1. Alejandro- Although I hated him, I will admit this much: he's Justin done right.
This is a सूची for all the best/underrated characters. In order it goes:
1. Alejandro
2. Sky
3. Topher
4. Brick
5. Dawn
6. Bridgette
7. Trent
8. Samey
9. चमेली
10. Eva
2. Sky- She's a better version of Zoey. Nuff said.
3. Topher- He's got the same personality as Sierra. If him and Sierra ever meet, I think they would get along quite well.
4. Brick- He's one of those characters that I really wish wasn't underrated.
5. Dawn- Even though most will agree she's overrated, to be honest, she's underrated in my opinion.
6. Bridgette- She's underrated and should of have been used और often.
7. Trent- I'll admit that using Trent और often wouldn't be a half bad idea.
8. Samey- I knew the सेकंड I saw the first episode that I would like her. She's so chill. I really liked her friendship she had with Jasmine.
9. Jasmine- Not much to say about her, except that she's like the new Courtney in a way.
10. Eva- It was either her या Jo and I decided to pick her because as much as I like Jo, she's overrated.