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 Sailor Domino
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sailor senshi
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(Defense for Bloom (Winx Club). Note: Possible unmarked spoilers)
I watched Winx Club every Saturday morning when I was younger. I absolutely loved Bloom, so imagine my surprise when I see her on here.
Bloom truly cares about her friends, and she does प्यार her family (both adopted and biological). She’d do anything for them. And attention whore? Narcissist? Remember in the very beginning, she was very insecure, and didn’t even know where her power came from (She grew up just like a normal girl until she met Stella.), before discovering she had the Dragon Fire.
As for the whole ‘ruining Sky...
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About Flora :)
winx club
i know i already did my चोटी, शीर्ष 5 but i need to do my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 because i forget Aisha and Bloom and Tecna

10 Diaspro even though some people dislike her she is really pretty i प्यार her fairy outfit and her outfit in season 3 for skys party its was so pretty and i प्यार her power gemstones i प्यार gemstones

9 Aurora shes sooo pretty i प्यार her outfit and her wings shes really pretty and i प्यार her power ice i seem to प्यार snow/ice its sooo pretty i remember on a cold दिन it was so cold that it snowed and it was soooo pretty

8 Tecna i प्यार her गुलाबी hair and she is unique because she is the only winx...
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