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 Bloom: Glam and Glitter Fashion
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glam and glitter
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This दा विंक्स क्लब प्रशंसक कला might contain एक प्रकार का नाच, पोलोनीज़, kirtle, and कीर्टल.

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I sat at lunch with all my फ्रेंड्स listening to them go on and on about their picture perfect fairytale relationships and their smooth sailings. When Flora realized I hadn’t कहा a single word she asked what was wrong? Everyone else leaned in to listen and I कहा I broke up with Riven last night. They all looked shocked, yet at the same time no one seemed caught off guard. I nodded and excused myself and all of them had their heads down. I walked outside and saw a bike standing there reminded me of the first time I got to learn how to ride one with Riven. We sure fought a lot, so maybe breaking...
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 The Possible Sisters~ Daphne,Bloom,Kim
The Possible Sisters~ Daphne,Bloom,Kim
[Crossover of Winx Club and Kim Possible!]

Kim is your basic average teenage girl, she also saves the world. When visiting Magix she meets Bloom and her फ्रेंड्स the Winx. Kim bonds with Bloom quickly. But there is one small problem Dr. Drakken and his assistant Shego are up to no good. They plan to kidnap Bloom! Kim and Ron agree to protect Bloom from them. But they have problems with The Trix who want to destroy Kim. It's a crazy adventure with Kim,Ron, Rufus the naked तिल चूहा (who is Ron's pet) and the Winx. And sisterly bonding when Kim and Bloom find out they are related. Will they be able to protect each other from their enemies? Well find out in The Possible Sisters!

Characters from Kim Possible
Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
Rufus the naked तिल rat
 Kim Possible~ Teen Hero
Kim Possible~ Teen Hero
 Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible together
Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible together
 Dr.Drakken~ The Mad Scientist
Dr.Drakken~ The Mad Scientist
 Shego~ Drakken's assistant
Shego~ Drakken's assistant
Remember that episode? It is a good feeling remembering it. Isn't it?
winx club
season one
episode one
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Iti gave me permission XD So here's my चोटी, शीर्ष seven Winx and Winxies..or Winxers. IDK. Both are the same :P I'm just doing this, because, in fact--I won't be online in the अगला two years. I'm sorry, it's just school. My mom will place my iPad and laptop upstairs and I may only switch it on weekends, or, one every six months. So, that makes my contribution goes down. Sorry. It's not me. It's school.

7. Flora
You all pretty much know I'm the biggest Flora hater here. या maybe, weed-wacker. She's too girly and so lovey-dovey with nature and Helia. I'm lovey-dovey as well, but not that lovey-dovey....
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-----This one is और focus on the guys, the girls will be in but it is about the Guy's struggle through the Realms war and how they want to be with the person they प्यार most but since the realms are fighting against each other they cannot see them.
It’s been a full साल since the Great Realms War started and five years since they graduated high school. The specialists have been separated from their fiancés या wife and families. The guys all crave for the moment this bloodshed stops and they can go घर and finally hug their girl...
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The सेकंड song the Winx sang in Concert!
I had the strangest dream last night
About a melt of अंतरिक्ष and time.
A kingdom and a child it's so familiar.
And if I could turn back time
I wouldn't change a thing in my life.
But its time for me to know and jump into the past

What happened to the world
That once was my sweet home?
Nothing will ever be the same
I'll find the जवाब to the सवालों in my head.
Is there a happy ending?
I hear आप calling my name.
I will खोजिए the whole world to find you
Every दिन I'm getting closer to the truth.

Sometimes I feel so confused
And life is such a mystery.
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