I've been meaning to make this सूची for a while now. My opinion has changed quite a bit, PLEASE don't bash my opinion, but don't just make टिप्पणियाँ like, "good job", and stuff like that. Also, I just wanna say that I don't think ANY of the girls are ugly, they are passable at worst. And I think ALL of the girls on this सूची are BEAUTIFUL. Okay! Here we go!
10. Izzy This girl is an underrated beauty. First of all I प्यार her long curly red hair, she has the best hair out of ANY of the TD girls! I also प्यार her green eyes, if I didn't have blue eyes, I would want green eyes. Her smile is pretty but it's not the best thing about her. She isn't higher because while she makes the funniest facial expressions, it can get unattractive.
9. Zoey I know आप guys are gonna get mad at me for not putting her higher, but I still think she's beautiful. My प्रिय thing about her is her smile. I also think she's hot and a little sexy, but just a little. The reason she's not higher is because she never lets us see her hair down!
8. Leshawna I know a lot of आप are probably surprised about me having her so high, but sadly this girl is the only "not thin" girl on this list. This girl is HOT! And she KNOWS IT! My प्रिय thing about her is her figure in general, and her smile. The reason she's not higher is because we rarely see her beauty.
7. Heather I used to think this girl was pretty at best, but now I see she really is beautiful. This may sound racist but I also प्यार that she's Asian, because I think a lot of Asians are beautiful. My प्रिय thing about her is her hair, and I प्यार her long ponytail in TDAS. The reason she's not higher is because of her attitude.
6. Gwen I always thought this girl was beautiful. My प्रिय thing about this girl is her dark and mysterious eyes, they are absolutely stunning. I also प्यार her smile. The reason she's not higher is because she overuses her makeup.
5. Bridgette आप know आप can't have a beauty सूची without her in it या else there wouldn't be justice. She is absolutely gorgeous, no doubt. My प्रिय thing about her is her hazel eyes. I प्यार hazel eyes. I also प्यार that she goes for the natural look.The reason she's not higher is because the others are just prettier.
4. Lindsay There's no doubt that this girl is the most adorable girl on the show. The way she constantly smiles is super gorgeous. My प्रिय thing about her would have to be her big blue eyes. I know it's a surprise that eyes mean so much to me but they do. She is also sexy and hot! The reason she's not higher is because the others are और exotic, and also because she dyes her hair.
3. Courtney I know आप guys are surprised to see that Courtney is only #3, but it was SUPER close. Anyway, this girl is GORGEOUS! I प्यार her hair, her skin tone, her figure, and, let's not forget, her AMAZING smile! The way she looked as Princess Courtney was beautiful, and she was HOT as the Human Cricket, but, my प्रिय shot of her would be her smile after Scott holds her hand in TDAS. Her smile lights up her entire face. The reason she isn't higher is because my चोटी, शीर्ष two don't have ANY bad shots!
2. Dakota I thought this girl was stunning from the first moment I saw her official design! I प्यार her green eyes, and her smile is really pretty too. The reason she's not higher is because no one will ever beat my number one, and because of Dakota-Zoid.
1. Dawn Do I even need to explain WHY with her? Whenever I see her on screen I cannot take my eyes off of her! I प्यार her hair and her beautiful blue eyes, and she is also very mysterious and natural.
10. An underrated and unique beauty
9. A normally beautiful girl
8. A rare and bodacious beauty
7. An exotic beauty.
6. A dark and unique beauty.
5. A natural and classically beautiful.
4. An adorable beauty.
3. A sexy, yet super beautiful girl with an amazing smile.
2. A SUPER gorgeous beauty.
1. She's a sunset in a frame.