok, for this I'm only counting the people in total drama revenge of the island.(only counting the ones that aired)And I decided to count Como Zoey and the personalities of Mike.I'm not to big प्रशंसक of this season but it is still a good season.So let's start.

The one with the most villain points is:Lightning with 23.

The person with the most hero points is: Mike with 31 all of them coming from saving Zoey!

The runner-up for the most villain points is: Como Zoey with 9.(Scott tried)

The runner-up for the person with the most hero points is:Cam with 28.
The other day, I had a spectacular mind-flip, where I hallucinated and chose to let my dreams go, even if characters trade roles with other contestants (Dipper Pines- Zoey; Tina Belcher-Cameron; Ferb Fletcher- Mike, etc.). Some of the Total Drama related dreams that I लॉस्ट include:
1. "Missionary Completed for Gwent": Trent and Gwen are talking about the way that they make love. However, Trent's new idea (pretending that he isn't asleep, when he farts on Gwen's leg) backfires, when he soils himself.




Heather Goes to the lunch line. "EWWWW! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SLOP!?" "Fish Soup... NEXT!" "Umm.... Mr. McGreen, im allergic to Fish..." "THAN EAT BEEF झींगा मछली, समुद्री झींगा NOODLE BEEF SOUP...TASTE LIKE SNOT!" "Umm... Nevermind." "NEXT!!" Courtney goes sit down द्वारा Bridgette and Lindsay. "So guys I-"
"No Duncey your my smoopie smooch!" "No Anitta, Your my Smoopie Smooch!" "Blech!" "MATH TIME" Everyone:" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
"Ooh a note, its from..Duncan!?"
Dear Courtney, will आप be my... TO BE CONTINUED
"Last time here on tri we found out about lightning and Lindsay's secret relationship.also Scott andcourtney started dating. The person who got the boot.. Zoey for distracting Scott during the challenge" कहा Chris.(theme song plays) "hey Scott" Courtney said. "Hi babe" कहा Scott. (Lindsay and lightning confessional) चुंबन then Duncan comes in. "No way" कहा Duncan stunned. "Sha-uh-oh" कहा lightning. Both Lindsay and lightning ran out of the confessional.(Duncan confessional) I don't think I'm going to chitter chatter about what I saw yet.(Gwen confessional) Lindsay and lightning how?!...
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"Lat time on total बिना सोचे समझे island Geoff got the boot and Scott was offered a तारीख, दिनांक द्वारा Serenity but wants to ask Courtney first." कहा Chris. (Theme song plays) "sha-bam" कहा lightning as he lifted a log. "So Serenity about that asking out?" कहा Courtney.
"He कहा he would consider it" replied Serenity in a half angry voice. (Courtney confessional) Scott better say no!(back to game)"umm Courtney" Scott कहा in a shakey voice. "Yes" she replied. "Wanna maybe go out?" Scott asked. "Sure I'd प्यार to" she कहा looking at Serenity. Serenity gave her a dirty look back.
(Scott confessional) YEAH!(Serenity...
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"Welcome the three new contestants on total drama." Chris said.
Serenity,Anna-lee,and Joey stepped out of a boat. "So where's the money?" Asked Serenity with her hand out. "Never made any promises." Chris said. "Welcome returning contestants Lindsay,Duncan,Lightning,mike,Zoey,Cameron,Scott,Gwen,Courtney,and Geoff." कहा Chris. "First challenge is to find your cabins first, the other team wait! We need teams!" कहा Chris. Ok team uhh crap is mike,lightning,Scott,Duncan,Lindsay,Gwen, and Zoey. "Crap what kinda of sha-name is that? Asked Lightning. "Team uhh song is Geoff,Cameron,Anna-Lee,Joey,Serenity,Courtney,and...
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"Welcome back to an all new season of Total Drama! This season, there are three new contestants with 11 returning contestants! Let's introduce the new contestants! Stefani!" Chris started.

Stefani screamed as she got thrown down from a plane and into the sand. She got up and brushed off the sand.

"SERENITY!" Chris screamed.

Serenity came falling out of the plane and landed in the sand, head first.

"Ooh! आप okay?" Stefani asked her.

Serenity got up and rubbed the sand out of her hair, then ignored Stefani.

"Rude." Stefani muttered.
"JASON!" Chris yelled. "Oh no, I can't do this. I can't!"...
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posted by Unicorns123
Stefani's audition-
"Oh um, hi. I'm Stefani. I'm here to explain why I would be great for Total Drama. Well um... Number one, I प्यार to compete, but I'm also very nice at the same time. and the other reason is... well I'm kind of a loner without choice. I have no फ्रेंड्स and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to finally make friends! I hope आप take me into consideration!"

Serenity's audition-
"K, Chris. आप got not choice here. You're gonna put me on the show, and आप are just simply handing me the million dollars so I don't have to run through dirt and mutant crap. Got it? K, thanks, bye."

Jason's audition-
"Hi, I'm Jason. I think I'll be really good on Total Drama because I'm really athletic and a good teammate."