- Nathaniel and Lila are the opposite of each other.
- Nath loves to draw and Lila loves to write.
- Lila can get really protective etc. when people mess with her friends. (Specially Nathaniel)
- Lila likes to call Nathaniel Tomato, Tomatohead या Nathy.
- Lila is the only person to call Nathaniel “Nathy”
- The major part of Nathaniel’s फ्रेंड्स are female (Lila, Rose, Marinette, Juleka, Alya…)
- Nathaniel’s father was Christian and his mother is Jewish.
- Nathaniel is Jewish.
- According to Nathaniel, his father left him along with his mother, when he was still a baby.
- Nathaniel’s mother works as an air traffic controller.
- Lila’s parents are divorced.
- Lila has a younger half brother.
- Nathaniel gets often very blushy around her.
- Rose ships Nathaniel with Lila.
- Lila’s प्रिय जानवर are Foxes.
- Lila and Nathaniel प्यार the band Evanescence.
- Nathaniel is a प्रशंसक of the bands The Script, Skillet and 30STM.
- Nathaniel sings very good. (Mostly Rocksongs)
- Nathaniel’s प्रिय song is Awake and Alive from Skillet.
- Lila is taller, than Nathaniel
When in प्यार / In relationship (Teenhood)
- Lila dreams often about Nathaniel.
- Nathaniel dreamed very often on how he revealed his feelings to Lila.
- Nathaniel dreamed, that he was Super Nathan and saved Lila her life.
- Nathaniel never drew a comic of that, since she always sits अगला to him, observing him doing it.
- Nathaniel is afraid to ruin their friendship with that.
- Lila does develop a crush on him, when their friendship grow. But she wants, that he does the first step.
- She adores to किस him on the forehead.
- Nathaniel is quite और open about his feelings, when he found out, Lila liked him too.
- Nathaniel does quite anything to make an impression on Lila
- Lila often says, that Nathaniel is the perfect boyfriend
- Nathaniel feels embarrassed, when Lila says that
- Lila loves to snuggle with Nathaniel
- Nathaniel wants to do the big step of his life (Proposal)
- Lila and Nathaniel हटाइए into a commune together
- Lila pecks Nathaniel’s cheek every morning, after wake up.
- Lila wants to found a family with Nathaniel.