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Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Roxie: hi
With mellissa
Corey: im having fun puts arm around her
Mellissa: me to kisses him
5 min later
In coreys बिस्तर
Corey: I प्यार आप
Mellissa: me to snuggles him
Jory: dude हे first sex nice
Corey: dude we're busy god donkey ass
Mellissa: goes to sleep
With rikki
Rikki: omg thw man cut the guys eyes out
Don: holy crap this kill splatter 3 is sick his dick ahhhh
in vinnys room kat I think we should see other ppl
Kat: why cause im pregnet thats why we're through I hate आप slaps vinny
Cassidy: whats wrong kat
Kat: im pregnet but he broke up with me
Cassidy: your attractibe आप fiery red head
Kat: thanks hugs her your the best oh my belly its kicking
Cassidy: the nurse can help you
Erika: umm cassy your in my bed

To be continued

Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Carry: looks out she and chris's window chris wake up
Chris: huh
Carry: a limo is out there puts on लबादा, बागे walks outside
Erika: hi आप malied me but आप did'nt tell me the date
Carry: oh my goodness im so sorry
Erika: its ok
Vinny: sneaks in pool oooohhh yah
Kat: vinny
Vinny: ahhh I didn't kill mr gir
Kat: vinny its me
Vinny: oh I knew that
Twany: its 2:00 in the morning go to bed
Erika: knocks on door
Twany: hi
Erika: im your roomie
Twany: oh ok

Star: rikki where is my louie va twan purse
Rikki: I dont know
Don: hi rikki
Rikki: हे blushes
Don: wanna catch a movie in the movie room
rikki: blushes ok kisses his cheek my dorm at 7:00
Mellissa: your in प्यार sighs I miss dad
Rikki: I do to
Mellissa: guess what me and corey are gonna go in the hot tub
Erika:hi आप must be roxie

To be contued
Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Rikki: omg
Mellissa : grabs paper bag
Teens walk in haunted college
Star: it stinks in here
Mellissa: wtf how'd I get here
twany: vinny,kat hello sighs this is not funny
Kat: twany where were आप
Vinny: yeah
Rikki: ouch watch I sorry
Don: no no im sorry
Rikki: we are alone steps in closer
Don: steps in to किस her
Rikki: kisses him
Don: kisses her back
roxie: holy crap faints
Cassidy: what happend
Don : she seen us kiss
अगला दिन in mellissa's room 1st bell
Don: about last night
Rikki: forget it happend ok
Don: ok
Star: hi wussy आप cant किस her boo hoo
Don: walks away
Carry: अगला challenge is jump into thd 40 feet inches deep pool
Vinny gets ahhhhhhhhhh splashes
star: my growls
Roxie: jumps in yahooo canon ball
Ashley takes jorys hand on accident
Both: ahhhh
Ashley my swiming trunks
jory: woah
Fan fiction by Pinkkatluv32 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Carry: hi im the host and this is my husband chris mclain
Chris: hi and here is the firdt teen
Star: hello chris,carry
Both: हे तारा, स्टार umm we're gonna दिखाना आप your eooms when the others get here
Star: umm ok walks in building
Carry: phew oh there's the other kid
Luna: hey
Both: hi
Luna: am I first
Both: no stars in there
Luna: oh ok walks in and see's तारा, स्टार hi im luna
Star: umm hi rolls eyes
Luna: whispers bitch
Star: what
Luna: nothing
Carry: ok अगला peopke oh three people
Girls: hi
Camile: hi
Rikki: hi
Melissa: hey
carry: oh ok go meet the other teens
Carry: oh और girls
Lily: yo
Carry: sisters
Both: yep
carry: oh ok walk in please
Both: ok
Carry: ok boys
Don: hey
Corey: yo
Carry: plz walk in
Carry: hi
Cassidy: hi
Carry: enter
Cassidy:.... Umm ok
Article by starburst-rock posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Courtney: Where's our host?

Star: I don't know.

Eva: Well somebody better दिखाना up soon या I'm gonna kill somebody!!!

Samantha: Just calm down! Maybe if we just wait a few मिनटों somebody will दिखाना up.

All: *Nods heAds in agreement*


Duncan: It's been 3 Freaking hours.....

Mirra: Wait what's that? *Walks over to the tray that the doughnuts are on and picks up a note* It's a note.

Noah: Well duh. What douse it say? 

Mirra: -.- It says *now पढ़ना note* Dear Campers, since I didn't get to see y'alls challenge and Starburst-Rock is still trying to find a song for todays episode........NO ELIMINATION!!! Well ya..... I wonder how long y'all will stay out here xD Well PIE FOREVER!!!! प्यार Rayla

All: -.-

THE अगला DAY

Rayla: Last time on Total Drama Blank!!!, I slept :P So my Best friend in the world who's name is LeHenesee took over!!! What will happen this week? Find out on Total. Drama! BLANK!!!! Ha Eat it Destrey! Didn't tell me this time! >=D
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Enjoy! :)
Lindsay said, "To the अंतरिक्ष set!"

Heather said, "Fine. Let's just go."

They arrived at the अंतरिक्ष set from "A अंतरिक्ष Owen".

Heather pinched her nose and said, "This place reeks of vomit."

"Totally." Lindsay pinched her nose as well. "Ooo, look Heather! A spaceship."

"Lindsay, it's just a ride. It's not an actual-" Lindsay was already boarding the अंतरिक्ष ship. "Hey, wait for me!" Heather ran towards the अंतरिक्ष ship and got on.

Lindsay started 'pressing' buttons. "...And blast off!" She 'pressed' a red button.

The entire spaceship started to rumble.

Heather said, "What's happening?"

"Didn't आप hear me? I कहा blast off and now we're going into space."

"That's impossible! This is a stupid rollercoaster ride." Heather looked out the window.
Fan fiction by nocofangirl218 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Wow, we're on episode three already? Man does time fly! Anyway, I tried to keep your team requests unchanged, but I changed them just a bit. Most of the people who आप wanted on your team are there if thats any consultation. Anyway, I hope आप like episode three!

*It's 8:00, and everyone is still asleep, until...*

Crystal: *through PA* Good morning everyone. I gave आप all some extra time to sleep because आप have a very busy दिन ahead of you! So, get आप butts out of bed, and meet me at craft-services. *intercom clicks off*

*all get up, get dressed, and go to craft-services*

Crystal: Hello everyone! :) I'm glad to see आप all made it here this morning.

Destery: Well, we didn't have a choice. Now, intro please. :)

Crystal: -.- Of course... So, last time on Total Drama Rama, the teams rejoined and answered some सवालों about each other! There were right answers, wrong answers, and then there were Lindsey answers. In the end, the two who won the honor of being team leaders were Alex and Riley! Who will they...
Fan fiction by iPsychic posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Ok, this is my first story type of thing... it's about Tyler who tell's about when Lindsay forgot his name. If आप like it, leave a टिप्पणी दे या just tell me if I need to fix something, I would appreciate if आप did! Thanks! :)

I couldn't believe it. Season 1... we were so close, but now she's forgotten who I am?! Seriously, when I first got on the Island (after hurting myself with my epic come in on the waterski) she noticed me and I noticed her. We just seemed to go together but we got put on opposite teams, which sucked!

Later when we went into the cabins, I heard her scream so I ran over to see what was wrong and wondered if I could help. She was scared of a cockroach, of course that punk Duncan chopped it's head off. I then made my हटाइए and told her to ask me if she see's one again! We then had gazed into each other's eye's... it was awesome to see her interested in me!

The moment she forgot who I was, was when there was only 5 people left in the competition. We were both at this awesome resort which a pool, spa's, all आप could eat! We were sitting द्वारा the pool relaxing, and after Chris interviewing Lindsay she forgot who I was! She went...
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Enjoy! :)
Tyler said, "Let's go to the समुद्र तट set!"

Eva said, "Sure, whatever. Uh, where is that exactly?"

Tyler said, "This way, follow me." Eva followed Tyler to the समुद्र तट set.

They arrived at the समुद्र तट set from "Beach Blanket Bogus" and entered inside.

Eva said, "It's freezing in here!"

Tyler said, "Yeah. Maybe we should go somewhere else." He tried to open the door. "Uh-oh."

Eva said, "Why did आप just say uh-oh?"

Tyler said, "The door's locked."

Eva said, "What? हटाइए it!" She pushed Tyler out of the way. Eva tried to open the door. "Huh?" She pulled harder. "This unbelieveable!" She kicked the door repeatedly.

Tyler said, "That's not helping."

She stopped kicking the door and said, "Shut up!" She kicked the door once और and moved away from it. "There's got to be another way out of here!"
Opinion by starburst-rock posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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(Grrrrr!!! I was trying so hard 2 get this पोस्टेड earlier. Funny thing is, that every time I tell somebody I'm going to get this पोस्टेड I don't :( well......ENJOY!!!)

"EEEEEEEE!!!!! CODY-KINZ!!!!! I'm soooo happy आप get to interview me!!!!" Sierra squealed while death-hugging Cody. "GAH!!! Sierra!!! Umm...uh.....You'll h-have to put m-me down if आप want me to uh....interview you...." Sierra nodded her head excited. She placed Cody in the chair in front of her.

Cody sat in his chair, straitened out his shirt, and pulled some note cards out from his pocket. Just when he was about to open his mouth to speak, Sierra interrupted him. "OMG!!! I've always dreamt of आप interviewing me Cody." She then scooted closer to him and whispered "Just us....Alone...." she rubbed his cheek. Cody pushed Sierra's hand off of his face and scooted back in his chair awkwardly.

Sierra scooted closer.

Cody scooted back.

Sierra scooted VERY close and leaned in.
Fan fiction by Gwentrend24 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Camile: Tension, Drama, Romance, Insanity, these are just a few words to describe this BRUTAL season of Total Drama. We're taking some of the old suckers that आप know and love, and throwing them together with a group of NEW suckers. Ha, it's gonna be awesome! And just wait till आप see what we have in store for these guys! This is, TOTAL... DRAMA... OC'S!

*Theme song plays*

Camile: Alright let's get this over with so I can get my brownies, and go to sleep! Before we introduce the contestants, let's first get to the important people! Joining me to host this swanky season, is everybody's प्रिय host, Chris McClain!

*Chris McClain walks out from make-up looking like a wreck.*

Chris: (talking to his makeup department) Is this what आप call makeup?! My grandma can do a better job, y'know, even if she is in a casket! आप have no talent, I look like I just came out of World War 2! What is this crap, आप can suck my-

Camile: O.o Um, Total Drama OC's is experiencing technical difficulties. We'll be back after this commercial break. *commercial comes on*
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Before I start the story, I'd like to give a shout out to Gwentrend24 for encouraging me to continue to write these stories.

Yeah, I shouldn't say this one the third part of the story, but I am because...just thank आप Gwentrend24. आप rock!

Enjoy! :)
Beth said, "We should go to the Sci-Fi set."

Justin said, "You mean where we went for 'Alien Resurr-eggtion'?" Beth nodded. "Are आप even sure it's still there?"

Beth said, "It has to be." They soon arrived at the sets plot ground.

Justin said, "All of the sets are still standing? Maybe Chris and Chef were too lazy to take it down."

Beth said, "That's no surprise. Let's go!" Beth ran ahead. Justin followed.

They arrived at the Sci-Fi set. The went inside. Justin said, "This place gives me the creeps."

Beth said, "Me too. Hold me." She clings to Justin.
Fan fiction by nocofangirl218 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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So, here’s episode 2! So, I’m really sorry for leaving out some of your OC’s last episode. I was just so focused on stuff like DxG and TxC to notice your OC was missing. For that, I’m really sorry! Anyway, here’s the अगला episode!

*It is 6:00 A.M and everyone is sleeping peacefully until…*

Crystal: *clicks on the megaphone in her hand* Alright contestants, it’s 6:00A.M, and I’m officially bored! So, get your butts out here, and will talk about today’s challenge!

*after everyone changes, they all come out looking sleepy except for Izzy*

Crystal: Good morning sleepy heads!

Griffon: *gets a smile* Morning Crystal! :)

Crystal: Good morning Griffon! I’m glad one of आप is happy this morning!

Gwen: I’d be happy if we slept in. *yawns* Why do we have to get up so early anyway?

Crystal: Cause, I always get up early, and I didn’t feel like waiting around for आप all to wake up.
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Since I think this is और of an opinion article, that's what it will be. I don't even know why I picked प्रशंसक fiction in the first place.

Anyways, I know my first part was kinda suckish, so hopefully this one is better. Plus, I'll write this in past tense since present tense is too hard. Infact, however many parts there will be will be in past tense. I probably worded that incorrectly. Well, आप know what I mean..right? Enjoy! :)
Courtney said, "Where should we go?" m
Duncan said, "I'm suprised your first words weren't an insult." d

Courtney said, "I'm over whatever happened in TDWT."

Duncan said, "So आप don't hate me या Gwen?" b
Article by starburst-rock posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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(I'm So Sorry I haven't gotten this up sooner!!! I rlly want to get this done b 4 2marro since I'll b gone almost all दिन 2marro. Well....ENJOY!!!)

ELIMINATION CEREMONY (Thank आप to Gwentrend24 for teaching me how to spell that very evil won't-let-me-spell-right-word :D)

Crystal: Ummm.....Chef. Not to be rude-

Star: Shocker

Crystal: *Gives तारा, स्टार a funny look* anyways......Why the heck are आप here?

Chef: Well Rayla apparently 'needed sleep' because the doctors कहा it's 'not heathy' to stay up 5 days strait. *mumbles* Pshh when I was in the army sleep wasn't a choice. 

Noah: Please tell me आप won't be in charge of the अगला challenge.

Chef: 'NUFF CHIT-CHAT!! The first YouTube inspired filth goes to Samantha!

I'm blue Dawboo-di Dawboo-die! Oh srry that songs stuck in my head well um final 2 r Crystal and Izzy

Chef: Well we all know little Miss Nut Head is going so.....GET YA BUTT OFF THE ISLAND!!
Fan fiction by TDI_Angel posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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This is AlejandroxSierra. If आप don't like the couple, then don't read it!

I wrote this at random, again. And at midnight, again. Weird coincidence that that's when/how I wrote "I Can Make It Stop" 0.0 This is kind of a continuation of "I Can Make It Stop," but आप don't have to read that one to understand this one. :)
She doesn't even notice me.

When I walk द्वारा her it's almost like I'm...


When normally I can't get girls to stop staring, to stop drooling, this one girl...

She doesn't notice me.

And I'm fascinated द्वारा her.

And I'm bewilldered द्वारा her.

And I'm entranced द्वारा her.

She seems to have me in a spell, of sorts

Normally the only women who ignore me are gay.

Which she can't be-- just ask Cody.

Is it her obsesssion with him that drives her from me?
Guide by tdacrazy6 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Gwen is the loner on the island. Gwen has a Mom and a little brother.
Her फ्रेंड्स are Duncan, Leshawna, Heather, Trent, Cody, Owen, Bridgette, Geoff and DJ

Gwen's first relationship was with Trent. They were put on the same team.In खोजिए and Do not Destroy, Gwen kissed Trent for the first (and last) time. Heather saw them किस and sabotaged them.In the end Gwen and Trent made up. Gwen was really sad about Trent getting voted out instead of Heather. In the अगला episode Gwen says that she already misses Trent. They were looking for the million together in the घंटा special. In total drama action, they were dating. Trent noticed that Duncan and Gwen getting closer. He tried to let her win so she wouldnt try and run away from him. Owen told him that she might be avoiding Trent so she could win the challenge. In 3:10 to crazy town Gwen broke up with him for throwing challenges.

Gwen's सेकंड relationship was with Duncan. They became फ्रेंड्स in Hook Line Screamer when they both showed liking in horror movies. They started hanging out और in TDA. That made Trent and Courtney jealous. They would always say that they're just friends. When...
Opinion by tdiCxTlova18 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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im sorry guys for the लेख i put up yesterday! its just i was having a meltdown and i didnt know what to do! as soon as i calmed down i realized wat i did was a bad thing! i am still mad at roman but not NEARLY as much as before! we figured out the problem and where ok now. but i feel so terrible for wat i did and i shouldn't hav पोस्टेड it! I know i insulted some people so if i did and u r पढ़ना this please टिप्पणी दे telling me what i कहा and i will give u प्रॉप्स for putting up with me! im sorry guys!
Opinion by starburst-rock posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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(I chose Gwen to interview Bridgh b cuz Courtney just got interviewed. Ya..... Just thought I should tell y'all that....ENJOY!!!!)

Bridgette waits in her seat. Her interviewer seemed to be late. She laughs to herself a little. Predictable Geoff.

Someone then runs into the room. Bridgette frowns seeing that it's not Geoff. Instead it was Gwen.

"I'm So sorry I'm late! I had to go get-" Gwen was cut off द्वारा Bridgette. "Where's my Geoffy-poo?" she asks. Gwen rolled her eyes. "Nice to see आप to." Gwen says sarcastically. 

Bridgette's eyes widen when she realises what she said. She then gives Gwen a friendly hug then says "No!! I didn't mean-" Gwen cut her off, smirking a little. "It's fine, let's just get this started." Bridgette smiles and nods her head. 

Gwen smiles back, then reads the card. "Your first सवालों are from Poptrop300. She asks "Why do आप and Geoff constantly make out?"

Bridgette blushes. "Um.... Well I-I I guess that if आप प्यार someone so much that आप can't stand to leave them."
Fan fiction by colecutegirl posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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elimination time:!!!!!!!!
riley: so team awsome who did the viewers vote off???????
gwen all get cookies

riley: so tyler bie biess!!! oh n sierra!!! go with him ur both annoying.

sierra: O.o that is so not true every1 likes me
everyone: Yeah...no

riley:see now GOOOO

अगला day:

camellie: god i hope i get voted off soon this is killikg m i cant be without courtney for much longer

duncan and gwen: *spray paint camera and sitt eating कुकीज़ and pie*

Mess hall

rley: Hello movie stars!!1

people: wtf???

riley: thts right todays callange is to make a advertisment advertising the new evanesence album comng out in ctober!!!!

mirra: Yes were unna nail this
dj: ;how??
Fan fiction by noahnstar1616 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Okay, so I had this idea a while. Basically it's about my OC तारा, स्टार who goes on a killing rampage. If your the type of person who doesn't like gory, graphic killings, then this is the story for you!

I have to brush up on a few names of the TD cast, but for now this is just when Star...well, आप can read for yourself.

Since लेखन it in script form will take forever, I'm लेखन this in, uh, story book form? Yeah, I don't know what it's form it's called so..yeah. Enjoy! :)
It was a crappy morning on the Camp Wawanakwa. It was pouring rain and there was thunder and lightning. Leave it to Chris to pick a दिन like this to plan a reunion for the Total Drama cast.

The first to arrive to the camp was Bridgette, Geoff, LeShawna, Harold, Gwen, and Duncan. "Leave it to Chris to pick a दिन like this", कहा Gwen. They pulled up to the camp in the Lame-o-sine. They then ran tp the mess hall tent.
Fan fiction by nocofangirl218 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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That’s right fanpopers, I’m starting a TD camp! Truthfully, I got bored one day, so I decided to test my लेखन ability, and jump on the TD camp ban-wagon. I just want to give fair warning: this is my first camp, and I have no idea what I’m doing. So, if I royally kill this, I’m really sorry. Also, since I have no idea how else to write it, the story will be in script format. I hope आप all enjoy! One last thing, I’m only brining specific people from the old series back. Anyway, here’s my TD camp!

Crystal: Welcome everyone to a little दिखाना we like to call…Total Drama Rama! I’m आप host, Crystal Grayson!

Kate And I’m आप co-host, Kate Felice

Crystal: Yep, and I’m really looking आगे to working with आप Kate!

Kate: Aw, how snazzy of आप Crystal! :) Even though I’d rather be working with Chris, I’ll happily settle for you! :D

Crystal: Um…thank you? Anyway, it’s a new season, but not everything’s new! *pulls a note-card from her back pocket, and begins पढ़ना it* Returning प्रशंसक प्रिय for this...
Article by starburst-rock posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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3 fans

(Well, (Insert apoligies here) and finally I'm extra sorry for not posting this yesterday. Enjoy!!!)

Rayla walks into the mess hall looking like hell. 

Cody: *sarcastically* Rayla!, looking better then ever!

Rayla: Oh! Shut the front door!

Cody: But it's not open.....

Rayla: -.- 

Destrey: intr-

Rayla: SHUT UP!!!! I was getting to that. *yawns then says very tired* Last time on Total Drama Blank. *yawn* Teen drama's anyone? That was probably the most dramatic *yawn* episode yet... What's gonna happen this week?.. Find out on Total. Drama! BLANK!

Noah: Someones had to much vodka.

Rayla: -.- Actually NOAH!!! I haven't slept for the past 5 days. So your challenge today will be to try to put me to sleep. 

Samantha: OO!!! I know this cute little pop/rap song that would put anyone to sleep!

Rayla: Would आप let me finish talking. (Samantha nods her head yes) Ok then. The thing is, I only fall asleep to rock songs... Like 3 Days Grace, Evanecess, Weezer, sometimes even Bowling for Soup! I can't fall asleep to anything else.
Opinion by noahnstar1616 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Josh:"Today on Celebrity Manhunt, we continue the confrontation of AleGwen and NoStar."(C.B.M. Theme Song)

Blaineley:"Now here's the rest of the clip from last week's episode. Just to recap, NoStar is on a double तारीख, दिनांक with Alegwen."

Josh:"Roll the rest of the clip!"
----------------Resumed Clip-----------------
(walking out of LaserQuest)Star:"You guys लॉस्ट the bet. So now आप gotta pay for anything we want at any restaurant we choose."

Alejandro:"I don't remeber agreeing to anything."

Gwen:"I remember and I quote, 'Which ever team gets the most points gets to pick any restaurant and order anything they want, with the losing team paying', unquote. Then we shook hands."

Noah:"We probably would've won if I could cooperate with my teamate."


Gwen:"It's fine, Star."

Star:"So where do आप wanna go, Gwennifer?"

Gwen:"Star, your my best friend, but if आप ever call me that again I will slap you."
Review by boy123 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Erica Albahour
Name: Erica Albahour
Age: 18
Crush: Duncan
Bio: Erica Is 18 She was born in Rochester has 5 sisters and 4 brothers Crystal Jessica Ashely Jillian and Brooke and Jake Josh Daniel and John!
Her Family Is Rich But Not A Rude Rich Family a very nice one loves flowers!

Personality: Sweet Kind Nice Thoughtful Caring Loveable Smart

Likes: Being Rich Nice People Contests Games गाना dancing संगीत drawing playing चॉकलेट tv computers birthdays holidays विक्टोरियस Flowers!

Dislikes: Mean people

Audition: Hi im Erica I'm rich and a cheerleader and प्यार games here is a cheer Lets Go ड्रॅगन्स Lets Go!!! आप know आप wanna win so do it!! WE WIN!!!!!

Fav Color: Green
Fav tv show: Victorious
Fav Movie: Dont have one!
Fav Food: Pizza!
Fav Game: Spit Spoons BS
Least Fav Color: जैतून Green
Least Fav Tv show: George Lopez
Least Fav Movie: NONE
Least Fav Food: Chicken