*Mikica's dream*

I was in Ariana's room, tho i have no idea how i got there. Ariana was crying.
"Are आप ok?" i asked. She didn't say anything. I then went up to her i tried to bring her chin up but my hand just went trough her. She grabbed her note book that was on her बिस्तर side table. She started to write something. When she was done she put it on her डेस्क . I ran over to her डेस्क i looked at the note

Dear family,
I am sorry. I cant do this any longer, i cant take is. This feeling of not being enough, good enough. I will miss आप and the cruel world we call home. I've tried to push back thee feeling. I really did but i couldn't. I wanted it to stop. I wanted to be happy. I want आप all to हटाइए on. I don't want आप to morn i am in a better place. I प्यार आप think i didn't. I will all ways प्यार and miss you. I will miss my sisters, my family. But i cant stop the feeling in my head any more. I'm so sorry.
Ariana Ashton
She tied a rope to the wood planks on celling. and set her स्टूल, मल under it. She stepped on the stool.
"It'll be over soon." She cried.
"NO!" I screamed running over to her side as she stepped of the stool. I tried to grab her to stop her but i couldn't.
"Please no...Please god...... No" i said.
"Mikica" i heard behind me. I looked back. It was Ariana.
"Ariana." I stuttered.
"Yes, don't fret, I'm in a better place. I know आप and Nikica will miss me but i want आप to हटाइए on. I want two to be happy. Please do that for me." Ariana said.
"Ok. I will little sis" I कहा smiling weakly.
"I प्यार you, big sis, tell Nikica i कहा i प्यार her." Ariana said.
"Ok i will. I प्यार आप too" I said. Ariana waved and just disappeared.

*End of Mikica's dream*
I woak in the guys cabin. I was the only one in there. I decided to just get up. When i got up i realized that we had a three दिन break. I got up and went to find where everyone was. I walked to the main lodge. There was no one. I then walked to the campfire. Wen i got there i saw Nikica and everyone. I ran over to Nikica and hugged her.
"Hey little sis." I heard Nikica say.
"Hey big sis." i said.
"How are आप doing." She asked me.
"Um good i guess." i said.
"Well, that's good." She said.
"What are आप doing hear?" i ask.
"Chris thought आप would need something to cheer आप up so I'm hear to stay" She said.
"That's great." I said. We decided to take a walk so we could talk in privet. I told her about my dream and we both agreed that it was probably a sign.
"I'm bored." Nikica said.
"Well we could dance." I said
"Yea but we gotta change cause i don't think we can dance in what we are wearing." Nikica said. We sprinted to the girls केबिन and grab are dance clothes. We found some open अंतरिक्ष and played some संगीत and danced to one of are old routines. Even tho it wasn't the most appropriate
Unknown Object
When we were done almost everyone was there clapping. They must have came and watched. I smiled and Nikica and i fist bumped.

Duncan's P.O.V
"You know that now since Nikica is hear Mikica wont hang out with आप as much." Geoff said.
"I know." I said.
"You guys were great." DJ said. Geoff and i nodded in agreement.
"Really?" Both girls asked in unison.
"Yea." I said.
"Seriously every time we danced at my old house we got told to nock it the fuck off and that we suck." Mikica said. Us guys just looked at each other in shock. Why would her parents say that to them.
"Dang your parents suck." Geoff कहा to Mikica.
"Yea, they do." Mikica कहा and Nikica nodded.
"So what are we doing for the rest of the break?" Nikica asked.
"Truth या dare, sleepover, drink , do i dare go on." Mikica said. Dang i प्यार this girl.
"How about we do all that." Nikica said.
"Sure." Us guys said.
"Race आप to my bags." Mikica said. We all agreed and got into racing stance.
"Ready, Set, GO!" Mikica said. We all ran या sprinted. But Mikica ended up beating us all.
"Dang. Your. Fast." DJ कहा through gasps.
"Yep." Mikica said.
Nikica whispered something in Mikica's ear and it made her turn red.
"Ok so what are we doing first." Geoff asked.
"Truth या dare." I said.
"Sure, but first have to go get something." Mikica said. After a few minuets Mikica came back with Bridgette, अजगर and two cases of monster.
"Ok do आप guys want to play using an app या no?" Nikica asked. We thought it over and decided to use the app.
"Now, dirty या not." Mikica asked.
"Dirty." we said.

Bridgette's P.O.V
I was in the girls केबिन when Mikica came in.
"Hey." I said.
"Hey, do आप wanna hang out with me, Nikica, DJ, Geoff and Duncan?" She asked.
"Sure." I said. She grabbed some monster cases and we went over to the guys side of the cabin. Geoff smiled and waved at me. I waved back.
"Ok do आप guys want to play using the app या no?" Nikica asked. I don't care ether way. So we decided to use the app.
"Now, dirty या not?" Mikica asked.
"Dirty." The guys answered. The सवालों weren't that dirty until Mikica got this dare.
"Strip for the person directly across from you." Mikica turned a deep shade of red, when she found out she had to strip for Duncan. She slowly made her way over and did some kind of strip dance. Once she was down to her bra and panties she made it look like she was going to go on she said.
"Naw." she put her clothes back on and came over द्वारा us girls, leaving Duncan studded. It was my turn and it कहा to किस the person in front of you. so i went over to Geoff. Seeing he was the person in front of me and i kissed him. It was awesome, i felt sparks i swear. When we finished i went back, and continued to play truth या dare.

Nikica's P.O.V
It was my turn and i got the dare.
"Take a body shot off of a person of your choosing."
"Yo, Mikica." I said. We decided to use monster instead of alcohol. I took the body shot and we moved on. After a little bit the dares kept repeating. We decided to just play without the app. Mikica got dared to jump in the lake द्वारा DJ. So we went down to the dock. I decided to jump with her so we both did a front flip. We got out and grabbed some and got Pajamas changed in the girls bathroom and went back to the guys cabin.
"Ok Truth of dare Mikica."
"Truth, cause why not." She said.
"Ok do आप remember what we कहा the first time we went to juvie." i asked.
"Yea, we both promised that we would rise hell since we couldn't reach heaven, and that we would be sisters forever." Mikica कहा smiling.
"Awe" We heard.
"Ok truth या dare Nikica." Dj asked.
"Dare." I said.
"Ok i dare आप to tell us your deepest darkest secret." DJ said. I was shocked at that.
"Ok my deepest darkest secret is that i like you." i said. Everyone looked kind of shocked but Mikica. But Mikica new, because i told her earlier. Dj smiled.
"I like आप too." Dj said.
"ok Duncan truth या dare." Geoff said.
"Ok i dare आप to go a दिन with out doing anything that's illegal." Geoff said.
"DJ truth या dare." Bridgette said
"Truth." DJ said.
"What dose DJ stand for." Bridgette said.
"Devon joseph." DJ said.
"Truth या dare Mikica." Duncan said.
"Dare." she कहा smirking.
"I dare आप to किस me." Duncan said. Mikica leaned in and kissed Duncan. i snapped some pictures, cause आप know. it was cute. Before we even realized it was one o'clock. We all decided to hit the hay. I followed Bridgette to the girls side and got the bunk under hers.

*Next day*
Mikica's P.O.V
I was awoken द्वारा someone shaking me.
"Go away Nikica i want sleep." i said.
"Get up its prank day." Nikica कहा getting my attention. i got up and grabbed some clothes and grabbed pythons harness, leash, water bowl and my स्केट board, water bottle. It was like 4, but eh. Sleep is for the weak.
"I say we hit the girls केबिन first." i said.
"Ok." Nikica said. We first put up clear wax rapping over the doors and windows the before sealing the rapping completing we put a timed stink boom. We did the कहा to the other cabins. But on the outside of the cabins we put traps. For Chris we had a special surprise.. We taped सांड, बैल horns behind each of the door he had in his make shift mansion. We decided to hide out in the woods. We put some up in the woods. Like if they try to find us we have decoy tracks. After about two hours we heard some screams. अजगर woke up from the nap he was taking. He yawned and sat up. i gave him some water. We then heard another high pitched scream. I think it was Chris. Right now we were in a cave.
"How long do आप it'll be until they realize were gone?" Nikica asked.
"Probably not to long." i said. I was correct a little later we heard some of are traps going off and some angry voices. They were far enough away to where we didn't have to worry.
"You know that if we get caught there gonna kill us right." I say.
"Oh yea." Nikica said.
"Eh." I said. I mean why prank if आप don't even get cretic for it.
"You wanna play concentration?" Nikica asked.
"Heck yea!" i say.
"Lets play concentration. No repeats या hesitation" We said.
(Mikica is in neon green and Nikica is in purple)
"I go first"
"And i go second"
"Category is anything."
"oh look who we found" We heard behind us.
"Who?" i ask like a idiot.
"Us" Nikica said. I looked to see the voice that was talking. It was heather.
"Hi" I कहा continuing the game.
"Bye" Nikica said.
"I know आप two did all the pranking"
"You लॉस्ट Nikica pranks was already said." i say.
"What pranks?" Nikica asked. As if we didn't know already.
"You know, don't play dumb with me."
"Were not playing dumb. We don't know what your talking about." I said.
"Yea right." Heather said. अजगर got up and growled at her. Heather then pushed Nikica and i way, way, way to far. She kicked python. Nikica and i sat shocked for a few seconds. She kicked him again. This time he didn't get up. I got up from where i was standing and sprinted at her.
"You bitch. How dare आप kick my dog." i said. When i was done with her she had a black eye and a lot of deep scratched. Do to the fact i have long nails. I how ever only have some red mark. Heather fights like a girl. I went over to अजगर and Nikica.
"He is alive but think she broke his leg." Nikica said.
"Lets take him to the medic tent and ask chef if there is anything" i कहा in tears. I hope he is going to be ok i thought. I don't think i could stand losing anyone else close to me. I don't think Nikica could ether. I gently picked up अजगर and we slowly walked to the medical tent while Nikica ran ahead and got chef.
"What happened?" Chef asked me.
"Heather kicked अजगर two times, and i beat her up." i said.
"Ok" Chef said.
"Is अजगर going to be ok?" Nikica and i asked.
"Yea he should be." Chef said.
'Thank आप chef." I said.
"Your welcome." he said. Nikica and i sat outside of the medic tent. I was trying to keep myself together.
"Mikica" Nikica said.
"Yea." i कहा in a soft and dull tone.
"Don't worry अजगर should be fine." she said. I hope she is right. I decided to do something i haven't in a while. I prayed.
"Dear god, please watch over python. He is one of my only family members that still प्यार me. I just want him to be ok. It is just not his time. Also tell Ariana i प्यार her." i whisper. I don't care if people think that I'm a pussy for praying and crying over my dog. I प्यार him. He is my best friend. He has gotten me through some tough times.
"Girls." Chef कहा waking us up. Apparently we fell asleep.
"Is अजगर ok?" I ask groggily.
"Yes he is fine. He does have a broken leg that i patched up and now he is sleeping. I gave him some pain meds so it wont hurt. Just keep an eye on him. I'll check on him in a few days and see if he can walk. Also i will see if i can take off the कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला cast." Chef said. Nikica and i gave chef a hug and कहा thanks. He let us take अजगर to the girls केबिन so we could spent the night with python.

*Next day*
Mikica's P.O.V

Nikica and i didn't sleep. We stayed up all night and watched over अजगर to make sure he was ok. We changed and got pythons travel stuff. I fed अजगर and got Nikica and i a can of monster.
"You tired?" Nikica asked.
"Yea." I said.
"How long have e been up?" she asked.
"About twenty four hours." i said.
"Ok." Nikica कहा through a yawn. After अजगर was done eating i put him in his travel kit and filled his travel खाना and water bowl as well.
"Lets go see Duncan." I say.
"Ok." She said. We both got up. I picked up python's travel kit. We walked slowly toward the guy cabin, we were so tired when we got there even tho it was only, like five steps away. I knocked on the door.
"Hey Mikica." Duncan said.
"Hey" I said. Duncan moved and let us in.
"Where were आप yesterday?" DJ asked.
"In a cave and out side of the medic tent." Nikica said.
"What happened?" DJ asked.
"Heather kicked अजगर twice for no reason." I said.
"Oh god is he ok?" Duncan and DJ asked.
"Kind of. He has a broken leg." Nikica said. The rage in me was rising just thinking of what heather. I opened python's travel cage and took him out. I yawned and resided my head on Duncan's head.
"You tired?" Duncan questioned.
"Kinda." I said.
"How long has it been since आप two have had sleep?" Dj questioned.
"I looked and the clock and said.
"About twenty four and a half hours."
"You two should get some sleep." Duncan said.
"We would but we want to make sure अजगर is ok." Nikica sates.
"We can watch him." DJ said.
"Thank आप guys." Me and Nikica said. We decided to steal Duncan's bed. Within in a few सेकंड्स we were both fast asleep.

~Time skip~

Duncan's P.O.V

The girls have been asleep four about two hours. DJ and i are playing with python. We heard a bang and a thud. We looked behind us to see both Nikica and Mikica on the floor. I looked at the clock and it was about time for dinner.
"Girls." DJ said.
"Five for minuets mom." Nikica stated.
"five और minuets Nikica." Mikica said. Me and DJ smiled at how cute the girls were when they were half asleep. After a few मिनटों both girls were up and moving. We walked to the main lodge to get some of chef's food. When we walked in a bunch of people were giving Mikica death glares. I don't know why tho.
"Why would आप have your dog attack heather?" Beth asked.
"What?" I asked.
"I didn't have अजगर attack heather. Heather kicked अजगर twice for no reason. Which caused him to break his leg." She said. Some people believed Mikica. Yet some people still believed Heather. Mikica took अजगर from his travel kit. Which DJ was holding. That earned gasps from everyone. He had a little neon green cast thing. Which i thought was cool. Then all the campers aside from heather, all came up and signed python's cast. It was so cute. We got खाना and took are seats while Gwen watched python. Heather was shouting death glares a Mikica. Heather is just a manipulative bitch.
"Mikica." i said.
"you still tired?"
"You wanna go to bed?" I ask.
"Yea." She कहा yawning. Mikica went and got अजगर from Gwen and we left. When we got to the केबिन Mikica put अजगर in his bed. She came to are बिस्तर and kissed me and said. "Night."
"Night" i said.