Mikica's P.O.V

I Was awoke to the sleep i had just fell into द्वारा a phone ringing. I fell of the बिस्तर i was in with Duncan. I picked up my phone and answered it.
"Hello is this Mikica या Nikica" The voice asked. It sounded like Ariana's Mom.
"Yes It's Mikica" I कहा walking out of the cabin.
"Ok. I just wanted to tell आप it's Ariana's funeral tomorrow. I know She would want आप two there." Ariana's Mom Chocked out.
"Ok will be there." i कहा trying not to cry.
"Bye" She said.
"Bye" I said. I leaned agents the केबिन and slowly slid down. I tried not to cry i did. But i did. I haven't got past the fact she is gone. I heard a door open, but i didn't care.
"Oh my are आप ok Mikica." Dj said.
"No" i chocked. He puled me into a hug.
"What's wrong." He asked.
"It's Ariana's funeral tomorrow." I stuttered.
"Oh. I'm so sorry." He said. Duncan came out probably due to the noise. I let go of DJ and Duncan pulled me into a hug. I cried on his shoulder for what seemed like hours. He tried to calm me द्वारा saying things like: It's going to be ok, I प्यार you, everything will be ok etc. But it didn't help. I cried until i couldn't. I sniffled and let go of Duncan.
"Sorry." I कहा barley above a whisper. I walked off to fined Nikica. When i found her she was in a clearing crying with अजगर द्वारा her side. She must have gotten the call as well.
"Hear boy" I said. He nodded and moved. I kneeled अगला to her trembling frame. I pulled her into a hug.
"It'll be ok. Remember the dream." I said. After about forty minuets she stopped crying. We both walked back to the main lodge. We both walked out the food. We were the only ones in there besides chef.
"Hey what has my प्रिय campers down?" Chef said.
"Tomorrow is are sister Ariana's funeral." Nikica said.
"Oh god. Well I'm sorry for your loss. Help your self to anything in the kitchen." Chef said.
"thank you." I said. He nodded. We decided to make some French toast.
"Do आप want any French toast?" Nikica asked while i flipped one of the pieces over.
"Sure." He said. I finished two pieces and added two और to the pan. When we were all done eating i was about to do the dishes when chef said. "Mikica आप don't have to do the dishes."
"I know but i made the mess."
"Still, I can do that."
"Ok." I कहा not wanting to fight with chef. After talking to chef for a while we decided to go.
"Nikica I'm going to take a shower." I said.
"Ok" she said. I went to get my pajamas. Witch was of Duncan's shirts and some short short's. I walked to the bathroom and got in the warm shower.

Third person P.O.V
Mikica walked into the girls side of the bathroom. Not knowing some one was out to embarrass her. She also didn't know that it wasn't heather who dyed her hair. Cortney walked in the girls restroom. With an evil plan on her mind. She the walked out with Mikica's clothes, only leaving her with her bra and underwear. What a cruel thing to do isn't it. I hope she wont be to embarrassed.

Mikica's P.O.V
I was in the शावर, शॉवर and two my surprise the hair dye came out leaving me with my old hair colors. Neon green, Black, Midnight blue and dark purple. When i was done i put on my bra and underwear. I blow dried my hair and brushed my hair. Then it dawned on me. Some one had taken my Pj's. Oh my god i thought. I looked around for my towel. But that was gone to. I knew i should have brought my phone. I decided to try and scream, maybe someone would hear it. But i couldn't. I then realized that this was some ones doing. I was filled with rage. I decided to sprint to the girls केबिन and grab my clothes. That's exactly what i did. Kind of. I ran through the woods. When i final got to my केबिन Cortney was on the floor laughing. I grabbed her द्वारा the hair.
"You did this didn't you." i कहा through my teeth.
"Maybe" She कहा smirking.
"And आप also dyed my hair, didn't you." I कहा again through my teeth. All she did was smirk. I'm getting payback i though. I tightened my grip on her hair.
"Hey Nikica lets tech the कुतिया, मतलबी a lesson. Juvie style." I कहा not even caring i was only in a bra and underwear. She opened the door and i threw her off the porch. She got back up.
"That's a mistake." I said. No one but Nikica new i took four या five classes of karate with Ariana. I jumped off the porch. I kicked her like i learned in karate. She was done. I then proceeded to get my Pj's on.

Duncan's P.O.V
I heard a crash. I got up to see what it was. I saw what i thought i would only see in my dreams. I saw Mikica in only her bra and underwear. I smirked and stared. Her and Cortney are fighting. Mikica was kicking Cortney's ass. When Cortney got up Mikica kicked her and she was down. Dang if i ever पार करना, क्रॉस her i better watch out. She disappeared into the girls side of the cabin. After a few minuets she came out in shorts and my shirt.
"Hey." I कहा walking over to her.
"Hi" She said.
"I see आप got your hair back." I said.
"Yea." She said. She still seems down.
"Do आप want to do something?" I ask.
"Sure, but what." she said.
"Watch a movie." I suggest.
"Sure." She said. We decided to watch saw on Mikica's laptop. We had Monsters and कैन्डी to keep us awake. At one point during the movie Mikica jumped slightly and hid her face in my chest. When the movie ended i looked down to see that Mikica had fallen asleep. I shut off her laptop and fell into a peaceful sleep.

*Next day*

Nikica's P.O.V
I woak early do to the funeral. I had told Chris that Mikica and i wanted to attend and he is letting us. I cant believe she is gone. DJ and Duncan are coming with us because we figure that Arianna would have wanted to meet are boyfriends. When i finished getting dresses and putting on my makeup i walked to the guys side of the केबिन I knocked on the door. DJ opened the door. He gave me a weak smile which i returned.
"Hey how are you?" DJ asked.
"I'm ok." I said.
"You look nice." DJ कहा moving aside letting me in.
"Thank you. आप look nice too." I कहा walking in. I saw Duncan sitting on his bed.
"Hey where's Mikica?" I ask.
"She went to change." Duncan said. Like magic Mikica came through the door.
"Can someone zip me up?" She asked.
"Sure." Duncan कहा walking over and zipped her dress up. I think we looked ok for going to a funeral. The boy looked handsome. Apparently they both had brought suits.
"You guys ready." DJ said.
"As ready as we could ever be." Mikica and i कहा in unison. Mikica grabbed अजगर and put his leash on. We walked to the dock were a नाव would take us back to where we live, then a car would pick us up and take us to the funeral. Mikica looked sad. I'm sure i do to. Are little sister is gone. I bit my lip to stop the tears that threatened to fall. DJ must have noticed he pulled me into a hug. I hugged back apprehensively.
"At least she's in a better place." DJ whispered in my ear.
"Yea." I whispered back.
After what only felt like सेकंड्स we were at the dock. We all silently got into the car that was there waiting for us. When the car stopped we all got out. There were many people. Most were related to Ariana. It was so sweet knowing that she had so many people hear hat cared about her. I saw her mom. She looked as tho she had cried a river. But i mean who wouldn't, Ariana is one of the most sweetest people आप could ever meet.
"Mikica" I कहा in a shaky voice.
"Yea Nikica." She कहा also with shaky voice.
"Do आप wanna go द्वारा Ariana's mom?" I asked.
"Sure." She replied.

Mikica's P.O.V

I woak up earlier than unseal. I think it was like six thirty. I grabbed my clothing and went two the girls bathroom. With अजगर following me of cores, I wish Ariana was still alive. I slipped out of my pajamas. I pulled my dress on. I sighted when i realized i couldn't zip it. Ugh i hate dresses, but, it would seem rude at a funeral to wear skinny jeans and a shirt. I started to do my makeup. I put on some light eyeliner and black lip-gloss. I then did my hair leaving it's natural wave. When i was done walked back to the guys side of the केबिन slowly thinking about Ariana. I thought about all the fun times we had together. All the times we cried, smiled, laughed ect. Ariana, Nikica and I were inseparable. We pretty much did everything together. I sighed a sad sigh. When i was close to the केबिन i could hear Nikica say.
"Where's Mikica"
"She went to change." I heard Duncan say.
I walked in to the cabin.
"Can someone zip me up?" I asked.
"Sure." Duncan said.
He came over and zipped my dress up. Which reminded me of this ne time me and Ariana were dressing up.

*flash back*

I was having a sleepover at Ariana's. Nikica would have been there but she was sick. I felt bad, we had been planning this sleepover for a few weeks. So to make me बाम मछली, मछली better Ariana decided that we would do makeovers. Ariana did my makeup and hair. She then handed me a dress and said.
"Hear put this on. It should fit you." She कहा with a grin.
I slipped the dress over my head carefully so i didn't mess up her hair. I tried to zip the dress but i couldn't. I walked out of the bathroom and asked.
"Can आप zip me up?" I asked.
"Sure." Ariana said.

*End of flash back*

"You look handsome." I कहा to Duncan. He was wearing a black suit, which he looked really good in.
"Thanks gorgeous." Duncan said.
We started walking to the dock where the नाव will pick us up. When we got on the नाव i looked over to Nikica. She looked as tho she was going to cry. Dj pulled her into a hug. I mentally awed. Ariana would have प्यार to me him and Duncan. She would be happy that we found someone. After what I swear was only a few सेकंड्स we were where used to live. I sighed. We got off and got in the car that was waiting for us. When we were a in i rested my head on Duncan's shoulder. He the rested his head on mine. When we got there, there were many people there. i saw some i recognized. I saw Ariana's mom and dad and some of Ariana's cosines. I then head Nikica say.
"Mikica" she कहा in a shaky voice.
"Yea Nikica." I कहा also with shaky voice.
"Do आप wanna go द्वारा Ariana's mom?" She asked.
"Sure." I replied.
We walked over To were her mom sat.
"Hi Tracy." I said. Then अजगर barked meaning hi.
"Hi girls and python. Thank आप for coming." She said.
"No problem, we wouldn't miss it." Nikica.
"So who are these gentlemen." She said.
"This is Duncan, my boyfriend." I said.
"This is DJ my boyfriend." Nikica said.
"Nice to meet you." Duncan कहा as he shock Tracy's hand.

Duncan's P.O.V
It felt weird being at a strangers funeral. But i am hear for Mikica.
"Mikica" Nikica कहा in a shaky voice.
"Yea Nikica." Mikica कहा also with shaky voice.
"Do आप wanna go द्वारा Ariana's mom?" Nikica asked.
"Sure." Mikica replied.
We walked over To were her mom sat.
"Hi Tracy." Mikica said. अजगर also barked.
"Hi girls. Thank आप for coming." She said.
"No problem, we wouldn't miss it." Nikica said.
"So who are these gentlemen." She said.
"This is Duncan, my boyfriend." Mikica said.
"This is DJ my boyfriend." Nikica said.
"Nice to meet you." I कहा as I shock Tracy's hand.

The girls talked to Tracy for a while longer until the ceremony thing started. Mikica and Nikica both got to say something.

Mikica's P.O.V

I got up to say something. Along with Nikica. अजगर wanted to come up to so i let him.

"Um.. I would just like to say that Ariana and i were like sisters. We were sister. There is no दिन in this या any life time that i wont miss her. But i know that she wouldn't want us to mope around, she would want us to be happy. To हटाइए on and live the rest of are lives to the fullest. " I say letting a tear slip down my face.

After everyone very close to Ariana got to speck we went back to talking. Then i saw some people i thought i wouldn't have to see again. I almost chocked on my own spit when i saw them. I didn't know weather to run या hide.
"Um आप ready to-" I कहा being cut off.
"Miranda" My step dad growled.
"So आप ready to go?" I asked the guys.

I think i should have replied to my step dad calling me. I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. I pulled through the pain and flipped him. I used all my weight and rested my foot on his chest. I saw my mom and sisters coming. I handed Nikica python's leash.
"Run." I कहा to the others. Which most of them did aside from Duncan.
"Are आप ok, and, who is he?" He asked.

As if on point my mom and sisters were hear. These are the time i truly believe god hates me.
"Miranda." My mom growled.
"Mother that is not my name." I growled.
"Yes it is." She retorted.
"No. Not legally." I growled back.
"It is the name आप were give." She replied.
"Well i gave myself a new one. Now what do आप want." I said.
"You are coming home." She said.
"No, I'm not." I state.

I felt a sharp pain in my check. My mom slapped me. Well i can kinda see that. But the thing that shocked me is that my own sisters stood there watching, not even saying a thing. Well i guess water might be thicker than blood in this case. I let a chuckle escape my lips. She thinks that hurt. She should know i have a great pain tolerance, since what happened with rich.

"You are coming घर and that's that." My mom said.
"And who are आप to decide." Duncan sneered at my so called "mother".
"I am her mom." She said.
"Oh so your the mom who kicked out her daughter for having fun and being herself." Duncan कहा defending me.
"And who are आप to tell me off." she said.
"I am Mikica's boyfriend." Duncan said.
"Oh so little Miranda found someone to fuck her. I all ways knew आप were a slut." She said.

I think i would have cried if i had anymore water in my body. But i have heard worse. I stayed silent not knowing what so say.

"You know आप are a bitch. What mother in there right mind would call there daughter a slut." Duncan said.

"Come on lets go." Duncan whispered. I nodded and walked way.

When we got to the car i whispered "Thank you." to Duncan.

"no problem gorgeous." Duncan said.

I smiled and kissed his check.

"So who was that?" DJ asked.

"It was my dearest family." I said. Hint the sarcasm.

"Oh." Dj said.

"Yep" I replied.

I looked out the window of the limo to see my mom yelling at my sisters and step dad. It almost made me feel sorry. Almost. I rested my head on Duncan's shoulder as we started the long ride back to camp Wawanakwa. Oh how fun! I thought with a hint of sacrum.

~Time skip~

For most of the ride we were almost completely silent. But as of know we are talking.

"So what did your parents want?" Nikica asked.

"Oh आप know, the usual, trying to force me to हटाइए back to the hell house and calling me a slut." I said.

"Again." Nikica said.

Oh did i forget to mention they tried getting me to हटाइए back in. They did this when they found out they could get money if i lived with them. The lasts time it got ugly. I ended up with a broken wrist. Nikica ended up with some bruises and deep scratches. Nikica told me that we should press charges. We were about to until we found out that if we did we could both be put back in JDC, on account we fought back.

"What! आप had to deal with that before." DJ said.

"Yea, but last time Mikica ended up with a broken wrist." Nikica said.

"Yea it almost ended my possible dance career." I added.

"What the hell is wrong with your family?" Duncan asked.

"Manny things." I said.

"Why didn't आप press charges?" Duncan asked.

"Well i told her she should. But if she did we have been sent back to JDC." Nikica answered.

"Why?" DJ and Duncan asked.

"Cause we fought back," I said.

"Were almost to the dock." The driver said.

"Ok." i said.

A rush of tiredness came over me.

"We are here." The driver said.

We all got out of the car and stood on the dock a waiting the नाव to pick us up. I pulled out my phone to check the time. The clock on my phone read 10:59. I yawned slightly. I nodded off but when i woak up i saw the boat.

~Time skip~

I guess i fell asleep on Duncan's shoulder when we were on the boat. We all walked to are cabins. I slipped on my pajamas, all the boys but Duncan and DJ were asleep. DJ and Nikica are together so i know i don't have to worry about DJ looking at me changing. After i was done changing i slipped into bed.