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With my junior year, I have had less time to write so I thought I would प्रकाशित करे my outtakes from all the प्रशंसक fictions I ever wrote so far.

Alternate choice but not getting used currently for chapter four
Flora: Phew, I made to downtown Magix alive. (Runs inside the mall and spots her फ्रेंड्स and they see her)
Bloom: Flora, what’s wrong?
Flora: आप know, almost getting my butt killed. (Panting hard)
Layla: He was behind you?
Flora: Yes but I लॉस्ट him when I ran in front of the oncoming traffic.
Musa: आप could have been hit द्वारा a car!!!
Flora: I would have stood a chance of living if I got hit by...
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