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 Musa Harmonix
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season 5
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This दा विंक्स क्लब वॉलपेपर might contain मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

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Ho, ho, ho! It's Farhah Claus here to greet all of my फ्रेंड्स a very merry Christmas! If you're in the list, you're gonna be treated like a family to me this Christmas! I mayn't do pictures for आप guys, but I'll do the better -- an लेख dedicated to ALL of you!

link - A very merry क्रिस्मस to my Icy, Gina, Azula, Asami, Bellatrix and Within Temptation fan! You're one of the best people here, and if आप weren't here I bet people would be lonely. You're seriously amazin', and I प्यार how आप deal with those rude Bloom प्रशंसकों on फैन्पॉप and YouTube! And good luck on on your studies, Merry Christmas!...
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my favourite winx is flora she rules i प्यार her shes amazing shes sweet kind loving amazing gentle pretty and very graceful i प्यार her power and her voice in the 4kids version and i प्यार गुलाबी so does she
my favourite season season 1 i प्यार season 1 i प्यार the trix in season one they where soooooo evil icy was soooo mean as well and her voice was amazing it sounded just like her i प्यार the part when darcy steals riven from musa its brings drama to it season one was soooo funny i प्यार season 1 26 i just प्यार the party when saladin says bloom is kicking icys bootie that part was sooooo funny लोल

my fave villians its the trix there soooo evil and mean they are extra mean to the winx trying to everthing to destroy them and i like the trix because they are mean to the winx i प्यार the winx but if nothing bad happen to them it be boring
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To all my beloved प्रशंसकों and supporters, 'cuz some of them are dying to know the end ;-D I think it won't be the ending you're suspecting, 'cuz it's just weird, but i hope you'll enjoy it!!

Riven: Where was that all about?
Flora (sobbing): I... Don't... Know...
With Helia:
???: Bring our prisoner here!
Soldier: Yes, your Majesty. (that stupid hint again :-P)
The soldier brought Helia along.
???: I don't need आप anymore. (to the soldier) Remove him!
Helia: Wait... What?!
???: I'll tell you... (yeah, he's going to tell Helia, but I'm not going...
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My p.o.v.
I wish I knew where they were and are the alive या dead? No they have to be alive, there is no way they can be dead. Magix and the whole magic dimension is a ghost town. I just want to find another person whether we are फ्रेंड्स या not. It’s starting to get dark, I should find a place to sleep, I would sleep in my room at Alfea but it would be so obvious if someone is out there searching for the remaining and it’s too sad to look at the place where my फ्रेंड्स and I went to school. I miss them dearly and I will do anything to find them, along with the specialists and Nabu. Why couldn’t...
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The messages of dreams take many forms, from the nightmarish to the beautiful. In all instances there is a healing message! The dreams are often symbolic representations of what we are experiencing या are about to experience in the near future. Often how we feel and the emotion we felt during the dream reveals and conveys much about the meaning of the symbols. Intuition and the willingness to examine ourselves with honesty are two very important factors for successful analysis. Below is a सूची of commonly encountered animal symbols… and remember, as Freud said, "A dream that is not interpreted...
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winx club
season 6
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Outside p.o.v
Her fate was still undetermined as और secrets started to unravel. Luckily Stella and Timmy no longer had to worry because they had their slates wiped cleaned. However their ten फ्रेंड्स still had to come clean. As everyone sat in the waiting room of the hospital, text messages were sent from an unknown स्रोत about telling their secret to wipe the slate clean या their secret will be told for them.
Sky pulled Bloom aside to spill his secret. She busted into tears and was devastated द्वारा the news. She told him I think right now we need to take a little break, so I can think things...
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-------Helia’s p.o.v
I heard the sound of footsteps, so I expected it to be Krystal; but when she spoke I automatically turned to see if I heard correctly, and I did. I dropped my bag and ran up the stairs to her and she stood there smiling. I was so happy to see the प्यार of my life standing there. Once I got to her I pick her up and spun her around, it was perfect because right then and there I knew this wasn’t a dream. I set her back down, and I felt some tears slide down the side of my face, yet they were tears of joy. However she wiped them away and I pulled her closer with one hand...
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------Flora’s p.o.v
We headed back to the palace where we would spend the night. I was excited to be reunited with my फ्रेंड्स and my sister, but I missed the specialists, my brothers and most of all my Helia. I was happy I just felt like a part of me was missing, so I sat back in the limo and drew a दिल on the fogged up windows. No one noticed which I was glad because I didn’t want to talk about it. We arrived at the palace soon even though we didn’t take the freeway which I don’t blame for taking the longer way because I am still spooked about venturing on to the freeway after what...
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The अगला day..........
The girls knock on ms. F's room....
Ms.F: Come in, girls.
The girls walked in.....
Bloom: Good Morning, Ms. F, we came to talk abut Flora.
Ms. F: Sure, Girls, go on.
Musa: Well, when we took a walk yesterday all the plants withered and the one who did it was Flora.
Stella:And, Ardin made her believe that we abandoned her in the forest.
Ms. F: What! did आप say Ardin?
All the girls nodded.
Techna: And, we don't know how he did that.
Ms. F: Follow me.
Ms. F lead them to a room.
Ms. F: आप may find everything here about Ardin, his powers,his victims, his enemies, and all of the spells he had,
when the girls took a look at the spell section and was surprised when they saw that Ardin has no spell about turning people to become evil.
Layla: look girls, Flora is in the victim section.
At Ardin's lair........
Icy: Ardin, i sensed that the winx is going here, we should go to another place right now.
To be continued.................
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NOTE : This is my first fan-fiction here , I think :) I'm not good
with stories
but I hope आप enjoy (:

Musa woke up to the sound of music. It was a soft and relaxing tune.But at the same time it was a harsh and ear-peircing tune. Musa followed the tune to the Alfea libary .There was a faint soud of struggle , then all was quiet. The silent night crept on.

The अगला morning , the sun's blazing light woke Flora up. Everyone was already up, well almost everyone."Hey where's Musa ? " Flora asked
sleepily as she looked around the room.
" She's probably still sleeping. Go wake her up, we're gonna...
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