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 Musa Butterflyix
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The movie wasn't anything spectacular या anything, but it did serve it's purpose; it took Icy's mind away from the blonde wizard's face for a good घंटा and a half--but she was certain he'd pay her a visit somewhere between sleep and awareness. Icy tried her best to suppress that thought but she found suppression was becoming increasingly difficult as the load piled up. But nonetheless she pushed that thought back too.
Instead Icy decided to ponder upon a different realization; it had been a good while since she had been to downtown Magix and to her surprise if felt somewhat nice to be there...
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i will soon be posting full movie . Fly here link and see the full movie. If आप like please don't forget to be my प्रशंसक cause its your kindness फ्रेंड्स
गुलाबी Bloom is a girl with orange-red hair magenta eyes and almost alike Bloom , but differs in personalities and power

She is fairy of dragon flame and इंद्रधनुष which is power of तारा, स्टार light , sound wave , water drop , spirit nature , technology and प्यार

She is suspected to be the सेकंड princess of domino i.e. she is elder than bloom but smaller than Daphne . She is believed to appear in Winx club in season 3, but she was not shown as any of the season. in season 3 , the episode in which Stella was turned in monster , she came to know the wicked plan plotted and saved Stella from turning into...
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