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 Musa Tynix
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As part of Professor Palladium's field trip to Black-Mud Swamp, the class must navigate from Black-Mud Swamp to the clearing in the Gloomy-Wood Forest द्वारा listening to nature and without using any magic. Unfortunately, the trip doesn't start well as Stella struggles with the wilderness and Tecna is tempted to use magic within मिनटों to escape a mud bog. While the girls find their way to the school, the boys from Redfountain have been assigned to escort the fugitive troll captured in Gardenia to Magix city for trial. Unable to let their plans come into the open, the Trix plot to rescue the troll...
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This is the Chinese Version (Language: Mandarin) of the यूट्यूब Winx Club Chinese Channel. 全新完整的内容,独家视频,很多的魔法…魔法俏佳人们就在她们的官方频道等着你来!
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Layla: this was alfea so nice & beautiful.
Musa:hi! My name is musa & I'm from melody r u new in school??
Layla: yes my name is Layla & I'm princess of Andros.
Musa:😮 my majesty welcome.
Layala: no majesty u can call me layla .....
Musa: come on I will introduced my friends.. This was Bloom,stella,flora & tecna.
Layala: nice to Meet u.
Bloom: r u from Andros??
Layla : yes but how do आप know??
Stella: Mrs faragonda कहा there was a girl coming from Andros..
अगला लेख is on the way
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