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 A TD Character I made
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Ok, I made her, and know have NO idea what to do with her! Should she be and itern,contestant, या a host? या should I give her to someone? Put in the comments. And I need a name for her! Give me some name ideas!
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This Total Drama Island Fancharacters चित्र might contain कैंची, कैंची की जोड़ी, मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

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(in room 123)

Trinity, Ember, Ronnie, and Molly : *tip toe out of their room*

(in the hallway of the 3rd floor)

Ronnie : *does a whole bunch of flips to get to the elevator* *whispers* Be careful, girls. There may be la-

Trinity, Ember, and Molly : *normally walk to the elevator*

Ronnie : O3O

Ronnie : (in confessional) No lasers?! How lame! They always have them in the movies.. But not now? -.-" What a fail on my part.

Molly : *pushes the "up" button on the elevator*

Elevator : *opens*

Trinity, Ember, Ronnie, and Molly : *go into the elevator*

Ronnie : Okay, girls. We need to go directly above the thief's...
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posted by HaleySmilez
Here's My First Guy Oc's Bio :)
Name: Elijah St.Sharp
Meaning of name: "The Lord Is My God" Ironic -.-
Nickname: Eli, EJ या Sharpie
Meaning of nickname: Just To Shorten My Name I Guess. And The Last One Because Of My Last Name Which Is St.Sharp
Stereotype: Carefree Party Boy
Age: 15 And 3 Quarters
Race: Well My Mom's From Poland...
Hometown: Miami Is Where I Was Born So...
Birthday: July 15
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Religion: I'm An Atheist -.-
Allergies: Secretly... Bees
Sexual preference: Bi But Only For 2 Guys OK!
Occupation: Hoping To Be A Swimming...
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posted by ninjacupcake88
 A huge thank आप to colecutegirl for drawing this :D<3
A huge thank you to colecutegirl for drawing this :D<3
Thanks to smartone123 for allowing me to use this outline.
For the record, I will warn you... Francis is VERY sexual. Their will be mentions of याओइ (boyxboy) relationships, plus a lot of mentions of having sex. Swears, inappropriate terms and और WILL be said. Don't read if आप don't like >.<
Also, he's a very complicated oc. He talks tough and has a reputation of having relations, then breaking the other person's heart, but he also is secretly insecure about himself. He is based of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, but he's pansexual. He has also only ever had feelings for Noah,...
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posted by RavenRox2
Name: Abigail May Foyt

Nicknames: Abbey, Abbs


Date of Birth: April 23rd, 1994

Place of birth: Long Island, New York

Residence: Saratoga Springs, New York

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5 foot

Weight: 104 lbs

Orientation: Straight

Grade: 10th

School: Saratoga Springs High School

Bio: Abbey’s parent’s विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें because her mother was abusive and would hit Abbey for no reason. Her father found out about her mother when Abbey was 14 when he walked in on Abbey getting hit. द्वारा then, Abbey was getting high almost everyday because of her mother. She still does it in her room and behind the school with a group...
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I wonder where Chris has gone.. Jade thought as she stood between Alexa and Sofie. Chef paced back and forth, staring at all the campers. "Today, I will be taking over. आप will all address me as "Master Chief".. Y'all understand me?!" Chef growled. "Yes, Master Chief!" They bellowed in unision. "All of आप will be put through training! Hard, tiring training!" The campers groan. "This sucks.." रे muttered under her breath. "What was that, maggot?!" Chef yelled as he shoved his face in her's. "N-nothing.." रे whispered. "Thats what I though." Chef snorted. "Now, you'll be holding up canoes....
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posted by bcthestrongest
Chris:hello im Chris and this is total drama oc im the host
Alejandro:and a beautiful host it is
Chris:calm down lover boy
Chris:anyway u remember all of the campers but give it up for a girl that is evil like Alejandro but is stronger and faster with her twin give it up for Alejandra and Alejandrina
*a girl with Alejandro eyes and his outfit and his hair walks out with her sister who is darker have his eyes also and Heather outfit*
Alejandrina and Alejandra:hello Chris
Chris:hello ladies this girl loves to be like Gwen and be the bad girl of the दिन give it up for Demon
Demon: *rides down there*hey...
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