Mikica's P.O.V
"Hey Mikica. Are आप trying out for the new दिखाना total drama island. Cause आप would total dominate there" Maddison कहा sarcastically.
"Oh yeah, i almost forgot, आप suck" Maddison said. Did i forget to mention she is a total bitch. If आप thought that was mean आप should see her when she's in a bad mood. Oh! आप probably thought that was her bad mood. That is where आप would be mistaken. *Back to reality* I have always been one to think over what i say before i say it- Wait am i being serious that is one of the main reasons i have been to juvie.
"No आप should cause being a कुतिया, मतलबी would really set आप apart." i replied with a smirk. Not realizing i just awoken the real beast. Then she went way to far.
"Well at least I'm not a lonely pathetic freak. Do us all a favor and go kill yourself." Then she pushed me over the edge. I pushed her out of my way. Then she punched me. I just walked away as she said.
"Yea that's what i thought"
"STFU" i yell back. So what i talk in text sometimes.
"Go back to juvie आप little delinquent" She yell back.
Hears what i had to say in response. "Go back to the whore house आप hoe" I had to scream it या she wouldn't hear it. I know it sounds really mean but I'm just fighting आग with fire. I heard a Bark and looked down to see my dog python. He is always following me. To school and even to juvie. Yea so what. I've been to juvie. Right know i am heading to the LMC to study. Mrs. M doesn't care if i bring अजगर there. Considering he is well trained. I Walked in and greeted Mrs. M and so did अजगर before we took a सीट at a open table.

Chris's P.O.V
I Saw some girl and a dog walk in to the LMC. I decided i would go talk to her and see if she is interested in joining total drama. I got up and walked over to the तालिका, टेबल the was siting at. I tapped on her shoulder. She pulled out her ear bud and looked up at me.
"Hi I'm Chris McLean." i introduced.
"Hi. I'm Mikica Ashton." She replied.
"Are आप going to try out for Total drama island?" i ask.
"I don't know maybe." She answered.
"You should." i state.
"Um.. Sure" She said.
"Ok Mikica come with me" i said.
I had her come with me to the audition table.
"I just have a few सवालों for you, ok."
"Ok ask away."
"What's your full name?"
"Mikica Mae Ashton."
"Do आप have any siblings?"
"Yes, Two sisters. Ariana and Nikica Ashton. There kinda my sisters."
"What do आप mean kinda?" i ask.
"We changed are last names and there are the closest thing to siblings i have." She replied.
"Ok, I'll count them as siblings." I say.
"Favorite colors?"
"Midnight blue, Black, Neon या चूना, चूने green, dark purple and blood red."
"Been to juvie?" i ask off a hunch.
"Yea loads of times."
"Any pets?"
"Yes, आप already met python, but i also have a pet cat named skull and a छिपकली named Duncan."
"What your fear?"
"Um... Maddison." she कहा barley above a whisper.
"Are आप allergic to anything?"
"Yes, milk."
"Ok, What do आप do in your free time."
"Um, i work and hot topic other than that i spend time with my sister and pets."
"What are your likes?"
"I like music, art, reading, getting into trouble, spray painting ect."
"Maddison. mean people, cops ect."
"Ok that's it I'll tell आप if your in" i said.
"Ok, thanks." she कहा getting up and leaving. In my head I'm thinking she doesn't even know she is being video taped.

Mikica's P.O.V
I realized that free study was over so i had to go to my locker. Then i thought it was kinda weird that someone other than my sister were being nice to me. I got to go find Nikica. So what we almost have the same name.
"Hey Nikica hear anything from Mari." i say.
"No not yet, you" She said.
"No" i said.
"Hey python. What is he doing hear. Didn't the principal say that if he caught us with him again he would suspend us या take अजगर away." she कहा all concerned.
"Yea, that's why we aren't gonna let him see python." i कहा smirking.
"Oh and how are we going to do that." Niki said.
"Well i thought we would बत्तख, बतख this class and take अजगर home" i said.
"But if we get caught and get sent to juvie we cant stay at my house any more. Got it." she कहा sternly.
"And we cant stay at my house 'cause after i went to juvie for the 12th time my mom kicked me out. Remember" i say.
"Yea. That's why were staying with me and आप are staying at my house" Niki कहा sarcastically. I brushed it of and said.
"Oh yea i might be on total drama island. So that means i might have a chance to win 100,00 dollars." I said.
"That's great" She said.
"Oh, where Ariana she hasn't been at school since last Friday" i say
"Yea I'll call her later." she says. Did i forget to mention Ariana doesn't live with us. She lives with her real parents.
" i got to go to the restroom be back in a second" i said.

Nikica's P.O.V
i was waiting for miki . She कहा she had to go to the restroom but i mean that was like five minuet's ago.

Mikica's P.O.V
I came out of the restroom, to be grated द्वारा Maddison and her goons. I think she wants payback for this morning. But what are they going to do kill me with there eyes.
"Hold her down. So she doesn't get away this time." Maddison said.

Duncan's P.O.V.
Chris has us in this room watching possible contestants. Right now we are watching this girl. I think her name is Miki. I got bored and stopped watching, but i got to admit she's hot and so my type. I looked up at the screen after hearing some screaming. I saw Miki getting the shit beat out of her. I wasn't just going to stand द्वारा and let her get beat up. So i got up and pushed my way out of the room we were in and tried to find where she was. I stood there i shock when i saw her getting kicked in the face and stomach द्वारा some other chicks and she was held down द्वारा some guys. I saw a pup coming up to her side. The pup growled.
"Stop help me, अजगर go get help" She screamed. She was so badly hurt she couldn't open her eyes. All could only hear the bark of her dog. Then one of the goons picked up the pup द्वारा its neck causing him to whimper.
"I think she learned her lesson, take the dog boy's" the leader girl said.
They left and i came of my shocked state when i heard her say.
"No please not python."
She was almost in tears. Even tho she couldn't open her eye's. Then i dashed over to her side. She looked dead.
"Are आप ok?" i asked like a idiot.
"Do i look ok" She snapped.
"Wow harsh" I say sarcastically. Then she started to cry even more.
"It's ok." i say.
"No it's not they took my only प्यार left." she said/
"What dose that mean?" i ask .
"My parents kicked me out my real sister hates me so I'm living with my BFFS/ sisters so अजगर is my only family left." she said.
"Why did your parents kick आप out?" i ask.
"I went to juvie for the 12th time and they कहा if i cant get my act together i cant live there." she said.
"Can आप call the first number on my speed dial?" she asked.
"Sure" i कहा as she handed me her phone. I pressed a few buttons and handed the phone back to her. Some how i could hear there conversation.
"Hey Nikica is that you." Miki said
"Yea" the girl on the other line said. Then Miki started to cry again.
"Are आप ok Miranda?"
"You know i don't like to be called that anymore and that's not my name and no Maddison and her goons just beat me up and my eyes are swollen shut. They also चुरा लिया python." Miki said.
"Please come ad get me and take me to the E.R." Miki said.
"Ok bye" Nikica said.
"Do आप want me to call 911 या something?" i ask.
"Sure, I'm Mikica द्वारा the way." She said.
"I'm Duncan या boyfriend whichever आप prefer" I say smirking.
"Let me think about that" She said. For an injured person she seemed normal.
"Really!" i asked shocked.
"Yea sure. When i get better and i can get to know you." she said.
"I'm gonna call 911." i say.
"No, just help me up" she said.
"Ok" i said. I went over and picked her up लगाम, बाक़ी style. When Nikica got there we rushed to her car and we started to drive Miki to the E.R. I drove and Nikica stayed in the back with Mikica. She is trying to keep her awake but it was getting hard. So i pulled over. I got out and went in the back. I had Nikica drive.
"Niki step on it या she might not make it" i said. I ripped off my कमीज, शर्ट and tried to stop the bleeding from the gash on her head that gust now became visible.

Chris's P.O.V.
I walked in the video room where i was meet with a lot of shocked and sad faces. Even some of the campers were crying.
"What happened to आप guys, Did someone die?" i ask.
"No, Mikica" DJ started.
"She got beat up and she's in the E.R. Duncan and Nikica took her and someone चुरा लिया her dog." Bridget said.
"Wait what" I said

DJ's P.O.V.
Chris rewound the video and he told us to get on a bus and told us that we were going to the E.R. and that we were going to get her dog. We विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up ingot two groups. One went to the E.R. and the other went to find python. I was in the group that was in charge of finding python. When we finally found Python, he was limping outside of the school द्वारा the dumpsters. I slowly picked him up and brought him onto the bus. He is so sweet he just sat on my lap and licked my finger's. We took Him to the E.R. When we brought him in the room he almost didn't recognize her.

DR's P.O.V
I had Chris and Nikica come out of the room so i could talk to them considering Chris is the only adult and Nikica is Mikica's only family hear.
"She is really banged up, but she should be just fine." i say
"That's great" Nikica said.
"How did this happen." i asked.
"Ask Duncan. He's the one who saved her. Chris said.
"Ok, thank you." i कहा walking back into the room. Duncan was siting right अगला Mikica.

Duncan's P.O.V
We got to the hospital a while ago. But all I've been doing is siting द्वारा Mikica's side watching her Lifeless body. Then i heard the DR. call my name and we went outside of the room.
"Yea what do आप need" i ask.
"I just wanna ask आप a few questions" the Dr. said.
"Ok " i said.
"how did Mrs. Ashton get injured i want the full story." he said.
"Ok Chris was interviewing people for this reality दिखाना called Total drama Island and Mikica was one of the people he was interviewing. He had the school bugged so we could see how the possible contestants act. When we were watching Mikica she was leaving the bathroom and these people started to beat her up. There were people holding her down and people kicking her, punching her. I think there were about 9 people. Her dog ,Python, tried to get help but the leader had one या the people grab her dog. After they were done. They just left Mikica there to bleed out. So Nikica and I took her Hear. While the rest of the contestants either came hear या looked for Python." I said.
"Ok, thank you. The Dr. said.
"Wait! Is she going to be ok?" i asked.
"Yes, she should be alright. In fact she should wake up any मिनट now." The Dr. sais all resurging.
I walked back into the room, to see many sleeping campers. I went back to where i was siting. Mikica was still not awake and अजगर was on her lap sleeping. Lucky dog i thought. I sighed and decided i should get some shut eye. I was almost asleep, until i heard a whimper. I opened up my eyes to see that Mikica was waking up. I sat straight up.

Miki's P.O.V.
I Felt a pain in my head as i awaken. I whimpered slightly. I opened my eyes to see a hot guy. Who is so my type. I look around. Oh great! I'm in an E.R.. I thought sarcastically .
"Why am i hear?" i ask to no one in particular.
"You don't remember? आप got beat up. Me and Nikica took आप hear." The hot guy said.
"Who are they?" I ask.
"There the total drama island cast. I'm Duncan द्वारा the way." After he कहा that it all came back to me. Duncan saved me.
"Miki आप are also a contestant." Chris said.
"I am." i said
"Well yeah, I आप still want to." Chris replied.
"Heacks yea i do." I कहा excided.
"Ok We leave in a few hours. That should leave आप time to go घर and pack." Chris कहा leaving the room to check me out.
"So are आप going to take up my offer. About me and आप going out?" Duncan asked.
"Let me think.." I कहा being a tease.
"Sure" i said.
Then i pulled him into a किस without thinking. When we pulled back, i could see in the corner of my eye that Niki was awake. She was just trying to make it look like she was sleeping.
"I wonder if Niki is still ticklish?" i say walking over.
"no, no, no " she कहा squirming when i started to tickle her. I stopped tickling her and whispered in her ear.
"Were आप watching me and my Bf kissing."
"Wait BF' she whispered in my ear as well.
"Yea i did say BF didn't i." i whispered again in her ear.
"Oh yea i get to be on total drama island."
"That's great Miki" Niki said.
"Well i have to pack. So can आप take me घर so i can?" i ask. Duncan came up behind me.
"Hey gorgeous." Duncan said.
"Hey lover boy." i said.
"I got to pack stuff for total drama. आप want to come with?" i ask.
"Sure" Duncan said. With that we left to go to mine and Nikica's house . When got out of the car and walked straight to my room. I ran to my closet and started to grab some clothes. Nikica and Duncan came up behind me.
"You want some help?" Nikica questioned. I nodded and she helped me get clothes. I went to my डेस्क and grabbed my phone charger and laptop and charger. I Also grabbed some hair dye and hair supplies. I turned around and saw Duncan admiring my room.
"You like?" i ask
"Yea." Duncan replied. When we were done packing I had a lot of stuff . We headed back to the Hospital where the bus sat. I walked up to Chris and he handed me a bottle of pill.
"Doc told me to give these to you. He also told me to tell आप if आप get a migraine to take these." Chris said.
"Ok" i said.
"Time to go campers." Chris said. I went over to Nikica and hugged her. This would be the first time i would be without Nikica in a long time. Heck we even shared a cell in juvie. Were inseparable.
"I will miss आप Big sis." i said.
"I'll miss आप to little sis." Nikica said. I heard a honk from the bus. I turned to see Cortney walking back to her सीट on the bus . I'll get her back later.
"Bye." we कहा in unison breaking are hug.
"Tell Ariana i कहा bye and प्यार you. And i प्यार आप to." i कहा going on the bus. I got on the bus and sat अगला to Duncan.
"Hey " i कहा leaning my head on Duncan's shoulder.

~time skip~

Mikica's P.O.V
We've been on the bus for two या three hours. I'm getting tired and i have a huge damn migraine.
"Hey Duncan can आप hand me my backpack?" i asked Duncan.
"Ok, but why do आप need it." he कहा handing it to me.
"My pills. I have a massive migraine." i कहा putting one pill in my mouth. I took a drink of my monster and swallowed the pill.
"You ok babe." Duncan asked.
"I'll be fine," i said.

Heather's P.O.V.
I'm pretty sure i just heard Duncan call Mikica babe. Oh this is great.

Duncan's P.O.V
I feel sorry for Mikica. She is getting migraines now. But when she dose she usually wants to snuggle so yeah. Right now she is asleep and using my chest as a pillow. Her dog i on my lap sleeping.

~time skip~

It's two या three A.M. and we are just arriving at the island. Mikica is asleep still and i don't want to wake her so i woak अजगर so he could walk. I picked up Mikica bridal style and अजगर walked to the guys side of the cabin.
"What she over hear for?" Geoff asked.
"Dose it matter?" i asked.
"Yea." Geoff said.
"Fine she's my girl friend." i say.
"Good for आप man." Geoff कहा high fiving me after i put Mikica in my bed.
"Ok, night Geoff." i कहा slipping into my bed.
"Wait she sleeping with you." Geoff asked.
"Hell yea, आप jealous." i said.
"No....kind of.....yea." Geoff said.