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The handsome snow leopard turned as the small शेरनी, बाघ jumped in front of him.
TAI LUNG: Ahh Tigress. What brings आप here?
TIGRESS: Can आप help me train?
TAI LUNG: Not today Tigress. I need to train so I can recieve the dragon scroll. Master Shifu believes today is the day.
Tai Lung glanced at the sun in pride. It was everything he had been working for. All his training had led up to this day. शेरनी, बाघ stared up at her Sempai in ammiration. She had always looked up to him. That was until that night...
Tigress sat up turning off the alarm. She quickly...
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The sun had gone down at the Jade Palace as Master शेरनी, बाघ was walking back over to the palace. She had been training in the fields द्वारा herself and she was mostly out from the whole दिन without anyone going with her.

Master शेरनी, बाघ looked at the sky and saw that the stars were out. Even though it was dark outside, Master शेरनी, बाघ knew where she was going.

“Maybe it wasn’t a good idea for me to stay this long but I don’t care.”

As she was walking to the front of the palace, Master शेरनी, बाघ saw someone was coming her way. She could have gotten into her fighting stance but Master शेरनी, बाघ knew...
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It was quiet around the Sacred आड़ू, पीच पेड़ of Heavenly Wisdom as Master शेरनी, बाघ was training her body द्वारा doing some punches, kicks, front flips, and some back flips as her body was sweating but mostly her bare feet.

She had been training without her sandals on and she didn’t care because she was getting a little bit stronger but something else was getting a little stronger as Master शेरनी, बाघ continued her training.

She had been training since the morning and now it was getting close to the afternoon. Her body wasn’t sweating a lot but her feet were really sweating because she had been performing...
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a शेरनी, बाघ tribute!!!
Po's POV
I couldn't believe I did that! I couldn't believe that I hugged शेरनी, बाघ and she didn't kill me! What was the world coming to? शेरनी, बाघ was suddenly going soft, I mean what's up with that? She's supposed to be the Hardcore, Kung Fu Master. Not the Tiger that goes soft. Maybe I should say sorry. Yeah, that's what I'll do, but before I could say anything the rest of the Furious Five came and congratulated me. शेरनी, बाघ just stood, watching and… was that a smile?
Once they returned to the Jade Palace, everyone went to their rightful bedrooms. Everyone except Tigress. She went to the kitchen...
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kung fu
शेरनी, बाघ
शेरनी, बाघ spent the दिन in her new room crying her दिल out until there was no tears left for her to cry. Why had her father been so harsh? Oh yeah, he was her father and that meant she wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend, even when she was a fully grown woman. "I hate him sometimes but this is too far," She whispered to herself, referring to Shifu. No matter what, Shifu always made शेरनी, बाघ hate him for one reason या another but this was beyond hate. It was rage, hate, sadness and suffering all put into one.
Shifu's voice still rung in her ears, like she had committed a crime that she couldn't...
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