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XD Sorry,I've been getting into the Midnight Beast lately,and I thought it fit him relitively(Fail?) well X3
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Name-Honey Taylor Wilson
Nicknames-Hon, Hannah (long story -_-)
Hometown- Springfield, Virginia
प्रिय song- Face Down द्वारा Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
प्रिय color-Blue
School- Virginia Reginald High
Job-Cashier at Kholes
Personality-Happy, Funny, Bookworm, Bubbly, Talented
Hobbies-Singing and Dancing
Likes- Bunnies, music, TV, and Dancing
Dislikes- Raccoon, Make-up, Jerks
Friends- Gwen, Izzy, Noah, Heather, Katie, Max, and Goeff
Foes-Harold, Duncan
Bio- Lived in a small house with her 3 brothers and her dad. She would write songs and make-up dance moves whenever she needed to get away from her problems. She doesn't like making enemies.
Pets- Her hamster, Ham
Fears- HUGE spiders, Breaking things
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