"...And he told me that he'll see me later today, at the park! EEE!" Sierra, the uber-fan squealed, as she talked to Gwen on the phone. After Total Drama All Stars, a few years later, Sierra's hair was long again, and somehow, Gwen and Sierra became friends. Coincidentally, Sierra's new apartment was very near Cody's apartment. "Oh, that's great, Sierra." Gwen कहा sarcastically.

Later today, Sierra was on her phone, blogging and texting all of her फ्रेंड्स that she was going to see CODY!! She sat down on the bench, not looking up to see if Cody was coming by. Soon enough, he did. "Uh, hey, Sierra." Cody कहा awkwardly. He gulped. "O,M,G! Hi, Cody! So.." Sierra's voice drifted off talking about her friends, Gwen (This somehow did not make Cody want to listen.), herself, blah, blah, stuff like that. Sierra noticed that Cody was staring at her. 'Has his point of view changed? He actually thinks I'm cute?! This cannot be happening!!' Sierra thought.

Yes, Cody's point of view did change. Cody actually likes her! He looked at her eyes, so big and cute, her hair, still purple, but grabs Cody's eye, and then, Cody scooted himself closer to Sierra on the bench they were sitting on. Sierra didn't notice. She was talking a mile a minute. "Uhh, sorry to interrupt you, but I have something I want to say. Something that will make your day." Cody said. He gulped, then stammered, "I..uh.."
"Yes? Keep going."
"You like what?"
Cody कहा very quietly, "Y-you.."
Then, he turned his head, blushing.
Sierra stood up. "YOU..YOU..YOU..YOU..YOU..YOU..LIKE..LIKE..LIKE..LIKE..LIKE..LIKE...." Sierra wheezed. "MEEE??!?!??!?!" Sierra was dumbstruck than ever before in her whole entire lifetime. "Y-yeah.." Cody said.

Sierra was walking back and forth in her room, gasping, pinching herself to see if she was awake, wheezing, thinking that Cody actually likes her. "I-I can't believe it! He picked me, like, over Gwen! HA! Take that, Gwen!" Sierra कहा to herself. Then, she ran to her पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा box laptop and पोस्टेड something on her blog. EEE!

Author's Note:
Well, this is literally my first प्रशंसक fiction. A couple one! I'm glad how it turned out. Please tell me if it is bad and मिटाइए it, या if it is good and keep making और chapters. I'm making the सेकंड chapter right away. Please give suggestions on what will happen to them and stuff. Thanks for reading!