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1. Put laxatives in her drink.
2. Tell her she has a moustache.
3. Keep getting mixed up with whether her name means चकोतरा, अंगूर या Pomegranate.
4. After about a महीना of getting confused, about which one is right, decide to solve the problem द्वारा just calling her "Mr. Grumpy."
5. When (and if) she tries to talk to you, pretend not to hear and stare at the exact same place for the अगला 15 minutes.
6. Keep insisting to her that her and Mint are a couple.
7. Force-feed her Ichigo's cooking.
8. Pinch her cheek and go "Aww, who's a good wolfy then?"
9. Everyday, ask her if she's going to America yet.
10. Find...
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The decendent of Exra was found at last; Katie, Kishes little girl. As a twist Eric and Zakuro got married on the same day. Everyone is at the Cafe', talking of what transfired.

Cini-We found the decendent of Exra!

James-*still tied up*Can I come down?


Winter-She's kinda scary when angry like this.....*hides be hind her mom*

Eric-She still mad at him?

Ichigo-I won't get invold when shes that mad.

Kish-I don't know what to do?

Kasey-Let me see......We all know that Katie is the chosen one...and some guy called Grave here to protect her.

Grav-Its Grav, like Gravity.....

Zakuro-Why are आप here...
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Fanart drawing of Ichigo Mew
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