One दिन when Izzy,Courtney and Gwen were hanging out in the park they heard a familiar voice
chris:Hey आप that doesn't go there!
Chris stops and sees the girls
chris:hey girl---wow!
Gwen and Courtney werent paying attention to chris
while Izzy's hair was blowing in the breeze
Gwen and Courtney:Later iz!
Izzy:later*snorts* with her normal hyper voice
Chris on his mind:wow that red head looks familiar,oh yeah she was one of my campers Ozzy no no Izzy,what's she doing here?
Izzy:Hey I think आप dropped something*snorts*Chris! I haven't seen आप in a while what are आप doing here?
Chris:Oh हे Ozzy-Izzy I moved here so what are आप doing here?
Izzy:I live here,isn't it really akward finding us here in the most romantic spot in the whole town!,whoops haha*snorts*
Chris:haha so where are your friends?
Izzy:ohh,Courtney and Gwen yeah don't mind them hahaha*snorts*
Chris:ok so what are आप gonna do now?
Izzy:Idk,ohh i got an idea why don't I give आप a tour?
A few मिनटों later around the town.....
Izzy:and thats the school,ohhh ohh ohh ohh...thats my house!
Izzy:this is the best part of Toronto,the lake
Chris:wow Izzy आप were right this is beautiful*sigh*
in chri's mind:damn do i really like her*looks at her and she waves to him*she is pretty,snap out of it chris आप don't like her*he slaps himself*ok ok i do like her *sigh*
Izzy:hey are आप ok?
chris:yeah i-im fine
izzy:sit down i gotta दिखाना आप something
chris:*sits down* ok what
izzy:grab a rock from the ground and see if आप can do this*throws rock to the river and it hops 3 times* beat that!
chris:*throws the rock and it sinks fast*hehe
izzy:you just need और practice that's all
chris:you know Izzy your hair looks really p-pretty in the sunset.
izzy:ohh that*blushes* yeah thanks hehe*sigh*
chris:so, i must get going see ya around?
izzy:yeah s-s-see आप around
izzy's mind:oh crap! i like him i-i can't like him he's well he's*sigh*cute,funny hehe WHAT?! NO NO NO NO NO!!!*pinches herself* ow ok i'm defenitely not dreaming amd i like him*sigh*
Izzy:hey chris
chris:hey izzy
izzy:so whats up?
chris:not much,watcha eatin'
izzy:icecream आप want some?
chris:no thanks
izzy:ohh wait a सेकंड i have some icecream in my lip ill--
chris:hey ill get it
there both about to किस when suddenly chris wakes up...
chris:ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!,ok ok just a dream just a dream*he goes back to sleep looks around and smiles*
The अगला morning at 11:00
gwen and courtney:SHUT UP!!!
izzy:so true
gwen:so आप actually saw chris mcCalain in our town?!
courtney:well hope not!
izzy:oh shut up guys it just chris,he actually has a sweet side
gwen and courtney:like what!?
izzy:well he कहा that my hair was pretty in the sunset,he let me give him a tour---
courtney:wait wait wait आप gave him a tour?!?!
izzy:what he was new in this and i offered him a tour and he कहा yes!besides court when आप started liking Duncan everybody was shocked *snorts* oops!
gwen and courtney:YOU IKE HIM?!?!?!?!?
courtney:ok name three reasons why आप like him
izzy:well he's cute,funny and he's actually nice deep down.
gwen and courtney:*they pause for a second* hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
izzy:*laughs* what the heck is so funny?*shrugs walks away and leaves them laughing*
chris:Phil she's not just some-*was about to say girl*
izzy:hey chris some what,hey Phil
chris:machine i have a machine that's really special!hey izzy*mouths to Phil that's the one*

izzy and chris go to The Grande Grinder(coffee shop)and talk there for a while
izzy:hahah*snorts*ooops haha was that true!
chris:yeah phil walked and sliped in a केला, केले peel that i put haha what can i say it was april fool's hahha*they both laugh*
chris:*wipes a tear of his eye and laughs*haha phew i did not know that was posible!
izzy:yeah i ate a whole भालू in one दिन what can i say i will eat anything that doesn't eat me first ahahahahahahah! phew!
chris:hey izzy do आप ummm
izzy:yeah yeah
chris:do आप wanna go ut with me?
theyre both about to किस when lindsay drops in and says....
lindsay:kevin,ozzy hi
both:it's izzy ummm...*LAUGH* it's chris ahaha
lindsay:what are आप guys doing here?
chris:no the questin is what are आप doing here?
izzy:*mouths to chirs what*umm were here cuz we we um*chris gives izzy signals*were here to buy ham?no no no were here to play in the sand?no no no were here because we just saw trent and gwen HOLDING hands.
lindsay:oh ok that makes sense
lindsay goes back to gwen and says what they told her (gwen told lindsay to spy on them)but when lindsay went to ask और सवालों about them they weren't there.
izzy:i cant belive we got away with that*running holding hands with chris and laughing*

Chris and izzy are sitting in a branch of a पेड़ watching the lake and watching the sunset
izzy:beautiful huh?
chris:yeah and izzy
they both lean in for a kiss.


The end of the story