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 is just me या do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
is just me or do the Bloomix wings just look like the Believix wings in a different style?
Note lately my nick has been doing one घंटा episodes but it's really two episodes, so I will just be combing them into one review, until Nick officially distinguishes them as two different episodes.

First off I didn't think the rest of season 6 was going to start until 2014. So the overview for those who have not seen it and do not want to much detail is the Winx gain a new power called Bloomix. The Winx after training in Aisha's gym go back to Linphea College and save the school from the treants, and is free from the Trix's grasp. So that's the basic interview,so now let go into the full...
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We've all heard about these famous परियों right? In my last लेख I mentioned my लेखन this one, about how Nick ruined everything and everything was fine with 4Kids. I प्यार 4Kids and wish they continued to dub the Winx, but since that hasn't happened we're stuck with a bunch of morons (Nick) who have crappy shows, crappy actors and no enthusiasm whatsoever. I have four different points that I want to discuss the first being:

1. Voices:

As I've mentioned before (and most probably all of the Winx प्रशंसक base have) the new voices are crappy. Hardly any expression is put into their so called "acting",...
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Stella:hey bloom bloom I gotta tell आप something look
Bloom:look what??
Stella:here see I examined the potion and turns out its just juice
Bloom:so sky really did प्यार her!?
Stella:I'm afraid so sorry bloom
Flora:*wakes up*hey where's musa??
Stella:oh she went to the hospital this morning and turns out the potion was really a drink -_-
Flora;what soo आप mean that sky....is..????
At sky's castle....
Sky:*walks to parents*father,mother I don't want to marry Diaspro I don't प्यार her that much
Sky's parents:sure son आप don't have to but if u want to Mary someone else it cannot be bloom!
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 The Winx and The Specialists talking
The Winx and The Specialists talking
So I had that idee and I made a pick .I see some प्रशंसकों agree so I made it .Sorry if it to long .Sorry if it's not good

At the beginning were the winx in their believix fairy form trying to promote their संगीत कार्यक्रम .Bloom was with her dragon fire. Then Layla made some morphix bubbles ,I think.Then she jumped on them and the crown cheered. I don’t really find it necessary to jump on them . Then flora flew over the crown making some flowers. Musa made some संगीत and Tecna was recording all of it. I don’t really understand why. Then bloom send her dragon आग encircles the crowd and flew back...
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There is a tie between Daphne, Mitzi, Stormy & Anagon…

Daphne is Bloom's older sister, and the oldest daughter of King Oritel and क्वीन Marion of Domino. She was a spirit living as a nymph bound to the bottom of Lake Roccaluce in Magix, as she was killed 16 years before the beginning of the events of the दिखाना when the Ancestral Witches destroyed her kingdom and returned to Domino after it was restored in The Secret of the लॉस्ट Kingdom.

Mitzi was and is a school rival and neighbor of Bloom inGardenia. Socially ambitious to a fault, she spent the larger portion of her life...
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posted by Flora_xx
 Get ready for a FloraHelia story...
Get ready for a FloraHelia story...
I'm back with a new story that I've been DYING to write! Of course I couldn't start straight away cuz I was still in the middle of 'The Fairy Of Nature' (It's completed now! Plz read!) so I kept that idea in mind and - Enough of my almost life story! Onto the story...
Ps. Oh I almost forgot! This one is और descriptive than my first fanfiction! And the characters may be अभिनय differently but it's my story!


Somewhere in Magix...

The Winx and the Specialists where downtown in Magix just hanging out and enjoying time with each other when...
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posted by Winxfairylove
 Bloom Hallowinx!
Bloom Hallowinx!
I know is kinda late for this Hallowinx fanfic,but I hope आप don´t mind!

*at Alfea*
Palladium:Well,I think its time for your group project.
Stella:Eh?What´s that?
Palladium:Its not just a project...as आप know,I like using the simulator room,and for the 31 October which is the Halloween,I am going to send out groups to some dangerous adventures.Creepy ones.
Palladium:Let me finish,please.There will be each groups bigger than just 3 persons.You´ll विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up and face the horrors.Who will pass this kind of race,will get an A.
Stella:All this just for a good grade?That is so stupid....
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