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posted by starburst-rock
(Ok I no I should b working on my other storys but im kinda brain dead rite now so I decided to make this. Well enjoy!)

Cody-Girl all the bad guys want द्वारा Bowling for Soup

I think this is Cody's theme because Cody is chasing the girl who allways has someone else. In this case the bad boy. But nomadder what Cody does this girl still won't like him.

Alejandro-Womanizer द्वारा Brittney Spears

I think it's pretty clear why this is Alejandro's song. CAUSE HE'S A WOMANIZER! I for some reason find it funny that Al is so Manley yet his theme is Brittney Spears.

Geoff-Who's ready to party द्वारा Fred

Even thoe I...
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Of course I couldn't concentrate in gym. One: There's no point in concentrating when आप know you're gonna fall flat on your face, and two: My mind was still buzzing.
Which I still didn't quite understand. My mind didn't usually react like that. I mean, our school may be small, but we didn't lack in cute guys. Trust me. I know. But, I also hadn't dated any of them... which may be why I don't know much on the subject.
I changed back into my normal outfit, and rushed to सेकंड period, zipping in the door as the final घंटी, बेल rang, and taking a सीट just as Mr. Hank, my Calc teacher, walked inside....
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posted by ne0n_m0nkey
My very first fanfic!Hope आप enjoy it!In the end of the episode आप will have to vote off someone!Okay thanks and enjoy!
Chris:It's season 4 *points out 4*of the hottest reality दिखाना ever!Total Drama!*spreads hands*In this season the old and new campers that are going on an 3-stared hotel in Canada in the new season "Total Drama Superactive!Ha...The only thing is that they are not!*makes the Chris-ish laugh* This is going to be the most dramatic seasons ever,because later we'll...Well,that's a suprise!*boat horn*I hear them now*
Tyler:Linds,I can hold tese...
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posted by 30degrees
Pamela/ oh god! im so bored!
Courtney/ yeah me too....
Pamela/ want to see a movie?
Courtney/ sure!
Pamela/ what about 2012?
Courtney/ uummm yeah sure....
pamela/ cool! ''door's घंटी, बेल rings'' coming!!!
'' open door'' COURTNEY! IS 4 U!!!!
courtney/ who is it?
Pamela/ come and look 4 yourself!
Courtney/ Duncan?!? what are u doing here?
Duncan/ geoff is having a party so-
Courtney/ oh i told him i dont want to go....
Pamela/ hey! u कहा a party?
Duncan/ yeah....
Pamela/ cool! lets go
Courtney/ no im not going....
Pamela/ why?
Duncan/ cause she is a boring person thats why.....
Courtney/ IM NOT A BORING PERSON!!!...
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See..With Courtney आप have no idea why she been mean and cruel at times and an एंजल other times आप can just ask yourself why. We can only make our own head canons on why.I see a lot of people fight over if this character is nice या not. But the truth is I don't care along she has a at lest four flaws and some good in her I like her as a character.I really don't know why which makes it hard to like her या hate. I never know why most people claim we know a lot about her but if that was true than, Why are we have different ideas why.I mean the key word in the लेख is why.Most of our ideas have only little to no prof to them and आप rarely see some one have a lot of prof on it.And why is that?I'm mean I know she's developed but still why.But this is why I सवाल it how much do we really know about this character.

Give आप own ideas why आप think why people hate her या like her.Hit the like if आप liked it! Tell me in the टिप्पणियाँ if आप agree with me या not.
posted by iPsychic
Warning: Not for little kids. If आप do not like knives, I suggest आप leave now.

Hello! I'm thinking of posting this to Fanfiction.net.

Anyway, yes this is about Mike. It may be a bit OOC, but it's Fanfiction. Anything can happen XD

'Just leave me alone!!' I yelled.

I... I, just can't take it anymore. My life has been nothing but trouble, all thanks to these personalities. They torture my life, thinking it's all just a game.

But, no.

It's not a game. It's reality! My personalities just don't understand. No-one does anyway. How I wish to be normal. Why can't I be like everyone else? They don't have...
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posted by number1tdfan
Okay, this is my first प्रशंसक fiction, so please leave comments! Don't hate on my story. And PLEASE, enjoy!

" Mike! Get up!" My mom tried to shake me awake. " Chester, I've got a hot bowl of Cream of Wheat waiting for आप downstairs." She walked out my bedroom.
" Creamy wheat? Outta my way!" I bounded out of bed. I carefully maneuvered my feet down the stairs. Chester had the tendency to fall down them, a lot. I plopped into a chair at the रसोई, रसोईघर table. My mom placed a bowl of फल Loops in front of me. "Wha? आप lying little.." The raspy, complaining voice of Chester spoke. I gasped. " Thanks...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, episode 6! YAHOO! I'm kinda sad I didn't get further at this point, but....hey, at least I'm still updating this, right? :P Anyway, I hope आप enjoy this epidoes! ^u^


*at elimination ceromony*

Chris: Well, well, well, looks like आप guys lose again!

Noah: Just shut up, and get on with it Chris.


Noah: o.o *gets quiet*

Chris: Thats better! Anyway, lets get the elimination...
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posted by TDIfangirl
Okay, let me start द्वारा issuing an apology to anyone who might be offended द्वारा this content. I just need everybody to know a few things that this fandom is lacking. This is mostly about TDWT, and it may have some bashing of your favorites. Again, sorry to anyone who is offended.

After going through what has happened during the third season, and with 3 episodes to go for its airing in America, I thought I'd tell आप what were basically what I was thinking about during the season, the fandom's reaction to the breakups, eliminatons, and content, and what our fandom should do, not to prevent fighting,...
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scout:yeah chris completely damned up my words i कहा not aj the cammera ran out of battiries before i could even vote but anyway... i,m sad to see the big lug go. he was alright. even though he was a major pain

mike:the BAD thing is my team is all girl but me
dj:um... yea sure
mike:why are आप here
dj:gwen wanted me to give आप message which reads-
*end of conssenails*

*la` reloaded,france*
chris:so it was owen to go
duncan:well we know who is going to win now
chris:anyway today`s challenge is...
gwen:did आप get my message
mike & trent:yea are आप sure
beth:what is up with them
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ilana:courtney is the leader? oh no... she is so anyoning whenever she talks about being a CIT she`s so commpetive and bit of a jerk no offince courtney don`t vote me off just because i कहा that

aj:ugh weird goth girl!!!!! team leader??? really??? who died and made her queen??? just have to tolerate her is going to be hard

louni:i have a felling there`s going to be a lot of arguments... great

mike:all the girls here are hot but i pick gwen
chris:*pushes her in*
gwen:um... hi
*gwen & mike make out*

*end of confessanails*

*la` reloaded,france*
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Chris: आप all voted voted and it's time to give out today's prise, Rocks from the grand Canyon!
Zoey: Yeppie!
Chris: The first one gase to, Natalie!
Natalie: Yes!
Chris: Jordan!
Jordan: Yes! *takes rock*
Chris: Alejandro, Penny
Penny: Yeppie!* takes rock* *screams*!
Zoey: what is it?
Penny: There's a spiter on it!
Chris: Ok अगला is Zoey!
Zoey: yes!
Chris: Annie!
Annie: Yes!
Chris: *throughs rock at her*
Annie: Ouch!
Chris: Rochelle!
Rochelle: Is there a spiter on it?
Chris: No but there is a pice of papper on it.
Rochelle: what? *looks at pice of paper* Yes! a free get out of challange pass!
Jordan: Lucky!
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posted by djdog
max:welcome to total drama survival!10 TEENS WILL FIGHT FOR THIER LIVES,FOOD,AND THIER MONEY,in this outdoors expirience.i'll be your host,max mclean!for this challenge, the teens have to survive a plane thats heading to the amazon,oh and did i mention the plane is 900 years old, and has low gas?oh well!heres my rusty side kick,pilot dumb*ss! pilot dumb*ss:go to hell,max! max:will do! "later",jackie:oooh!is this a 5 तारा, स्टार plane? max:noooo,idiot,its a wrecked plane! jackie:is it a 5 तारा, स्टार wrecked plane? max:shut up, या i'll put 5 stars,UP YOUR ASS!!! jackie:sorry! phil:whoa!easy there,dude!dont...
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Seiamica: हे हे peoples! Today, we're going to run down a little सूची that we like to call the...
Ten Reasons why we hate Justin list!
JG: He is arguably the most hated camper on the show.
Seiamica: So....Let's start this list!

Seiamica: He's rude
JG: He's ugly
Seiamica: He's stuck up
JG: He's ugly.
Seiamica: He got to return to TDA when Cody, Eva, and Noah DIDN'T
JG: He's so ugly
Seiamicaa: He thinks he's the best, but he's just a douche bag
JG: He's SO D@mn ugly!
Seiamica: He's such a wimp! He can't even get his hair wet!
JG And Seiamica: And he's SO D@mn ugly!

Seiamica: I know, that was random. But...
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posted by xcv_2013
Last Time on Total Drama High:
Chris explained to everyone that Duncan's younger sister,Brooke, has been thinking about dropping out. He also announced to everyone's surprise that she has also turned emo. There were some confessional entries from Trent दिखा रहा है signs that he's pretty into her. What shockers will happen today on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH

Trent & DJ started heading to the gym for the class they had,P.E. "Well, how hard can it be to convenice a 15 साल old not to drop out of High School?" Dj suggested. Trent smiled & said," I know. Besides, she knows us & she's our friend. So...
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It was now time to receive the guilded chris awards. someone would be iliminated from the screaming gaffer team. chris started to call the names. "Duncan,.....JG,.....Vanita,....Gwen,...
Seiamica,......Alex,......Blake, ....Leshawna, harold, DJ". "there are two guilded chris awards left", Julie and Calvin were the Two left. julie smiled with comfidence. "Calvin!!!" yelled chris. "what!!!!" yelled julie "thats not posible!" most of the people on this team are my friends!" "sorry ju'ann" कहा JG "but आप went completely nuts and लॉस्ट us the callenge!" "no way!!!!" yelled julie "you mean to say...
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So this is the series where Chris is the dad of Courtney and they just found that out last year. And for now on Courtney is the co-host of total drama.

Chris: So Courtney first things first, i want आप to call all of the members into the island.
Courtney: Sure thing dad.
Chris: And also be good and do not i repeat do not fight over Duncan.
Courtney: i promise dad.
Chris: okay, have fun.
Courtney: Sure thing dad.

*Courtney goes to the dock*

Courtney's point of view

so i guess आप are wondering, why am i calling Chris my dad? Well it all started when i had to go to the doctor's office to check my DNA...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
*first दिन of school: Monday, August 26. Sunny Day*

Death: *getting put of car*
Dawn: हे DEATH!
Death: Meh.
*start walking to school*
Death: Is this school any good?
Dawn: Yes, it's amazing!
Death: Really... what sitting group are आप in?
Dawn: The Weirdos!
Death: Nice... I heard this kid named Ezikiel died here.
Dawn: Oh yeah... it was duiring bioligy last year.
Teacher: Now remember children, put the blue liquid and the गुलाबी liquid in together. Don't put the red liquid in!
Ezikiel: What are we supposed to do, eh?
Dawn: Put the blue liquid in with...
Ezikiel: *puts in red liquid द्वारा accident*...
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Sofie: *sitting at डेस्क wearing sexy woman's uniform* WELCOME BACK! Our यू. आर्. एल has been recently updated, so be sure to check out all the fabulous things, TDI's Dating System has for you! :D
Leshanwa: हे there guys, it's yo girl, Leshawna! X3
Sofie: Don't worry, we didn't आग Lindsay, she just stands in the back of the room painting her nails ^^'
Leshawna: lil' Sofie wasn't mean enough to get rid of her XD
Sofie: HUSH UP!
Leshanwa: हे remember who your talking to, little girl...
Sofie: Fine fine, whatever. Please welcome, DUNCAN!
*applause द्वारा crazed fangirls*
Sofie: -o-' Why are they here?
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'OMG!' 'Lucky!' 'No way! He's mine!' and 'Liar! That is so not true!' all popped up on Sierra's post. Gwen came over to Sierra's apartment, read the post and said, "This cannot be happening. I can't believe आप two have a chance! I mean, Codierra?!" Sierra read the post over and over again. "Cody कहा he likes me." Sierra read out loud. "You just need सलाह on how he can like आप even more." Gwen suggested. "Yeah.. can I come over to your place and ask Trent about what guys usually like? He and Cody were really good फ्रेंड्स in Total Drama Island." Sierra asked. Gwen rolled her eyes. "Fine....
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