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posted by DandC4evacute
Adriana: pfft, who CARES about futures? Let's go spray paint some colleges.
Hadar: I don't care if आप yell at me.
Alex: I hate Adriana.
Calvin: Veronica? She's way too blonde for me.
EC: hitting girls? *GASP* I would NEVER do such a thing!
Tiffany: I hate Dustin. He's too weak.
Lila: I'm not crazy.
Larissa: i प्यार everyone and everything!
Olivia: i hate girls. i don't even know why i am one....

Tell me if I missed anybody!

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shes a lazy girl
posted by -Ares2002-
Name: Gustave Allard
Meaning of name: Royal Staff या Staff of the Gods
Nickname: Uh…I don’t use nicknames
Meaning of nickname: Again. I hate nicknames. They make me sick
Stereotype: People call me ‘The Criticizer’
Age: I’m 15
Race: French
Hometown: Paris. I live near the Eiffel tower. Hahaha
Birthday: March 16th
Species: Human, what did आप think, a reptile?
Gender: Male
Religion: Even if I’m French I’m Christian
Allergies: गुलाब
Sexual preference: I’d rather stay alone
Occupation: I don’t need a job. I’m pretty rich
Way of speaking: Kind of a French accent
Theme Song(s): None actually...
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*note i want to think everybody for the nice टिप्पणियाँ and stuff`s also i will be posting on sundays k :D <3 आप guys*

hey and welcome to the 2nd issue of tdif times first we have ask the tdi character wich is gwen

wisp: shadowsister ask`s *gwen were आप jelous of anyone at camp wawanakwa.

gwen: well trent had a cd i dident have that i wanted but yeah

wisp: and one और question

gwen: -_-

wisp: sorandom15 asks *gwen do आप still like courtney*

gwen: well kinda she still mad at mebut duncun kissed me okay

wisp: ok that it bye guys अगला week we have mike

gwen: see ya

thanks wisp :D

so for contests there...
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एंजल Beats! takes place at a high school अभिनय as a limbo for those who have died, where students learn to give up any lingering attachments they still have from life before passing on. Those in the afterlife school can still feel pain as they did when they were alive, as well as dying again, only to awaken later with no injuries. The story follows the main protagonist Otonashi, a boy who लॉस्ट his memories of his life after dying. He meets Yuri, a girl who invites him to शामिल होइए the Afterlife Battlefront (死んだ世界戦線 Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS)?), an organization she founded and leads...
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 The monster in this episode
The monster in this episode
(The Mine)
Courtney: Duncan! We shouldn't be in here!
Duncan: Oh come on! Nothing's going to happen.
Courtney: Please! We could get in trouble!
Gwen: Does it look like we care?
Duncan: I thought आप were going to stop अभिनय like a goody-goody.
Courtney: I am! I'm not a goody-goody anymore.
Duncan: mhm sure.
Courtney: Watch I'm going farther into the mine. (goes farther into the mine)
Gwen: How does that make her not a goody-goody?
Duncan: She's new at this.
(Courtney screams)
Gwen: What was that?
Duncan: It sounded like Courtney. What's-
(the ground starts to shake)
Gwen: What's going on?
Duncan: Earthqu-...
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Chris: Last time... On Total Drama The Movie... ACTION!!!! Here the teams had to preform a scene from an action movie... Team Ridiculousness did a kick नितंब, गधा job with there scene from The Last Stand while Team Free Love... Not so much... In the end no one went घर and I decided to merge the teams!!! Epicness xDD. What will happen next? Find out on Total... Drama... The Movies!!!!
(Theme song)
Lia: Wow... I can't believe Chris decided to merge the teams
Marissa: I can't believe Wyatt did that to me
Ava: Don't listen to him anymore. Now that the teams are merge आप don't have to deal with him

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Danny’s P.O.V.

“Alright, Daniel! This is your first दिन of high school! Hurry up and get ready!” Called my grandmother. Jeesh, was she paranoid.
“I’m almost ready,” I said, putting out my cigarette, “I’ll be out in a second.” Shit, I smelled like marijuana.
Grabbing my Old Spice spray, I sprayed it all over. It always eliminated that smell. Boy, would my grandma be mad when she found out that I smoke.
“Bye, grandma!” I called as I walked out the door. Here we go. Freshman year, don’t fail me.

Jade’s P.O.V.

I sat on my bed, looking at my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t...
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added by sorandom15
she has a little sister
posted by sparkles3
Name: Tobias
Nickname: Toby
B-Day: 10-15-1999
Place of Birth: NYC
Residence: NYC
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 116
Hair Color: Brown with reddish streaks
Hair Length: ears
Eye Color: Like बैंगनी, वायलेट fire
Jewelry: None
General Appearance: White Tee and faded jeans
Relationship with Family: Lives with his dad
Key Relatives: His dad, and his aunt
Educational History: He was honor roll lat year
Work History: He never needed to, his family is rich
Skills: designing computer games
Bad habits: he'll get very annoyed when he has to get off the computer
Quirks: he makes little typing motions with his fingers when he hasn't been...
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Name: Lanay Anabella DeCaprio (Latte)
Age: 16
Looks: the brown haired one in the picture
Personality: Snobby, germaphobe, hydrophobe, agoraphobe, arachnaphobe, bitchy, whiny, controlling
Bio: Latte is pretty much afraid of everything. As she is an agoraphobe she never goes outside unless it is an emergency. She works at a coffee खरीडिए with her archenemy Mocha. She is always trying to outdo Mocha.

Name: Melanie Gertrude McClain (Mocha)
Age: 16
Looks: the blonde one in the picture
Personality: Seductive, sensual, bossy, competitive, outgoing, neat, orderly
Bio: Mocha is Latte's lifetime rival. Mocha usually out does Latte in everything because Latte is afraid of pretty much everything. Mocha is known for stealing Latte's boyfriends because of how backstabbing and seductive she is.
Ok well im making a story THAT I WILL FINISH xD. It just came outta my mind and this is what happened! When my dumb friggin computer kept freezing, I would write on a virtual sticky note! I randomly wrote the letter that Steven gets! And this happened! dooooooo shit xD lol~~~~~~~

When Steve went to open his fingerprinted window and let the breeze flow his mom knocked and entered the door. "Steve! I got a letter for you!" She कहा not trying to disturb him and his girlfriend, Casey.
Casey is the most manipulative girl and found her way through Steve. Now she is getting to everyone she can manipulate....
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Jordan: I... I can't believe I did it. (sigh of releaf) I kissed Lia! I want it to happen again
Lia: Yay!!!!!! Thank आप Jordan for winning invincibility for us... और importantly I kissed Jordan I प्यार IT!!!
Chris: Wow... Our first elimination together without teams... AWESOME!!!!! xDD Go up to the dressing rooms and place your votes

Jordan: Sorry man (Stamps Wyatt's picture)
Lia: Hmmm.... If I had to choose to vote off no offense dude but Wyatt man आप got Marissa pissed
Marissa: *sigh* I probably will be forced to pick this I guess Wyatt.
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posted by SuperGwen
This is the bio of my Oc Crystal, she has a very traumatizing childhood, so pack some tissues!

Name: Crystela Vendetta Martin

Age: 16

Stereotype: Hardcore rocker chic

Nationality: Part Apache and Part Latino

Skin Tone: Tan

Eye color: Green

Hair: Long, black and curly, it goes down to her waist and she has two long bangs in her face

Regular clothes: Black tank top, Black skinny jeans that are torn and have golden studs, and black boots that go up to her knees.

Likes: Playing on her Bass(dark red colored and spiky), लेखन songs, singing, drawing, horror movies, being alone

Dislikes: Cheerleaders, the...
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posted by poophead4837ext
Missy: *whispers to self: I kind of need something to defend myself. :s *takes the thingy आप hangs clothes in a store...I don't know the name sorry. lol*


Sayu: Why can't I find anything? *trips over an object she needed to collect* A the middle of the road...*notices she's lying on the road* Oh shit. *gets up quickly, and picks up the TV*


John: *still running in hides at a सड़क, स्ट्रीट corner* Phew..


Missy: Hey, bitches! Give me your most expensive dress.

Male Employee: Er...that will be-

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Chris: Okay everyone time to place your votes


Lia: I gotta pick Spike *Stamps Spike Picture* She's trying to break up Danny and Timothy :(

Jordan: Hmmmm.. who to vote off... well it seems like Danny's been trying to steal my girl. Yeah. Yeah. I know he has a boyfriend, but he could be hitting on her some how... hmmmm... well... should I vote off him या not... agggghhhh... what to do what to do?! *Stamps Danny Picture*

Brenden: i dident read her diary on purpouse timothy made me DX *stamps timothy*

timothy: oh nonononononon I can't vote this guess spike. *stamps her...
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Yasmin: Hell yeah! Our team won! I wonder how my अभिनय in that scene was...? I hope it was good.

Nicko:Wohoo!We won!Yasmin's अभिनय was soo good *goes in a trance*
Chris from outside confessional:Come on Nicko!!
Nicko:*gets out of trance*coming!

Lia: Hell yeah our team won!!! xDD I did a pretty good job playing Storm... I wonder if Jordan was watching... Not that I care just... Curious...

Chris: Team Free Love... Your here again... Tisk Tisk... Go to the dressing room and say your confessionals
Leah: I say Wyatt. He was making Marissa in charge! Who believes Marissa...
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posted by gwenxduncanyay
Chris: Hello, viewers! Welcome to Total Drama Imagine! I’m your host, Chris McClean!
Forrest: And I’m Forrest Ratliff cx.
Chris: Today is going to be a freeday for our cast. Let’s see what they are up to right now!

In Game room

Sayu: **playing Black Ops** Riley, when are आप going to realize that आप aren’t going to win?
Riley: I will win! O:. I know that!
Blair: **rolls eyes and walks out of the game room**
Jade: Hey, I’m playing winner!
Jayden: I’ll play Jade. **winks**
Jade: xDD. That sounded wrong…
Leah: Who wants to take me on? I’ll gladly kick some ass.
Wyatt: I’ll play आप in...
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This is chapter one of my fanfiction, Toxic Valentine, I know the chapter is a little weird and poorly written... but I wasn't quite sure how their meeting should be, hope आप guys like it though! =D
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex, abuse, swearing, etc.
Stephanie's POV (Point of View)

I dive into the water; my red hair flips upwards, and eventually returns द्वारा my side, drenched in water.
“Nice dive Steph!” Bridgette calls to me.
I smile and looked up at her and Geoff, the two were cuddling on a towel on the ground,...
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Chris: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Total Drama Equestria! In today's episode, well meet our contestants for this season.

*a नाव comes up along the shore*

Chris: And here they are now! First up, we have Billie Joe Armstrong!

Bille:*walks off the boat* I प्यार tacos!

Chris: Okay? अगला is Aqua Fresh!

Aqua:*walks off the नाव and waves to the camera*

Chris: Leon Grim!

Leon:*appears from behind a bunch of smoke from the smoke bomb he threw* The Great and Powerful Leon has arrived!

Chris: Christina!

Christina:*walks off the boat, eating some chips*

Chris: Owl Feather!

Owl:*walks off the boat* H-Hello.

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