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 Winx in Transformation: Believix (Roxy)
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*Bloom called the specialist and told them to wait for them at the beach. Everyone was packing a bag. Everyone except Flora who was standing on the balcony thinking about what happened earlier.
could it have been the trix she wondered.
Autumn walked द्वारा and saw her and went out and talked to her.
"Flora stop thinking about it, it was probably just some bad luck या something." Autumn कहा not even sure of what she just said. Flora looked at Autumn then back at the forest.
"Autumn I just, want to know how it happened who did it." Flora said.
"We'll think about tomorrow for now just kick back and...
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posted by Princess-Flora
So now that we have all seen each girls' Mythix transformation in 3D, I've decided to make an लेख on what I think of Mythix. First off based on how Bloom's looked so flat in 2D, I'm not excited to see how all of them will look in 2D.

Applies To All 6:
1. Wasn't Enchantix supposed to be the final fairy form? I guess not since here's Mythix six transformations later
2. Boots look like shortened versions of the Believix ones
3. the hair is flat
4. the scepters are annoying
5. the wings are awkward
6. I actually prefer Bloomix (minus the name and concept), Sirenix, Sophix and Lovix over the two season...
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