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Doc:Well,whos gonna stay?
Patrick:I WILL!
Patrick:*runs away*
Everyone:*goes in time machien*
Dani:*tears*I already miss him
Tammy:Dani,It's ok!
Kayla:Doc,where we going next?OOOO CAN IT BE AT A MALL IN 3000?
Doc:No!where going to the 1930s!
Episode 3:1935:YOU झूला, स्विंग LIKE A GIRL!!!!!coming soon!
1.)1888:Don't fear the ripper
2.)3002:Miz.Man's reveng
coming soon!
3.)1935:YOU झूला, स्विंग LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
4.)2001:Christina Aguilera and the stage
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