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posted by gwenfan768
Name: Ethan Alexis Johnson

Age: 17

Birthday: August 16th

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crush/Dating: Stephanie (OC)

Likes: music, his motorcycle, Stephanie (his girlfriend), cookies, the number 4 and the color blue.

Dislikes: mean people, jerks, haters, bullies, MacArthur, Josee, Jacques, Emma and Chet.

TDRR Friends: Pretty much everyone besides a few people.

TDRR Enemies: MacArthur, Jacques, Josee, Emma, Chet and Stephanie (from TDRR).

OC Friends: Stephanie, Carlos (best friend), Ray, Isabelle, Antonio and Melissa.

OC Enemies: Kayla, Stacy, Dwayne and Marco.

Personality: nice, good-natured, polite, badass (but only if it's necessary), but very moody, can be stubborn but usually not.

Pets: a हम्सटर named Omar
posted by blueranger4eva
Name: Oliver Joseph Gonzales

Nickname: Ollie (even though he hates being called Ollie he prefers Oliver)

Age: 16

Birthday: September 19th 1999

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Family: Mom (Nancy), Dad (William), Sister (Jessica)

Likes: nature, reading, play video games, pizza, meeting new people and chill out.

Dislikes: annoying people, pressure, gross things like porn, bugs and being stuck up.

TDI Friends: Noah, Bridgette, Owen, Leshawna, Tyler, Geoff, DJ, Gwen and Izzy.

TDI Enemies: Duncan, Justin, Courtney, Heather, Cody and Chris.

OC Friends: Jessica "Jessi", Adrian, Caroline, Alyssa and Jeremy (best friend)....
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posted by blueranger4eva
Name: Jessica Marie Gonzales

Nicknames: Jessi (she prefers to be called that because she hates being called Jessica), Jess (by her brother)

Age: 17

Personality: Jessi's a sweet and caring girl but can have anger problems at times, she isn't very tough even though when she gets mad she can hurt anybody with her insensitive words, she's outgoing and loves outdoors, she's also very romantic, she's a charming young lady.

Likes: singing, dancing, outdoors, write poems, see romantic sunsets, hanging out with फ्रेंड्स and chocolate.

Dislikes: people that think they're better than everybody, mean people,...
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posted by heatherfan124
Name: Mal Elizabeth Sanchez

Age: 19

Birthday: December 25th 1996

Personality: kind,honest,friendly,easily jealousy,gets along with everyone

Likes: sharing with friends, singing, boys, shopping, milkshakes, clothes, hanging out with girls and pizza.

Dislikes: mean people, porn stars, bullies, jerks, haters and liars.

Bio: Mal lives in San Antonio,Texas with her parents and two sisters,Jessica and Hannah.She is around with boys but likes to hang out with girls.She loves to खरीडिए and to sing.

Crush: Felipe(tdifan214 's OC)

Friends: everyone except enemies

Enemies: Alejandro,Justin,Zeke and Blaineley

प्रिय singer: Taylor Swift

प्रिय color: purple

प्रिय animal: cats

प्रिय food: pizza
posted by tdifan214
Name: Alexander "Alex" Joseph Marcano
Age: 16
Birthday: December 9th 1999
Personality: nice,kind,easily angry,caring,quiet,but rude,a good friend and sometimes shy
Bio: Alex lives in Maturín,Venezuela with his parents,a grandmom,two stepsiblings and a little brother named Azael.He is a average student since he was a kid.
Crush: Bridgette
Favorite color: blue
Favorite Singer: either Pitbull या Daddy Yankee
Favorite animal: dogs(even though he was bitten द्वारा a dog named Bongo at age 5)
Favorite food: spagetti
Friends: everyone (except enemies)
Enemies: Heather,Alejandro,Justin,Cody,Sierra,Harold,Chris,Chef...
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posted by Elkhat-Law
#tbt to when I used to do these

1.Veto and Blake both started out being white and ended up being asian
2. eddies was dating manny when i wrote this half but i just broke them up yesterday
3. manny just turned 18
4. eddies 20
5. eddie keeps dating people who arent legal stop that
6. i gave danny a story as to why he wont admit to being gay. its sad
7. jakes my pastel goth bb aaf
8. blake got hot
9. vetos sexuality and gender is forever changing
10. james reminds me of eddie
11. i have like 4 ships that arent with just my characters why
12. i have a story for veto thats totally different from his original...
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posted by totaldramafan34
Hello I'm your host,Belle Bellic! Where 14 Contestants fighting for 1,000,000 dollers in cash! So it works like TDROTI except with a whole new cast! Speaking of which here our first contestant is Taylor Sky! Taylor:Hello!:) Belle:OK put your stuff over there -points towards the end of the dock- Taylor oh ok..-Thinks:Our stuff is gonna fall in the water.- Belle:Our अगला contestant is Zachery Smith! Zach: आप can call me Zach. Belle:OK "Zach". Zach: -Zach looks at Taylor- Taylor- Hi,What's your name? Taylor: It's Taylor. Zach: Nice name :). Taylor: Thanks :) -Blushes- Belle: -Cuts in- Our next...
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Okay so let me explain some things before i start the first episode. Honestly the way i am gonna do this is i am gonna be doing it story format. And honestly its because i do not wanna use script cause I just don't want too. One other thing i really wanna say first of all DO NOT COMPLAIN IF YOUR CHARACTER IS VOTED OFF If आप have a problem with it Private message me please...If आप can prove i did something unfairly या something then i will accept that. Also i will message आप all when a new episode comes out and post on the wall. Each time a new one is पोस्टेड i will post a मतदान asking a...
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posted by poophead4837ext
Name: Tiffany

Stereotype: The Blonde Bombshell

Age: 16

Race: Caucasian

Species: Human

Religion: None

Allergies: None

Sexual preference: Straight


Hair color: Blonde

Hair style: Wavy

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5 foot 7

Weight: 115 lbs

Clothing style: Cute and simple

Abnormalities: None

First impressions on people: Annoying, rude, attention seeking, a bit obnoxious

Skin color: White

Body Type: Fit

Piercings: None

Voice actress: Nikki Bella

Physical and mental abilities: Very good at physical challenges and mental challenges
posted by smartone123
Name: Zaza Mellows
Species: human
Nationality: British and Polish
Age: 19
Occupation:works a clothes shop
- ||Physical Info||
Height: 6'4
Hair Color: blue and purple
Weight:130 lb
Hair Style: wazy
Hair Length: back
Eyes: yellow
Skin: white
Tattoos: None
Body Type:skinny and tall
Disabilities: none ||Personal Info||
S/O: pansexual
Family: dad who left when he was a kid and a mom who works alot. His 5 cats :Usagi,Kiku,Sebby,Mitchy and Gigi
Dislikes: work,rude people,alot of energy and no sleep
Likes:cats,food,sleeping,friends,the spot on the roof at school,brushing his hair...
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*standing in front of the hotel*

Meredith: Welcome back to Total Drama Challenge. Before we we travel to the अगला city and start out the अगला challenge one contestant will be eliminated. Yes, Team Viajes will be losing a team member today.

*Team Viajes walks out of their RV and line up अगला to each other*

Meredith: When your name is called, आप will grab your suitcase *points to the suitcases अगला to her*, and get ready to travel to the अगला destination. The person who isn't called will be left behind. Also-

Heather: Just get on with it already.

Meredith: *rolls eyes* Alright. Tammy.

Tammy: Yes!...
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Okay so this is a pointless lil start to a story that i'll never finish tbh but it involves sexual humor so if आप are grossed out या whatever द्वारा that, don't read. yea? yea.

anyway this is pointless bc i just wanted an excuse to use the joke n what better way than through ocs? legit no point to this shitty lil unfinished thing sorry.

‘So who are we waiting for again?’ Veto asked, quirking an eyebrow to Renee who smiled ‘Kendall. we’re waiting for Kendall’ she replied softly. Veto groaned ‘what the fuck? why? nobody even likes him!’ Eddie looked at Veto, blinking...
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Meredith: Welcome back to TDC! We're right whee we are left off, so the contestants are still hard at work in their city-wide game of hide N' seek, searching for their team's RV.

*After Meredith is done talking, आप can see Team Viajes, Heather trailing behind who is obviously sick. Heather is walking slowly holding her stomach while the others are speed walking*

Jamie: Heather, आप have to keep up if आप want us to have a chance at winning this challenge. We need to have all team members with us at the time of finding the vehicle-

Heather: Shut up.

Jamie: ...Alright.

*confessional starts*

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*Meredith is in front of a hotel*

Meredith: This is season two of the दिखाना आप all know and love, Total Drama Challenge. This season is going to assured to be even better due to the amazing cast this year, who also should be arriving any सेकंड now.... anyways, this season we're taking the contestants on a road trip! The contestants will travel around the world and compete in challenges that may be physical या mental. Today, we are in the famous city of Miami. Other places will be voted द्वारा viewers या द्वारा me. The hotel behind is where the winning team will be sleeping for the night. The losers...
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Hello. This may be a little hard to write. आप guys know me as DandC4evacute, a यूज़रनाम I created 4 years ago. I have grown up since then. (seriously, I used to be such a baby when I was 13.) आप guys probably don't care anyways, but, this is an लेख about me, and why I act the way I do.

I don't really know the correct way to say this, so, I'm just gonna come flat out and say it. I have ADHD and High-Functioning Autism. And I'm not just saying the internet's definition of ADHD, I mean I ACTUALLY HAVE it. I also have a bit of self-anxiety, which is why I can never finish a project here....
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posted by ninjacupcake88
As usual, I feel the need to give a sex/swearing warning to those who feel uncomfortable with such things. This isn't done in my usual story-format, but rather, in script format.
Let me know what आप think in the comments! :D


Adriana: Hm? (0:02)
Branson: I can see where this is going. (0.04)
Adriana: She's really pretty... (0:10)
Branson: LAME! (0:17)
Adriana: so it's one of these... (0:17)
Adriana: Oh there's more? (0:20)
Carter: Not all girls are worried about their hair though... (0.21)
Lucy: I'm going to hunt down these girls...
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posted by Diblover111
Author's note: I took this format from link, though I did erase some सवालों that I felt were unnecessary Yes, this is done in a sort of "interview" form. Whenever I feel there is something आप need to know that Branson didn't say herself, I add it in an author's note. That being said, let's get some things out of the way first:
Whenever she refers to "Uncle Mudz", that's a reference to Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz. That, of course, is
not canon and will have no real effect on any fanfiction she is in.
Whenever she refers to "uppers" and "downers", that's a reference to the type of pill she's...
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posted by smartone123
- ||Basic Info||
Name: Sebastian (Sebby)
Species: skeleton
Nationality: British
Gender:male Age: 250 (appearance 25)
Occupation: general and commander - ||Physical Info|| Height: 5'9" Hair Color: gray Weight:114 lb
Hair Style: fluffied and swoopy
Hair Length: neck
Eyes: yellow
Skin: white(its bone)
Tattoos: None Scars:none
Body Type: abit lean and slightly tall
Disabilities: none ||Personal Info||
S/O: pansexual Family: all dead Likes:warm things,his tea,his troop,his job and the papar
Dislikes:arrogence,people who dont listen to orders and sweet foods Turnons: none Turnoffs: none
Hobbies: writing,reading,listening to classical music,sword play and tea makeing Personality:elegant,posh,humorous,strict,and dependable
posted by smartone123
- ||Basic Info||
Name: Bulma Hazel
Species: Human
Nationality: Mexican American
Age: 17
Occupation: High School Student -
||Physical Info||
Height: 5'5
Hair Color: orange
Weight:120 lb
Hair Style: wavy
Hair Length: upper back
Eyes: pink
Skin: tan
Tattoos: None
Scars: none
Body Type: slightly plump and curvy Disabilities:none
||Personal Info||
S/O: straight
Family: mom and dad and little brother Likes: stalking,picture taking ,paparazzi,scrap booking and fasion
Dislikes:not being able to do what she wants Turnons: none
Turnoffs: none Hobbies: taking pictures of the people shes stalking and scrap booking Personality:weird,oblivious,easy going and calming Background: in progress //End Bio\\
posted by smartone123
- ||Basic Info||
Name: Nina Lans
Species: human
Nationality: American and Swedish
Gender: female
Age: 17
Occupation: High School Student -
||Physical Info||
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: dark maroon with गुलाबी tips
Weight:120 lb
Hair Style: short and spikey with treads Hair length:back of neck
Eyes:sea foam green
Skin: slight tan आड़ू, पीच
Tattoos: None
Scars: on knuckles and feet
Body Type: abit muscular Bust: D cup
Disabilities: none
||Personal Info||
S/O: lesbein{seke/seme}
Family: Father/mayor and mom/wife Likes:kickboxing,girls,jade,motorcycles,pink color,bondage,whips,leather,sexual toys and flirting...
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