दा विंक्स क्लब Which member is most relate-able. (The idea came from Princess-Flora, but she did that 3 months पूर्व and I wanted to see if anything had changed.) Group 2

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या Layla/Aisha?
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 WinxClub_Stella posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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lovebaltor picked Stella?:
I'm still going with Stella.
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XxLalasaysxX picked या Layla/Aisha?:
I'm actually relatable to everyone but Stella
Bloom because i can be bossy at times.
Flora because generally i'm a sweet person and rarely show an aggresive side. And i love spending time w/ my friends.
Musa because I love music, and sometimes i play it tough and try to "keep it real".
Tecna because i'm a geek.
But i'm most relatable to Aisha because we have the closest birthdays, ( hers june 15th mine june 12th). We're both geminis. And both tomboyish. And we are both like, " Enough lovey dovey" when she said that in season 5. I'm like that alot. My 2nd most relstable is Flora.
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LilyBeanie04 picked Flora?:
i'm still going with flora because, i think we have allot in common
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hatelarxene picked Musa?:
Or Stella
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pearlxashxdawn picked Musa?:
or Stella and Flora
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