Here is what I think the TD charecters listen 2! I'll even tell u why I think it's that persons theme song! Hope आप all enjoy!

1) Noah - Viva la vida द्वारा Coldplay
Reason: It's a quiet song, and he's a quiet guy.

2) Cody - Almost द्वारा Bowling for Soup
Reason: I can totally see him sinning this to Gwen.

3) Izzy - Circus द्वारा Britney Spears
Reason: She's the ring-leader of team E-scope.

4) Ezekiel - Amish paradise द्वारा Weird al" yankovic
Reason: How he lived back home.

5) Gwen - Cruch, crush, crush द्वारा paramore
Reason: Reminded me of her when I listned 2 it.

6) Geoff - Party like a rockstar द्वारा खरीडिए Boyz
Reason: He loves 2 party!

7) Courtney - Supergirl द्वारा Hanna Montana
Reason: What she thinks she is.

8) Trent - Tearin' us apart द्वारा Plain White T's
Reason: How he feel about his break-up with Gwen.

9) Eva - So what द्वारा Pink
Reason: How she feels about being in a relationship.

10) Tyler - Dynomite द्वारा Taio Cruz
Reason: It kind of reminded me of him when I heard it.

11-12) Katie and Sadie - आप and me द्वारा Plain White T's
Reason: Everybody else has 'Best freinds' as their theme song, and I wanted 2 be diffrent.

13) Dj - If everyone cared द्वारा Nickelback
Reason: He's always caring for others, and he wishes everyone would care like he does.

14) Harold - White and Nerdy द्वारा Weird al" Yankovic
Reason: He's always trying 2 be cool, but he never is.

15) Linsay - बार्बी girl द्वारा Aqua
Reason: Cause she is the human बार्बी doll!

16) Owen - Eat it द्वारा Weird al" Yankovic
Reason: He likes the parts about food!

17) Beth - Who कहा द्वारा Selena Gomez
Reason: I can see her sinning this.

18) Justin - Sexyback द्वारा Justin Timberlake
Reason: How he see's himself.

19) Heather - Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy me द्वारा tata young
Reason: How she acts on a normal basis.

20) Duncan - Riot द्वारा Three days grace
Reason: He's always cousing some kind of trouble.

21) Bridgette - pocket full of sunshine द्वारा Natasha Bedingfeild.
Reason: She always has a bright side 2 any problem.

22) Leshawna - Glamorous द्वारा फ़र्गी type of girl.
Reason: She seems like a: 'go big या go home' type of girl.


Sierra - Paparazzi द्वारा Lady Gaga
Reason: She's always following Cody around, and is always trying 2 किस him.

Alejandro - Break your दिल द्वारा Taio Cruz
Reason: He always flirts/kisses girls, and then gets them eliminated.

*Grown up's*

Chris - Money द्वारा I Fight ड्रॅगन्स
Reason: He is always spending tons of money

Chef - Stoned द्वारा Puddle of mudd
Reason: He's always getting hurt द्वारा Chris.

Blainely - Piece of me द्वारा Britney Spears
Reason: She alway provkes the other competiters, and Chris.

How'd आप like it? I wanna say: I did this when I was really bored. So forgive me if this sucks. Also, for Chris and Chefs theme song, I used the ones TDI_Angel used. The rest I came up with. Hope आप enjoyed!