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 Musa Butterflix
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winx club
season 7
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 Let's go shopping!
Let's go shopping!
~The अगला दिन when the Winx are waking up, they each find an invitation under their door~
Flora: It's an invitation to Musa's birthday party!
Bloom: Tomorrow night from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
Layla: Great! But where's Musa?
Tecna: She texted me and कहा that she and Riven are decorating the place for the party. She doesn't want us coming because she wants to surprise us.
Stella: In that case, there's only one thing to do... Shopping!

~At the mall~
Stella: Look girls. I found us some of cute dresses!
Flora: Wow! They're all beautiful! I'm getting this one.
Tecna: This one looks cute.
Layla: I'll get that...
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i just want आप to see the differnce between 4kids' winxclub and european winxclub...i will add as many episodes i can...hope आप like it:-D
It feels like magic
(European title: "An Unexpected Event")
So, we meet Bloom and Stella. Let's see what edits this ep has to offer:
Rearrangement: The first ep starts, and there's already an edit. 4Kids opens with the shot of Gardenia panning to the apartment, but then cuts to Bloom biking to the park and running into Stella and her battle with a troll, and they don't दिखाना Bloom waking up at her house, frantically getting dressed, talking to her parents,...
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(Defense for Bloom (Winx Club). Note: Possible unmarked spoilers)
I watched Winx Club every Saturday morning when I was younger. I absolutely loved Bloom, so imagine my surprise when I see her on here.
Bloom truly cares about her friends, and she does प्यार her family (both adopted and biological). She’d do anything for them. And attention whore? Narcissist? Remember in the very beginning, she was very insecure, and didn’t even know where her power came from (She grew up just like a normal girl until she met Stella.), before discovering she had the Dragon Fire.
As for the whole ‘ruining Sky...
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