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jo: हे heather im back and better than आप i fell sorry for आप out of 3 seasons be on this दिखाना आप didn't make 1 friend your so alone
heather : oh what im sorry tomboy i didnt hear आप i was to bisses talking on the phone i dont care what आप think of me आप still got voted off befor me
jo : oh heather dear why do आप dare try me आप know आप cant fight me when आप cry it diglights me
heather : oh bit me आप know i dont wont yall to like me
jo : oh heather knowone would bit आप really look आप no1 nows आप have anything on your hindend

WHO WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO'S NEXT
Mal sprang up and out of bed. He looked around the room, not noticing anything. "Man. That was a weird dream." Mal कहा as he rubbed his head. He felt a strange bump on his head that hurt when he touched it. "Strange." Mal कहा with confusion. Mal looked around his room some और and noticed a gift box on his bed. Mal rolled his eyes, after spotting the gift. "Great Mike. Like I need a gift." Mal कहा with annoyance. He shifted to the end of his बिस्तर and untied a ribbon. Out of thin air another ghost appeared, this time looking like Manitoba Smith.

"I'm not a gift mate," the ghost began crossing...
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A few months after winning the million dollars, Mike was very happy because his personalities reapeared. It happened while at school when a bully from Mike's past came up, and began to beat him up. Mike, at the time, was also loosing the abilities his personalities gave him before he left. He wasn't able to jump and do flips like Svetlana, wrestle around like Vito, या lasso someone like Manitoba. During the beatings, Mike suddenly felt his personalities reappear. Slowly but surly, his personalities and his abilities came back to him and they helped him take the bully down. Mike was so happy...
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