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Just want to say, I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! I found it on FF.net and thought it was amazing. प्रॉप्स to owner!

Rated M

It all started at the end of a rock show. Gwen was walking home, enjoying herself. The night was dark and it was very late. She knew she should have been और careful, but the acts of an rebellious youth thought nothing bad will ever happen to her. She's Gwen, the scary goth girl of her high school. No one would even dare to come near her. She was safe. At least, that's what she thought.

Last memory she had was hand over her mouth and another over her eyes, and like a light, she was gone. She awoken hours later, some of her clothes missing, perhaps dried blood where dried blood shouldn't be and she was tied up. She tried to say something but she was also gagged. The smell of nicotine filled her nostrils and she looked up to see a middle-aged man staring at her.

The man stared back with soulless eyes, smoking his cigarette. She tried to say something again but all came out was muffled voices. The man scoffed at her and put out his cigarette in his dirty ashtray. Gwen tried to struggle against the ropes that bind her but the man gave her a तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट kick to her side, causing her to muffle out a pained scream. The man lit up a new cigarette as he grabbed a tiny blowtorch.

"Now," he कहा as softly as a breeze, "You don't want me to use this on you, do you? आप have such fair skin, like Snow White. आप don't want me to melt you, do you?"

As he कहा that, he lit the tiny blowtorch up, waving it in front of her face. Gwen held back a whimper as she shook her head no. The man came up to her and made her spread her legs as he sat between them, still holding the blowtorch. Gwen felt tears streaming down her eyes as the man gazed at her with his soulless eyes.

He leaned आगे and everything went black. When she woke up again, the man had removed her gag from her mouth and had a bottle of water with a straw in it for her. She looked at him questioningly. The man nudged the straw to her mouth. Gwen slowly opened her mouth and took the straw in, sipping the water. The man watched her as she drank the water. She flinched every now and then because of the burns on her body.

When she was done drinking the water, the man threw the empty bottle away and he went back sitting on his chair as he smoked a cigarette. Gwen licked her lips and looked around, trying to figure out where she was. She looked back at the man. The man stared back, his soulless eyes baring into her. Gwen hesitantly opened her mouth to say something.

"I-I," she whispered. The man lift a brow, waiting for her to say something. Gwen swallowed the lump in her throat and tried again. "I-I'm hungry..." she whispered.

"Of course आप are." The man said.

Gwen stared at the man, who stared back. He did not हटाइए from his place. Gwen fidgeted around, wincing from the pain and aches on her body. Her stomach growled and Gwen tried to roll up in a ball to quiet the noises her stomach was making. The man slowly got up and walked away, only to come back with a box of crackers. He sat on the floor where Gwen laid and made her sat up. He opened the box and pulled out one cracker.

"Open your mouth." He ordered.

Gwen slowly opened her mouth and allowed the man to feed her. She wanted to bite off the dirty man's fingers off, but his eyes were staring at her so closely, Gwen didn't have the courage to even try. His grey eyes bored into her own eyes, it scared her how his eyes had mostly seen her most vulnerable, naked side. She wondered, as the man continued feeding her, if anyone knew she was gone.

It had to be days now, because it felt like it to Gwen. She was still tied up, she was sometimes gagged, and she still wore the same outfit since the night this man had taken her. She felt dirty, inside and out. Her eyes were tired from crying and her throat was sore from the muffled screaming. She had sores all over and burnt marks. She glanced up at the man, who leaned over to remove the gag from her mouth and make her drink the bottle of water with the straw in it.

"P-Please," she whispered to the man, "U-Untie me..."

The man glared at her. "No."

"W-Why?" She asked softly, trying again to hold back unneeded tears.

"You'll leave." He stated, and he got up, leaving her alone in her corner of his home.

Perhaps it had been a महीना now. It sure felt like it to Gwen, who had pretty much दिया up. She was tired and she wanted to do nothing but vanish away from this world like mist. She knew nothing about her kidnapper and the man probably knew nothing about her. He only came to her when he needed to fulfill his own needs, and to feed her. He only forced to bathe her when one दिन he came up to her, smelled her hair and muttered, "You smell like shit."

Gwen lifted her head up when she heard footsteps. The man was coming again. She forced herself to get up as the man stood in front of her. Gwen winced as she got up and the man leaned over to remove the gag once again. She looked at the man with her broken eyes.

"My back hurts." She mumbled to him.

"Is that so?" The man said, clearly not giving a fuck.

He leaned down to give her the water. Gwen sipped the water as the man watched. He gently petted her hair as she drank the water. It made Gwen shiver because the man was unpredictable. He had already burnt her, whipped her, and sometimes cut her for his own sick desires.

When she was done, he got up. He seem to be grabbing for what looked like car keys. Suddenly, in the depths of her situation, Gwen had an idea. She licked her lips and softly requested, "Please, untie me."

The man looked at her. She hasn't asked him that since the first time that she did. He stared at her and shook his head.

"No." He said.

"Why?" Gwen asked.

"You'll leave." He stated.

"I promise I won't." Gwen said.

The man looked at her with his eyes. Gwen forced herself to innocently smile at the man. The man seem to be debating inside his head. His fingers twitched as he looked at her.

"You...promise?" He asked.

Gwen nodded. "Let me take a ride. W-With you."

"Why?" The man demanded.

"W-Well, आप must be...very lonely. I-I would...I would like to keep आप c-company. Isn't that why I-I'm here in the f-first place...?" Gwen softly answered.

The man stared at her for the longest time. Gwen felt her body shake with fear, hoping he wouldn't get angry and start torturing her again. Finally, the man came up to her and started to untie her. Gwen felt her दिल flutter with joy as the man untied her. He forced her to get up on her feet. He gently petted her hair, looking into her eyes.

"You promised." He stated.

"Y-Yes. I-I promise." She whispered.

He looked at her and the rope. "I'm taking this with us," he कहा holding up the rope, "This can help us make the car ride और interesting when I park in a और private place."

Gwen nodded, looking down at the floor. "Y-Yes, of course."

Soon, she was in the car with the man. He drove around for a while. Gwen had to sit in the back सीट where no one would see her. The rope was अगला to her and the other side was a box-cutter already rusted from dried blood. The man parked in a सुपरमार्केट parking lot and turned around to look at her.

"I'll be right back." He said, as if she cared.

He got out of the car and walked away. Gwen waited until he was gone from her sight and moved to the car door. She slowly unlocked the door and slowly opened it. She slowly got out of the car and slowly closed the door. She remembered seeing a police station at least a few blocks away from where she was now. She ran as fast as she could.

She ran until her legs hurt, which was quickly because she hasn't used her legs in a long time. When she finally reached the police station, she ran inside and collapsed on the floor. A few officers quickly came to her aid and Gwen burst into large, bawling tears. She explained what had happened to her and where the man who was responsible was. As the police quickly went to get the man, a female officer was comforting her, rubbing her back as she gave Gwen a cup of hot tea.

"Everything will be alright now." The female officer promised.

Meanwhile, the man was being arrested at the सुपरमार्केट parking lot. He had a look of betrayal on his face as the officers handcuffed him. They dragged him inside the police car as they also took the things he purchased. A case of water bottles and a huge box of crackers.

"Everything seems to be in order?" One of the officers asked.

"Yes, sir. It seems our man is none other then Chris McLean. He's wanted in two provinces and all three territories of Canada. It's been reported he's been kidnapping young females, raping them, and then eventually killing them."

"What a sick bastard." The police officer grumbled.

"Good thing he caught him, sir." The other said.

Inside the police car, Chris was looking down. His soulless eyes were filled with hurt. He mumbled over and over again like a broken record.

"She promised."
Chapter One: Life Has To Start Somewhere. Let's Take A Look;

Hey Fanpoppers! Here's my new Mike and Zoey story C: It gets sadder and sadder later on, just warning you. Please read and review! I've recieved over 100 reviews on Fanfiction.net :D

*Mike At The Age Of 4*

A couple dressed in poor clothes stood outside the Toronto orphanage with their young, 4 साल old son; Mike. They had to give their son away, because their life had many troubles.

'Mummy, why do आप have to go?' the young Mike asked looking up at his mother with an upset expression. Mike's mum let out a heavy sigh and answered with...
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Personality One-Shots!

I wanted to make this because I think Mike and Ally's personalities should interact! 

Mike: why?

Me: Cuz i want to! And i want to introduce ally's personalities more!

Ally: then why don't आप just stop being lazy and make my bio an draw my personalities?

Me: Because i cant get on my computer right now and i'm still working on 'Regret something beautiful'!! *crosses arms.* and for your information, i already drew your personalities! *shows her my notebook*

Ally: Wow! They're pretty good!

Me: Thank you.. Now sit down! Shut up! And enjoy the stories!

BTW,Just so u won't get confused,...
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: Female. Have been my whole life :)

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship: As a matter of fact, I am. I have an amazing Cyclopes as a boyfriend ;) 


Duncan: Thought I told आप not to call me Cyclopes anymore ;)
April 4th at 9:05pm

Gwen: आप still call me pasty. It's only fair :P
April 4th at 9:07pm

April 4th at 9:08pm

Gwen: ..... Okay then?
April 4th at 9:08pm

Courtney: Oh I hate आप so much -_- आप boyfriend kisser! Ugh. आप know what's super unfair???...
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posted by SuperGwen
Total drama slumber party!

Hey peoples! 'm making a fic of me and my प्रिय Total drama couples have a sleep over! Here are some of the couples

MikeXZoey (my fave!)
B X Dawn
slight Anne MariaXMike(Vito)

Chips and dip. Check. Sodas and water. Check. Candy. Check.

I go down my सूची of supplies for my cool slumber party. My boyfriend, Noah, was also helping me set up.

"Remind me again why your were 'volunteering' to help me set up?" I giggle.

Noah walked over to me after putting two soda liters on the रसोई, रसोईघर counter. He wraps...
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This episode of Total Drama contains scenes of extreme stunts performed द्वारा animated teens.Do not try any of what आप see here at home. Seriously, आप could get really messed up.

Chris introduced the brand new season of Total Drama, as the scene starts with an astronaut carving the initials of each season. "We've been to the movies, we've been around the world, and this season, we're going right back where it all began; at Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris is now walking across the dock. "I'm Chris McLean, and as आप can see, things have changed since we've been away," he announced as he pointed to the...
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posted by Animetama
I woke up. The room looked tired and gloomy from the three days of staying here. And I for one was wide awake! Although I'm not a morning person, I sure did wake up early. 5 am huh? Not bad...

It was still pretty early, and I decided to just get up and change, cause today Chris would be waking us up early. I digged down into my suit case trying to be as quiet as possible, looking for some fresh clothes.

After completing my task, I decided to go to the bathroom. So I went outside and tried not to wake up anyone else. I was still a bit tired, but if I go back to sleep now, it'll be hard to wake...
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posted by i_love_music

Alejandro-Lady GaGa
Womanizer-Britney Spears

Wannabe-Spice Girls
You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift

About आप Now-Sugababes
According To You-Orianthi
Baby Love-Nicole Scherzinger
Beep-Pussycat Dolls
Determinate-Limonade Mouth
E.T.-Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West
I'll Always Remember You-Hannah Montana
I'm Like A Bird-Nelly Furtado
My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne
One Girl Revolution-Superchick
Take My Breath Away-Berlin

Almost-Bowling For Soup
Dead And Gone-Justin Timberlake Ft. T.I.
Wake Up Call-Maroon 5
Yeah 3x-Chris Brown

4 In The Morning-Gwen...
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posted by starburst-rock
ELIMINATION SARAMONEY (or however आप spell it :P)

Rayla: Team skittles, back again I see.

Eva: Oh! SHUT UP!

Rayla: -.- *grumbles* not my fault your team suck. 

Cody: Why you! *Throws skittles in Rayla's face* TAST THE FREAKING RAINBOW!!! >:)

Rayla:-.-.......*pulls out happy meal*

Destrey: Oh shit.

Rayla: *Throws cheese-burger in Cody's face* I'M LOVIN IT GAY TARD!!!! >:D

All: 0.o

Rayla: Yes...well, let's get this over with cause I need to pee. The first sprinkled doughnut goes to Ava.

Pink frosted sprinkled doghnuts are passed out until Geoff and Trent are left.

Rayla: Trent, Dude. I get that...
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posted by colecutegirl
riley: ok so last episode duncan **cheated** on gwen *laughs* som Revenge is in order and duncan has no idea about it!!!!

mess hall: riley: k people last time was no challange so today will be double elimination! anyway totays challange willl be to steal as any कुकीज़ from th poopsite team as possible. each team has a सुरक्षित filled with कुकीज़ tthe opposite team has to try and steal as many कुकीज़ as they cn without being seen

noah: ok and people? what happened to campers?
riley: I aint chris *mclame*! campers sounds terrible now team awsome your team सुरक्षित is at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the ciff and team i...
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posted by TDIfangirl
"Ugh! What is up with you?!" Heather snarled, annoyed that Justin was screaming at her for the third time that night.
"What is up with you? Why do आप think Alejandro's so much better for आप all of a sudden?" The male model yelled back.
"We're just friends!"
"That's what Duncan and Gwen said, and look at them now-OW!"
Justin held on to his cheek, angered. "What the hell, Heather?!"
"Don't आप DARE involve her and her punk boyfriend in this. I'm not a harpy, unlike her."
Replied the Asian, annoyed. "If you're going to be a freakin' baby, then I'll waste my time with someone else!"

"Chica, are...
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 Final Stage
Final Stage
Venessa: Welcome! This is Ninja Warrior! We chose 20 lucky people to attempt this special season of Sasuke! They've all flown in from their hometowns to take on the new and improved course! They have all arrived safely in Japan, and I'm waiting here at the base of the Final Stage! It's time to introduce our contestants! Here comes one of them now!
Nathan: *points at the Final Stage* What is this stupid thing?!?!
Venessa: *sighs* That's the peak of Mount Midoriyama, Nathan.
Nathan: It looks like an old set with a rope attached to me.
Venessa: *glares at him for a moment, then begins to write...
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posted by soxfan89
Chris:OK Campers, We're Taking Your Clothes Off And Puting आप In Diapers And Baby Bonnets On Your Heads.
Chris:I'm Glad आप Asked Noah, आप Will Be Dressed As शिशु For A Week. Isn't This Fun?
Blaineley:Can I Do It?
Chris:Sure आप Can.
(All The Campers Come Out Topless Wearing Diapers And Baby Bonnets With Bibs)
Lindsay:I Actually Look Stylish.
Trent:Duncan Looks Just As Ridiculous As I Do.
Duncan:Shut Up, Trent!
Gwen:Something's Very Wrong Here.
Courtney:I Don't Look Too bad In This, I Could Get Used To It.
Bridgette:I'm The Best Baby Of The Bunch.
Geoff:I Look Like A Moron In All This.
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posted by SlimShady34
Her real name isn't Patrick oh no she has got आप fooled!Just pull up a सीट and i get आप all even schooled!
*music starts playing*

She says shes 27 oh no but shes 34!She says she is rich but she can't even afford a door!Shes says she 110 ibs but oh no not even close!Shes 139 ibs and even thats not her most!She doesn't brush her teeth no insteed she wears a sphere!She says she clips her toe nails but i'm sorry my good Dear!HEY!

She chooses the same pears of skirts!One size 4 and one size eight so when she wears the bigger pair it'll look like shes लॉस्ट weight!HEY!
Patrick:What I need the attention!

आप think thats shes unny and you'll laugh at all her jokes,but look at thes 2 guys with there uglylittle cloaks they've been righting all the jokes all along!It looks like she has bown hair but she surly is naturally blond!HEY
Patrick:Not even gonna!

RECAP: I turned my head to my left with suspicion in my eyes, but it turned to shock in an instant, and I turned all the way around when I saw who it was; “Duncan…”
My eyes locked with Duncan’s as he stood there on my balcony, looking at me through the glass door that separated us; I almost felt as if nothing else existed as we stared at each other. A few moments passed before I remembered I wasn’t wearing a shirt; I blushed deeply when I realized this, and quickly put on the चोटी, शीर्ष to the pajamas I was going to put on. Once I had the...
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posted by KataraLover
Trent became a singer his manager was Chris but he drove him too far he almost लॉस्ट Gwen so he quit and became a lawyer like his dad. Trent and Gwen got married and had a handsome son named Jake who's best फ्रेंड्स with Bridgette and Geoff's daughter Ariel. Jake and Ariel have a प्यार for संगीत Bridgette, Geoff, and Gwen don't mind but Trent doesn't want his son to have anything to do with music. Years later Jake and Ariel are 12 years old and are going to be going a a great adventure.

Trent-Hi Gwen I'm back from work
Gwen-Hello dear
Trent-How's Jake? In fact*looks around* where's Jake
Gwen-I think...
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andy: well hello my pasengers are u all fealling relaxed, happy, soo sweet and gentel?
all: mmmhh yep.
andy: well nock it off, if u think that chris is worse then u havent met me, i maybe nice...
ramona: nice? maybe, really... i dont think soo.
andy: well to bad, i am nice but at time slike money im srticked and worse... where's ZOEY AND LUCAS.
***zoey and lucas***
kissing, smuching, and और kissing... and the और smuching... behind the pool area.
andy: nevermind them.
ray: but i thought u siad no public afections.
karen: well she कहा until she finds one for her!!!
andy: and i...
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No One's POV
*groans* Chris why are we doing this again ?, Trent asked. Because the viewers प्यार drama and I प्यार making money, Chris responded. But this is crazy, we're going to miss the whole school year, Beth said. Don't worry about that, आप can make up school work between challenges, Chris said. We are still going to miss prom!, Heather shouted. Not like it matters, आप couldn't even get a तारीख, दिनांक to your semi formal, Gwen laughed. Heather turned around in her bus सीट and glared at Gwen. Don't even bring that up again, she demanded. I think I just did, Gwen snapped. LADIES, no fighting, atleast...
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 me (Penny)
me (Penny)
Ok befor i start the acrtical i just want आप to know that if आप still want to be in these articals but आप havent sighned up yet here is the link.

and if आप are in the articals and आप want something to change या just want to leave a टिप्पणी दे go ahead oh and please don't tell me i am a bad soeller i alread know that.k here we go.

Penny's P.O.V
Me and my फ्रेंड्स just sighned up for TDP.And a weird thing is we all made it, oh well. i am so excited because cheff is going to come and pick me, jake, yuri, austin, and ya'vanti up. Jake is my boy friend, yuri is my best friend,austin is just a...
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Courtney:Gwen I want us to be फ्रेंड्स so I want आप and Bridgette to come to my house for a sleepover.
Gwen:I don't know.
Courtney:It will be fun.My parents won't be home.
Gwen:I guess.[runs to Bridgette]Hey Bridge!
Courtney:See आप at 9:00 at मेपल Drive.I'll be outside.
Heather:Nice going Courtney.Now आप all आप have to do is embarrass Weird Goth Girl and Surfer Chick.
Courtney:Why would I do that?
Heather:Gwen was चुंबन Duncan and Bridge probably knew about it.
Courtney:That's not true!
Heather:Whatever Ms.Goody Two Shoes.I have to a project with Noah in Science class.
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