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 flora and helia married
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प्रशंसक कला
* READ the prologue before आप read this chapter and any other chapters that will come. Thank you
------------------------------------------------------------Charlotte’s p.o.v---------------------------------------------------------
Today was my last दिन at Linphea Preparatory and word had gotten out due to my group of friends. Everyone nicer to me than usual and I didn’t mind it because my फ्रेंड्स got me going away present and my boyfriend कहा we could make the long distance thing work; but I कहा yes at first and then later...
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Author's Note: So I wanted to enter storyteller9's link but my answer was way too long to put it into the small confines of that answer box so...I had to put it here XD Anyways, I think it will give everyone a chance to see who my प्रिय characters are and why I like them so much.


1. Tecna:

~To me, Tecna has always been my प्रिय character. I have connected and liked her ever since I first started watching the show. Personally, I am most like Tecna. We are both nerdy and have different interests than our friends. (Though now I know और people with...
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हे Guys! I have so many लेखाए in the works for not only this club, but others too. But, I decided to finish all Winx Related stories first. I decided to write them be लोकप्रिय demand. First, I'm going to finish Personality. अगला I'm going to finish Winx V.S. W.I.T.C.H. Last, I am going to finish up Hatred. I urge आप to read any of these लेखाए and become a प्रशंसक of them so और readers will see them. For my अगला Winx लेख I am thinking that I will write a लेख about a spell that the Trix places on Flora and Musa that make them act like four साल olds. For those of आप who didn't...
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