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 Ed shows the girls his right arm.
Ed shows the girls his right arm.
(Chapter three everybody!)

Bloom asked "human transmutation?" घोड़ा nodded, he replied "it's forbidden to attempt it and it's alchemys one and only unforgivable sin." Ed sighed and कहा "that's what me and Al did." Flora asked "what caused आप to do it?" Al answered "to bring our mother who died from sickness." Musa कहा "that's terrible." Ed nodded, he took off his जैकेट to reveal his right arm. Bloom stared at him in shock and surprise she कहा "it's....metal?" Al corrected "automail to be exact. It's also the same for his left leg, he sacrificed his right arm to transmute my soul into...
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posted by jinxclubcreator
Bloom: Wait, girls where are we going?
Techna: We don't know, let's just go back at Alfea.
Ater the girls finish saying what they gonna say....
Faragonda: Well, आप need to convince a fairy named Arianne, she has a cold heart, आप need to convince her to give आप all the "Heart Gift" to keep आप all to get confused, she lives at the planet called "Frintania"
Bloom: Ok, tommorrow we will go there.
Ardin's Lair................
Flora: UH Oh, they're going to Arrianne.
Ardin: Don't worry were much stronger.
The अगला day................
Bloom: Come on girls, let's go.
Roxy: But how are...
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 The Winx in the Archivum
The Winx in the Archivum
*Firstly, a big thanks to WinxClub_Stella. She helped me in the translation*

"Previously on Prison Break: The Winx get a हैलोवीन invite card to the Earth. Flora suggested to go the Magical Archive, to research the Monsters of Halloween."

The Winx arrived at the Archive. They started to खोजिए for the Monsters of Halloween.
-Layla: Where should we start searching?
-Stella: Maybe we should start searching in the "T" section, like "Too many books". Uh-oh! Here I always get a headache.- she said, whining.
-Musa: Oh no! आप can't have started whining already! We need to खोजिए because after tomorrow,...
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For those Tecna प्रशंसकों out there, enjoy this chapter because it's her point of view! Well blah blah scroll down!

A New Friend/Tecna's POV~

Silver ring? Disappeared for centuries and then suddenly it appeared at Flora? That's illogical! This must have लिंक्स to someone else. This mission is for Flora and Bloom; but that doesn't mean I can't help them. I can help them, and I will. But if revenge is at the latest generation, one of them must be alive. Flora's great great great great great great great great great great grandfather या maybe Bloom's might be alive for the revenge, या maybe someone connected...
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posted by Princess-Flora
On Linphea
----outside p.o.v
The Winx and specialists arrived to see Flora and Helia doing everything possible to protect the King and क्वीन and keep the palace from collapsing after Eric’s attack. Flora was growing weaker द्वारा the moment and only a shield Helia had gotten from his grandfather after he graduated was the only thing protecting them overhead. Luckily the Winx were there at the exact moment Flora collapsed from exhaustion. Eric laughed menacing because he only had five और to take down, but he thought that it would be provably be best to take them all down, so no one would be left...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
Sorry I didn't update in a while, but here is the अगला chapter of Reasons. And there's something new: beautiful statements at the bottom. Enjoy!

What happened:
Flora is imprisoned in the tower द्वारा her father.
Flora: I need to find a way out of here!

Meanwhile with the Winx at Alfea:
Layla/Aisha: What happened to Flora? She should be here already.
Stella: I say we'll check this out personally!
Bloom: Yeah, let's head to Linphea!

The Winx went to Linphea to the tower because they saw Flora there.
Layla/Aisha: Knock knock, can we...
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posted by jinxclubcreator
Stella:Girls, Flora's not here.
Techna: Wait, i sensed something, i think its Flora, follow me.
The girls followed Techna.....
Musa: Aha! we found Ardin.
The trix: Not so fast fairies, when your gonna deal with Ardin and Flora, आप got to deal with us first.
Bloom: Winx, Sirenix!
The girls transformed...
Bloom: Musa, Layla deal with Stormy.
Musa and Layla: On it.
Bloom: Techna, Roxy deal with Darcy.
Techna and Roxy: On it.
Bloom: Stella, that leaves us with Icy.
Musa: Voice of Sirenix
Layla: Tide of Sirenix
Stormy fainted......
Techna: Aura of Sirenix.
Roxy:Animals of Sirenix ( this is a made up )
Darcy fainted......
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So here it is, hope आप enjoy! ^_^

*The scene*
It was a nice, normal, Friday. Classes were over and the winx were in their dorm doing whatever. The sun was luminous, The birds were singing, and there was a nice breeze outside. One Flora couldn't resist to stand in. So she went on the balcony. Bloom was sitting on the सोफ़ा, सोफे sorting mail. She came across a गुलाबी envelope with Flora's name on it, in big fancy fonted letters. She brought it to her. Flora was caught up in the beauty of the view and didn't notice Bloom come out.

Flora quickly turned and looked at Bloom.
"You startled me,...
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posted by florajames
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posted by Winxclubgirl202
Once the Winx have defeated The Wizards Of The Black वृत्त and found Roxy, the last fairy on Earth. Each of the girls took time to relax and settle down. Bloom flew around Gardenia, she smilied as she flew over the pet खरीडिए प्यार and Pet. The rest of the girls joined her, Stella कहा "Hi Bloom!" Bloom grinned and replied "hey Stella and hi girls!" The girls कहा at the same time "Hi Bloom!" They loved flying together, it was one of the girl's प्रिय things to do. Musa asked "Is everyone ready for the संगीत कार्यक्रम tonight?" Bloom and the others nodded. Flora कहा excitedly "I can't wait to be back on stage." Aisha replied "I know, it'll be fun." The girls thought nothing could go wrong, but something BIG was about to happen.

Who will the Winx meet next- Loki, या even worse The Trix?
Find out in the अगला chapter.
------------------------------------------------------------Derek’s p.o.v-------------------------------------------------------------
I had just arrived at my mom’s chain restaurant called The Café in downtown Magix with my dad, mom and two older sisters. We were waiting for one of the people who worked under him and would be the CEO of the Magix location and he had two sons that were my sister’s age and a daughter a few months younger than me. My dad suggested the idea that the sons all get the daughters a gift, so I bought her a nice हार and I look at it; but I shut the box as...
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posted by florasedge31
Previously on spelled...
"Do we have to talk here sis? It's freezing." Flora asked.
"Yes we have to talk her." "Lily" कहा while turning her back to Flora.
"Well make it quick Lily." Flora said.
"First things first. I'm not Lily." She कहा with a voice change.
"I'm your beloved friend Darcy!" Darcy yelled while transforming into her witch outfit and blasting Flora against the door. She walked over to Flora who was struggling to get up.
"Nice work Darcy." Icy कहा while she and Stormy came out of the shadows.
"Now for my प्रिय part." Icy कहा while making her hands glow blue.

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------The अगला morning all five woke up at the same time, and prepaid for their most adventurous दिन yet. The girls are going to save Domino, Hoggar, Ohm, and Eraklyon in one दिन then spend the night in Melody. At each realm Musa performed the spell and Savannah had the portal to the अगला realm ready while the guys checked and protected them and kept an eye on Flora hoping each step wouldn’t be her last. Once they finally arrived at Melody, Musa and Riven led the way to the पेड़ they had stayed in before, it was practically night fall once in Mellody. So after the five were settled the guys...
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"what going onnnnn"
before helia could finish his sentance he was फ्रोज़न द्वारा ...........
"what u will pay for that krystal" कहा riven
"no helia will TELOPORT"
"HELLAAAAAA!" siad riven
"ive got to go tell profssa s"
"we got u helia now let wait 4 days before your beloved flora is doom"
"profssa profssa"said riven huffing and puffing
"what wrong riven"said proffssa s
"helia helia been captured "said riven geting his breath back
"WHAT what happened tell me riven"said proffessa s
(going to start calling...
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Glad that आप all liked chapter two so much. I'm glad that I have people following this story, it makes me very happy. (And the reviews make me very happy as well) This is probably going to be one of the longer chapters so, I hope आप enjoy.

Bloom splashed cold water on her face, trying to rid herself of the dark spots that stained her visage. She was still shaken up over the whole incident that had come to play at the भोजन करनेवाला, डिनर that night; refusing to look at her reflection until her face was completely clean.

She was soon finished and made her...
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posted by Dragonempress08
First off I'm not a प्रशंसक but after watching the दिखाना i respect it cause of it values. Second, I'm लेखन this cause of an लेख that someone पोस्टेड about season 6. The लेख was read to her द्वारा a 16 साल old cousin (both a major प्रशंसकों but they are not allowed to have a फैन्पॉप account). Fourth, the लेख made her cry. Fifth, I'm using the information that made her cry.
So i dont know who wrote the लेख but it stated about the plot and transformation of season 6. She was excited about the winx going to Tenca's घर world and getting a cyber type transformation. What made her cry was the...
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posted by socute4u
 were here!
were here!
the Winx got to Hawaii as soon as they saw Vennesa and mike.
at the arriving of Hawaii
"We're finally here!" कहा stella
"Wow, Hawaii is big!" कहा tecna
"Wow! Mom, were do we sleep?"asked bloom
"Oh, I have the keys to our room. Before we go for a swim lets unpack and maybe eat" कहा Vennesa
"Yes! Lets please eat!" Yelled mike
the winx unpacked and got ready for a swim!
"Cmon girls, we are going to the beach!" कहा Vennesa
"Mike sweety, are आप coming?" Asked Vennesa
"No i dont feel well after the plane ride" कहा mike holding his stumic
"Ok fine" Vennesa and the winx went down stairs
"Oh wow, look how...
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posted by socute4u
"I am so tired waiting! When can we fight the winx again!" yelled Darcy. There were in there room. "well, we need to get really close to them. Like, let's trick them" कहा stormy. "thats the best आप can do stormy?" asked Darcy. "What आप got?" yelled stormy. "stormy has a point, we should trick them, maybe....into a deep trap." कहा icy. "I got an idea, we should be a winx and-" stormy interupted. "wait, आप mean be a winx? Why would I be a stupid fairy?! " yelled stormy. "shut up stormy, I didn't finish" कहा icy. "and when we are super close to them, we can easily kill them" कहा icy. "I...
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And so the अगला day..
"I can't believe Stella did that to us, I thought we all were friends," cries Flora. Layla holds Flora's hands. "Don't worry," she says. "I believe Stella will stop all this," "Oh yeah?" asks Tecna and points to the window. It was still raining.
Stella found a club called 'Dark Magic.' She enters it. Is she willing to practice dark magic?
Bloom and the Winx run to खोजिए for Stella. But they couldn't...
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I have an idee making a सूची of winx club episodes. All episodes are listed in the following format:
Rai English version / 4Kids version
Nick version /Italian version

Season 1 (2004)

1.An Unexpected Event / It Feels Like Magic
Una Fata a Gardenia

In a small town called Gardenia, an ordinary girl named Bloom is suddenly caught up in a fight between a fairy named Stella and a monster named Knut. After Bloom drives Knut off with unknown and innate abilities, Stella explains that Bloom possesses magical powers, and Bloom in turn tries to convince her parents to let her go to Alfea, a school...
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