Well, many of आप wouldn't probably know me, but don't worried, I'm just an old and back member here. But however. I'm just decided to made this to दिखाना my चोटी, शीर्ष 5 प्रिय couples, and it's only canon, so fanon couples wouldn't be listed here ok let's star:

5. Owen and Izzy
I just don't even know why I ship those two, but I प्यार how adorable they were and their relationship was the most zest and crazy of all the couples.

4. Gwen and Trent
Yeah, the tipical Gwent pairing, they used to be my प्रिय couple, but after all the trouple caused in season 2, they moved down of my list, but I still प्यार them और than I प्यार every couple.

3. Dakota and Sam
Out of the other two, they are the most unpopular and the most underrated couple, and I know the writters messed up of putting Dakota as a monster and well, but what I प्यार about this couple is that they built it perfectly and their pacing was good and not rushed.

2. चमेली and Shawn
Well, I don't have nothing to say about them but what I would say is that they really get along and even did care for each other and they built it perfectly. They were the only canon couple of the season 5 that I really liked and still liked.

1. Heather and Alejandro
Yeah, the typical villains couple, I प्यार how both characters used their own strategies to win the season 3 and how cute they were, well not necessary built up, but however, I प्यार this couple so much!

Okay, I'm done.