Tom was standing at the door looking at the two small children sitting on the couch.

“They don't bite आप know,” Bill said, kneeling down to
hand them their drinks.

“Thank आप Uncle Bill,” they कहा politely, before slurping their नारंगी, ऑरेंज रस through a straw.

Even though Bill and Tom were their cousins they still called them ‘Uncle’ because their mommy taught them to be polite.

Tom just shrugged, wondering why the hell Bill had agreed to watching their nieces. He sighed and walked up to Bill who was still kneeling down. They shared a look before leaving the room. Bill told them he'd be right back.

“What's wrong?” Bill asked, looking slightly annoyed.

Tom wrapped his arms around Bill's small waist and sighed deeply, placing his head on Bill's shoulder. “I… I just thought...”

“Aww is someone jealous?” Bill asked, mocking him.

Tom pulled Bill closer, hiding his blushing face in his neck. He groaned and spoke, but his words were nothing और then mumble in Bill's ears. He felt his brother’s chest rising and falling quickly as he was giggling. Tom was pissed now and wanted to walk away, but Bill caught his hand. “No, I'm sorry! It's just you're never like this. So...” Tom looked at him trying to understand what he meant. “Clingy!” Bill finished after a while thinking about it.

“I”m not clingy!” Tom protested pulling his hand free from his twin’s grip. “Just because I want some fucking attention doesn't make me clingy!” Tom raised his voice. Bill looked taken back at his twin. As Tom saw his face he immediately felt bad for his little outburst “Sorry Bill, I just thought today was gonna be just the two of...” Bill grabbed tom's hand giving it a little squeeze. “Us,” Tom finished, looking into his twin’s eyes. He cursed the moment he had agreed to the “no fooling around” agreement while they had their little guests over.

The twins entered the living room finding it empty. “So...” Tom began, but shut up as soon as he saw the empty couch. “Ah, SHIT!” he screamed. Looking at his twin finding him much calmer about the situation.

“Bill we लॉस्ट them! Aunt Corinna will murder us!” Tom swore he saw Bill's left eye twitch. “Ah, Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Tom kept on cursing while Bill was silent, hearing soft giggles coming from the kitchen.

Bill suddenly placed his hand on Tom’s mouth, shutting him up. Tom only wished it was something else on his lips making him shut up. “Come with me,” Bill whispered in Tom's ear. As Tom nodded he removed his hand. “And would आप stop cursing so God damn much!” Now it was Tom who was giggling. They moved into the kitchen, looking behind the door and even in the lower cupboards. Suddenly Bill froze, nudging Tom.

Tom looked at the place Bill's eyes were fixated and saw what his twin saw two pair of feet coming from under the तालिका, टेबल cloth. Bill assumed they were hiding under the तालिका, टेबल on the chairs, but they got tired keeping their feet up all the time.

They heard soft whispering coming from under it “Do आप think they found us? It's suddenly so quiet in here.”

“I dunno! But Tomi was cursing a lot!” Giggles. “Maybe we should stay hidden until Mommy comes! I wonder what she'd do to them Talea,” the boy spoke to his sister.

Talea giggled before she answered “Bruni, I'm 100% sure they wouldn't make it out alive.”

“Right! Remember the babysitter?”

“Which one?” she asked with a hint of enthusiasm behind it.

“The 9th, no the...” Bruni stop talking as he heard footsteps.

“Fi, fy, fo, fum, I smell the blood of little children!” Bill कहा in a creepy voice making Tom grin.
“Now which one shall I eat first? Talea या Bruni?” Bill was rewarded द्वारा little shrieks coming from under the table.

“No don't eat us! Please!” Bruni pleaded.

It was silent for a while and the kids were holding their breath when suddenly a scream was heard. If Tom wasn't watching the scene he would have thought someone was being murdered.

Bill had grabbed Talea's feet, making her shriek. Then quickly went over to Bruni pulling him from under the table. Bruni stayed still gasping for air before he fell down in Bill's arms.

Talea got out from under the तालिका, टेबल and soon was द्वारा his side crying that Bill murdered him. Bill was pushed away and replaced द्वारा Talea holding her little brother’s body in her arms.

Bill couldn't believe what was happening, neither could Tom. Never in a million years would he have guessed he was right to warn Bill that he might scare the shit out of them. That's why he was at the door watching the scene instead of joining Bill.

“No...” Bill sank down to the रसोई, रसोईघर floor. Tom was quickly द्वारा his side trying to calm him down. Bill soon started crying into Tom's brand new कमीज, शर्ट which was being smudged द्वारा the makeup Bill wore.

“I killed him, I killed him,” he repeated softly shaking his head. Tom felt helpless but did the only thing he could do at the moment, holding Bill as tight as possible.

“Gotcha!” Bruni suddenly screamed, sitting up grinning evilly at the twins.

For the first time it wasn't Tom who was being held back, but Bill. As it sunk in that this was all a joke he reached आगे missing Bruni's t-shirt द्वारा an inch.

“You little asshole! Do आप have any idea how much you... आप scared the fuck out of me! You!” Bill turned his attention to Talea who was shocked द्वारा Bill's reaction. Bill kept on opening and closing his mouth trying to speak, but nothing came out. He was so blinded द्वारा anger and confusion that he didn't even notice the tears that were still running down his cheeks.

“Bill,” Tom spoke softly.

Finally he turned to his twin before getting up and disappearing upstairs. Talea and Bruni would have never played this joke on them if they knew how bad Bill would react and soon the रसोई, रसोईघर was filled with “I told आप so”s and “nu uuh”s.

Tom got up and told them to sit their asses down on the सोफ़ा, सोफे when they were done bickering and left the kitchen. He hoped Bill wouldn't be mad with him for calling their mom, asking if their aunt could come and get them a little earlier then planned. She had agreed, but only if the twins could get some groceries for Aunt Corinna as well.

Tom walked into Bill's bedroom. Even though it was his, Tom spent और time in here than his own. So it was actually “their” bedroom. He found Bill trying to redo his make up. After he messed up again he tossed his eye liner on the floor.

“Bill,” his twin spoke, wondering what the hell the eyeliner did to him.

“Those kids! Look what they did to me!” Bill said, still full of anger, holding out his hands that were shaking.


“They're evil! Who the fuck plays dead?!” Tom shot Bill an apologetic look. “No, don't आप fucking dare look at me like that! Did आप see him breathing? I sure as hell didn't!” Bill kept on ranting.

“Bill, it was just a joke that got a little out hand,” Tom said, trying to calm Bill down.

“A little out of hand eh? A LITTLE!” Bill कहा sarcastically. There was a silence before it was broken द्वारा a pleading Bill. “Fuck me,” he कहा biting on his lip.

“W-wwwhat?!” Tom almost screamed.

Bill looked into his eyes and repeated what he कहा before, but with और force. “Fuck me!” As Tom didn't make a हटाइए he pushed him into the wall. “I कहा fuck me!” Tom looked almost scared at his brother. This sudden change was frightening enough, but what Bill was asking from him was और disturbing.

“Fuck Bill! आप made me promise not to...” Bill pressed his lips on Tom's, playing with his lip ring and waiting for him to open up. Tom opened his mouth and Bill's tongue won the fights over dominance. Bill moaned and ground against Tom.

“Fuck!” Tom hissed as he felt Bill grinding against him.

“Tomi,” Bill whispered in his ear.

Tom almost got completely लॉस्ट in his twin, but the soft knocking on the door brought him back. “Bill, wait we can't do this now. Fuck! आप already got me hard!” Bill chuckled, चुंबन Tom again, trying to change his mind.

“Keep that thought for later!” Tom कहा as he entered the bedroom, leaving his aroused twin behind.

“Maybe they're too mad to talk to us?” Talea's soft voice reached Tom's ear. It seemed that they were standing right behind the door.

“Maybe you're right, but it's my fault so I need to make it right again.” Bruni sighed deeply before knocking on the door again.

“Come in.”

Bruni halted his movement and looked at Talea, wondering if he heard correctly.

“I कहा come in.” there it was कहा again.

The door opened and both twins were wondering what the two had to say to them.

“Eh, sorry Uncle Bill! We should have never scared आप so badly,” Bruni spoke up.

The twins shared a look before Bill finally gave in. “It's okay. I just over reacted and...” Bill stopped as he heard them giggling.

He was already getting pissed thinking they were making fun of him again when Talea spoke. “No, no, no! It's your's open.”

Without thinking Bill turned to Tom. “Tom!” as soon as he realized what he was gonna say he shook his head. “Why the fuck didn't आप tell me my fly was open!” Tom just grinned sheepishly at Bill who was boiling with anger. Bill stamped off, disappearing in the bathroom once again.

“So who wants to go shopping?” Tom said, looking at both kids.


They were in Tom’s Escalade, but it was Bill driving. Tom saw the look on Bill's face and knew he had to make it up with him. He didn't know how yet, but he knew one thing for sure, he'd need the help of the kids.

They got out and got in the store. Bill went off with Talea and Tom went with Bruni. As the basket was almost full Tom asked Bruni to get them another one. Bruni started whining how they should have taken a गाड़ी in the first place.

Tom just told him to cut the crap and get another one. Bruni asked if he could get some Jello if he got the basket for Tom. When Tom कहा no, he flipped and started screaming.

“What in the world is your brother doing now?” Bill कहा as he heard the child's screams five aisles further. He and Talea quickly made their way to the स्रोत of the problem and found Tom staring down at the child ready to spit fire.

“Oh, shit!” Bill would never hit a child and was almost sure that the same went for Tom. But that look in in his eyes, made even Bill not wanting to go closer.

To spice it up Bruni threw the pack of chips he was holding on the floor and screamed louder.

If it was possible Tom looked even angrier with the child now. Tom dropped the basket and fell to the floor screaming and shouting. Rolling around screaming like a little spoiled brat.

Even though he and Bruni had planned to do something, this was out of his league and even he stood there with open mouth watching his uncle act like that.

Bill couldn't believe his eyes and his jaw also dropped open.

Tom got up and looked at Bruni giving him a look that कहा “Two can play that game.” Bruni quickly picked up the sack of chips and followed Tom to the cash register. When they were in the car they sat in silence waiting for Bill and Talea.

Even when they joined them no one dared to speak. Tom drove back home, seeing the fact that he had humiliated himself enough for the day. In other words he was even with Bill now.

Half an घंटा passed almost in complete silence. When Talea and Bruni were picked up they thanked the twins for hanging out with them and waved goodbye.

As soon as Tom heard the car drive away he burst out in laughter. The same situation was in the backseat of Corinna's car. Her son started laughing as soon as they took off. Talea didn't get it at first, but later she did too and joined in.

“Tom! Tom! What the fuck?!” Tom held on to his brother, trying to stop laughing.

When he finally managed to calm down he spoke up. “God आप should have seen your face in the store!”

Bill took a step back, almost making Tom fall down. “You asshole! आप fucking planned it eh?”
Tom was laughing his नितंब, गधा off once again and nodded at his twin. “And they call me the drama Queen.”
Bill pouted a bit making his twin almost immediately stop with the laughing.

“Uh...” Tom was inches away from Bill; their noses touched as he stared hungrily at his lips. “Now I believe we have some unfinished business...”

Bill grinned and bit his lip. “I believe we do...”