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This is my first Tiva fanfiction so tell me what आप think all of the usual stuff what needs work, what is good, if its on character...ect. Rate and टिप्पणी दे I dont own anything the प्रशंसक art is not mine. Tell me if आप think I should continue it या not.....Enjoy!! :)


Tony and Ziva
Different Kind of प्यार Story.
Ziva’s POV

Chapter 1
A Bad Day

The दिन started out as usual I went to Israel to try and deal with everything that was going on. When I showed up late to back up Tony I found my former partner dead on the ground killed द्वारा the man that I have come to love. I...
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posted by TivaParaSiempre
Lovely recap द्वारा Megan, with special focus on the defining moments for Tiva in Season 8, just to appreciate how far our ship has come. :)
Source: probalicious.tumblr.com

What a wonderful season for our प्रिय couple we प्यार to ship. It was good wasn’t it?! When I got this request (anon shout out) I became overwhelmed with all of the “defining” moments Tony and Ziva experienced in the past season. It began in मकड़ी and the Fly and continued right through to Pyramid. Now आप may be asking yourself या me What are आप talking about? Tony and Ziva both had significant others this season. You...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
I decided to do some Tiva iPod drabbles, sorry if they're a bit long, it's just once I start it's a bit hard to stop! xD That's also why I did five!

I came up with these trying to come up with the सेकंड chapter of my fanfic 'Blame It On My Youth'. Check it out!

Anyway, I better tell आप I don't have anything to do with एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service apart from the fact that I प्यार it!

The characters may be a bit out of character so be warned! :)

Anyway Enjoy!

Feels Like Tonight - Daughtry

आप can do this, DiNozzo, he thought to himself.

He strolled out of the elevator, but stopped in his tracks when he laid eyes on Ziva....
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I know we don't have the cutest OTP name on this side of the television, but then again, who has? ;D

Currently we're number 1 so let's keep it that way. So go vote now!!

You can vote for up to 3 couples!! yay!! ;D

From TV Breakroom:
"We’re launching this year’s TV Olympics with the ever-so-cute (you can read that as sarcastic if आप lean toward a और jaded view of the world) category of couple names! Often these are used द्वारा प्रशंसकों to promote their preferred pairing in shows with प्यार triangles, but occasionally they’ve shown up in actual episodes:

The Big Bang Theory...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Just a small Tiva poem I wrote in five minutes, hope आप enjoy it! :)

Stuck in Stationary

आप break my spirit,
We build then we break,
Sick of the games,
It's time to explain.

We've come this close
to what I think could be
something real.

आप run and I hide,
We're falling behind,
It's time to catch up,
To where we're meant to be.

Stuck in stationary,
Both pushing forward,
But we're still the same,
Time to try harder.

आप say life was meaningless,
My mind's blown, I'm speechless,
Things are looking up,
Don't wanna leave this to just dumb luck.

Time to make a move,
For things to improve,
Why can't आप see,
What everyone believes?

I'm ready to say,
the things I've been scared to,
worried the words won't come,
Should I tell you?

आप found out,
I'm glad,
आप प्यार me too,
Now I'm not sad.

Please rate and टिप्पणियाँ are LOVE.
These are all completed multi-chapters stories.

These stories made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me upset, they made my दिल went out for them. They kept me company when I felt so alone. They became my bedmates on cold rainy nights and my companions under the sun on a lazy breezy day.

If I don't feel my दिल jump with even one scene then it's not worth my time.

Some of these fics may have spelling and grammar deficiencies but their stories are so wonderfully told आप just forget those little honest to goodness missteps.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. After Somalia द्वारा AliyahNCIS...
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"After nine months the secret comes out." ~ Yiddish Proverb

No one was saying a word as the team exited the elevator hauling their suspect with them as they began to lead him to interrogation. As they passed the bullpen McGee spotted something द्वारा Tony’s डेस्क that wasn’t there when they left and as far as he knew wouldn’t belong there at any other time either.

“Uh, Tony?” the younger agent asked, “Do we have a witness with a baby coming in?”


McGee stopped with the rest of the team following his lead and he nodded towards the stroller that was parked द्वारा Tony’s desk. “The...
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“DiNozzo, look at the clock it’s 4:30 you’re going to be late.” Gibbs कहा as he entered the bullpen.

“But boss, we have the suspect in interrogation and I have to finish last week’s case रिपोर्ट before I go.” Tony कहा in distress as he sat at his desk.

“Dorneget can take this suspect, gut feeling he’s not the one. Plus, these things only happen every so often and Ziva would not want आप to be late. आप know how she is.” Gibbs कहा as Tony nodded and grabbed his gear to head for the elevator.


Tony put the key in the door and unlocked it. He dropped his bag अगला Ziva’s...
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Tony lowered his camera to his knee and draped his arm around the woman beside him on the bench in the park. He was enjoying that she would accompany him when he had to do surveillance duty. He never told Gibbs that she was joining him when he was sent out on his own, but Gibbs knew everything so it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if he knew that they used this time to be together as well. It was completely against protocol, but it had yet to interfere with the last three cases so he figured Gibbs was just going to let it slide.

He turned his head slightly and placed a किस in her hair...
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"Tony, do not let her fall!"

He laughs at his wife’s concern, and slightly adjusts their daughter in his lap for the sake of her comfort. “She’s not gonna fall, Ziva. Besides, she inherited your ninja balancing skills.”

The little girl squeaked as her fingers slammed on to the keys, and he cringed slightly at the off-putting noise, his wife laughing in his place. “And it seems she has inherited your पियानो playing skills.”

"Hey!" he quips. But before he can retort, the little girl starts jumping in his lap, slamming her hands down on the keys once more.

"Whoa, okay there," he says,...
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It is warm at the समुद्र तट that day.

Though the clouds hide the sun, the heat still radiates down onto the rocky coast, lining the inlet the turns into the ocean a little ways out.

Their daughter tries running ahead of them, rapidly hoping over the rocks, trying to keep her balance on the uneven surface.

"Be careful, little ninja," Tony calls out to her. "Those are some big rocks."

The little girl simply giggles loudly as she continues her path out towards the water’s edge.

Ziva rolls her eyes as they continue to follow the girl.

"Why did she have to get your sense of discipline, Tony?”

"Hey," he...
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"Ziva, come on, we’re gonna be late!"

"Okay, okay just one moment."

They were already running behind on their morning, thanks to an unset alarm and a broken water heater. They’d spent the past 30 मिनटों gathering up all the belongings they needed for their short trip to the Palmer house for a ‘family’ brunch, but they quickly learned that having a child comes with needing many और items and bags than normal.

She had just changed their daughter’s diaper and was bustling around the room, जुराब, मोजा the diaper bag for their afternoon outing.

"Where is her purple zebra?" She calls out....
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"Hello Anthony!" Ducky कहा as Tony greeted him at the door.

"Hey Duck! Come in." Tony कहा as Ducky passed him a bowl of potato salad.

"Here is some potato सलाद for Ziva to use as a side, now where is the little rugrat?” Ducky asked as he wandered into the living room.

“Abby and Timothy are right behind me with और food!” Ducky कहा as Tim and Abby walked in the door.

“Hey guys, she’s sleeping right now but I will take आप up to her room and आप can watch her for a second. When she wakes up we can pass her around. I know I’m looking आगे to having someone else hold her or...
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"Don’t wander off too far, gremlins! And stay together!"

The two children giggled as they began to run off. “Here, Anthony, take my hand!” the girl orders as her brother loyally latches on to her outreached hand. They being to run down the path, their laughter echoing off the दीवार at their side.

They stay behind, watching their children run freely, and she can’t help but to smile. He looks to her and, upon seeing her face, takes her hand and smiles as well. “We got a couple of cute kids, don’t we sweetcheeks?”

She laughs for a moment before leaning against his side as they continue...
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Tony bid the team and the bullpen a farewell as he waltzed out of the office with a suitcase trailing behind him. He had a week-long vacation and he was going to use it to his full advantage. When the team had asked where he was going he had कहा Los Angeles, which wasn’t exactly a lie, he would be landing in LA, but then he’d make the drive up to Big भालू and spend the week there with someone he couldn’t wait to see.

The flight had been long and he was antsy the whole way. Once the plane landed at LAX he made record time getting off the plane and to baggage claim as he scanned the crowd...
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Tony carefully watched his three साल old daughter as she played in the leaves at the park. She was bundled up cozy as can be in her gray hat, scarf, and sweater jacket. Her medium length blonde hair flipped around the चोटी, शीर्ष of her जैकेट and her giggled filled the air. It was a crisp autumn दिन and he was happy to have it off to spend time with his daughter. Ziva had wandered off to a खरीडिए not far from the park to do some shopping. This left him with the chance to just watch and absorb what he was witnessing.

He smiled as Danielle held up a leaf excitedly waving it at him before scooping up...
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Tony sat down at his डेस्क after a long दिन wrapping up the latest case that had landed in their laps. He was tired and just wanted to finish up the रिपोर्ट before going घर to sleep. Gibbs sat dutifully waiting at his desk, McGee had sped through his रिपोर्ट and headed out the door after throwing a ‘have a nice night’ to his fellow agents, and carefully he tapped away at the keys on his keyboard filling in all the necessary details on the forms as his eyes blurred and yawns escaped him every few minutes. One of the few other people made a stop in the bullpen dropping a sealed note on his...
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"Come on, Elijah. Smile for your Ima."

"I’m telling you, Ziva, that smile the other दिन was just gas."

"It was not, Tony. He was smiling and I will get him to smile again."

"Whatever आप say, David."

"Come on, smile, baby. Yes, Mama is shaking your hand. आप प्यार to hold Mama’s hand. Smile."

"I’ve never heard आप talk baby-talk before, Ziva. Frankly, it’s a little scary."

"Would आप rather I yell at him as if I were interrogating him? Because I could do that."

"No आप couldn’t. You’ve gotten soft. And I प्यार it."

"Ah! Tony! Did आप see it? He smiled!"

"It was probably just gas."

"I will kill आप if आप take this away from me. It was a smile."
posted by Lady_Ziva
Ziva released a heavy sigh as she hung up the phone and placed it on the counter in the kitchen. She had returned to DC almost five months पूर्व and while she would प्यार tell anyone who asked if her return had been seamless and easy, it wasn’t. For the first six weeks या so was filled with trepidation and hurt feelings from those that she returned to. Tony had held her the whole night that first night, but she could feel the pain that she had caused him द्वारा not returning with him when he had asked her to ooze off of him in his sleep. The days that followed were filled with mending fences and...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
An original fanfiction written द्वारा Elisha (tonyandzivauk.Tumblr)

“Not long till I meet आप little one.” she whispered as she ran her hand slowly down her swollen belly.

“It seems like it has been forever, not nine months. I am going to admit something to आप but आप can not tell anyone okay? I am scared. A good scared. The kind of feeling I had when your farther proposed. I wanted it so much but a part of me was frightened, terrified in fact. I did not want anything to go wrong, I wanted nothing और then to प्यार him forever and for him to प्यार me too. I want आप to प्यार me too, what if...
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