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 Musa 3D Tynix
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This दा विंक्स क्लब प्रशंसक कला might contain दाढ़ी वाले आईरिस, दाढ़ी वाले परितारिका, गुलदस्ता, कंचुकी, कहावत, फूलों का गुच्छ, चोली, पॉसी, नाकगेय, ब्रोच, nosegay, दाढ़ी रहित आइरिस, बेअरलेस आईरिस, and beardless आईरिस.

I really like all the transformations, but this is my चोटी, शीर्ष five.

1. Sirenix

So I saw many Sirenix haters, but what's the problem with Sirenix? It's really beautiful. I like the hairstyles and I also like how their hair get highlights. I might hate the pants which make them look like athletics, but it looks beautiful like rainbows. I like the accessories on Aisha/Layla's Sirenix, the 3D is really hated द्वारा me because they look like बार्बी dolls! But what's the problem with Sirenix?! Fellow Sirenix...
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So thanks to SummerThunder we have an image of Bloom's mythix. It's a better name then Bloomix but not much and I have to say based on the look I'm not excited, and I will explain why in this article.

 credits to SummerThunder and where she found it
credits to SummerThunder and where she found it

The Mythix power will allow the Winx to enter the Legendarium. Just like Sirenix, the transformation will be in both 2D and 3D. It will be 3D when the Winx are in the Legendarium. It just doesn't seem that well thought out to me almost like it was thrown together real fast.

Based on Bloom's hair I don't want to see the rest. It's flat...
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हे there winxies. It's Meeka here, with a special, early, लेख to the winxies ;)
Now if your name isn't on this सूची please, please don't feel any kinda way about it. It only means we've never really talked to each other, so please don't be offended.
Okay let's get started.

Winxclub_Stella (Mel): Where could I possibly start with this girl? Okay first of all she's funny as shit. I प्यार talking to her on फैन्पॉप and Chatzy. She's such an amazing person. And she's so caring. I remember around when I had first started फैन्पॉप and पोस्टेड the chatzy link on the Winx club wall, I guess I...
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