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posted by CyD12
All the girls (except for Roslet) are outside waiting for Brianna to start with the आग show. They are all sitting in front of here while she is prepairing everything

Meggie: are आप ready Brianna?
Brianna: uummm yes...
Ashley: cool! then start
Resa: yeah! before Grizelda या Faragonda found us here
Dakota: oh come on Resa! what can they do to us?
Resa: uummm give us detention!
Vivienne: so? it will be just for once. its not that they will force us to leave the school!
Resa: maybe but I had never been in detention before and I am not planning to be in detention...
Rikki: well...then Brianna! start please!
Brianna: sure! (takes a deep breath) here I go!

Brianna takes out 2 torches from her backpack and they get आग in both sides. Brianna started द्वारा making them spin in front of her. Then she throws one to the air while she is still spinning the other and then does the same with the other. After that, she throws both torches to the air and when she grabs them the आग disappears and suddenly 3 kind of आग rings appear around her. Brianna leaved the torches in the floor and made the rings of आग around her spin around forming a tornado around her. Brianna starts to spin around to the rythm of the आग and when she stops the आग stops too forming a kind of snake in front of her. Brianna started to हटाइए her hands and the आग went to where her hands went, following every movement she made with her hands. Brianna closed both hands and the आग disappeared and then looked up and started to blow to the sky. आग came out of her mouth and when she stopped to blow the आग fade away.

Vivienne: Wow! that was amazing!
Brianna: आप really think so?
Rikki: yeah! आप did it so well!
Dakota: it was fantastic!
Brianna: thank आप girls!
Ashley: it was really cool! do आप think आप can do it again?
Brianna: uummm I guess
Grizelda: oh no आप wont!
Meggie: Grizelda! what are आप doing here?
Grizelda: I came to ask आप the same... I went to your dorms and no one was there. The only fairy that was there told me आप were here!
Teresa: Roslet...
Grizelda: yes...(turns to Brianna) Do आप know आप cant use your powers without permission?
Brianna: yes I did...
Grizelda: then what were आप doing with the fire?!?
Rikki: she was just giving us a आग show!
Grizelda: आग show?
Vivienne: yeah! आप know...with tricks and all that stuff!
Grizelda: interesting...and आप are doing this shows late at night because...?
Brianna: the आग can be seen better in the night
Grizelda: आप know where else it can be seen better? In detention!!! the 7 of आप will get detention tomorrow!
Resa: de-detention?!? no! no, no, no, no please!!! I had never been in detention before!
Grizelda: well there is always a first time for everything
Faragonda: leave them Grizelda
Dakota: Ms. Faragonda!
Faragonda: nice to see आप girls...it was a great दिखाना Brianna
Brianna: thank you...I have 5 years of experience. I used to give shows in my home-planet to earn money...
Resa: Ms. Faragonda...are we really going to get detention?
Faragonda: not for this time...but अगला time ask for permision, someone could get hurt
Resa: yay!!! thank आप soooo much!
Faragonda: (smiles) welcome...now go back to your dorms and sleep, आप start your classes tomorrow
Ashley: ough...I had forgoten that
Dakota: good night Ms. Faragonda!
Faragonda: good night girls! (all the girls leave)
Grizelda: when are आप going to tell everyone?
Faragonda: tomorrow morning...in the breakfast. They will have tomorrow to pack all their stuff, the flights are in the night.
Grizelda: are आप sure about all this?
Faragonda: I am और than sure...I already talked to their parents and they all agreed. tomorrow in the night 8 girls are going to travel to Earth and live as normal girls for a while....

The अगला morning everyone went down to have their breakfast. when everyone is eating Ms. Faragonda walks there and takes her seat. Grizelda tell everyone to be quiet because Faragonda has something special to do...

Grizelda: Girls! everyone be silence! Ms. Faragonda has something important to say...
Faragonda: thank आप Grizelda. Well I hope everyone feels confortable in the school. But I have great news for you. As आप all should know, now in Earth everyone believes in fairies. I made a deal with 8 families on Gardenia. We are going to make an exchange!
बिना सोचे समझे girl: and exchange? what is that?
Faragonda: an exchange means that 8 girls are going to travel to Earth and stay there while 8 girls from Earth will come here. The porpuse of this is to know better both cultures and everything. We choosed 8 girls from here to go to Earth and live there like a normal girl.
बिना सोचे समझे girl 2: only 8? and who are the lucky ones?
Faragonda: I am going to say their names. please, if आप were chosen stand up.
Grizelda: Everyone be quiet so Faragonda can start saying the names.
Faragonda: Meggie Folchart, Ashley, Roslet, Vivienne Freeman, Dakota, Rikki, Teresa Mclean, and Brianna.
Roslet: ough! not with them....
Faragonda: आप must feel lucky! आप are traveling to Earth and live as normal girls.
Brianna: I dont want to ruin the emotion but...I have to ask my father first
Faragonda: (smiles) dont worry Brianna. We already talked to your parents and they all agreed.
Ashley: thats amazing!! I wonder how is the Earth
Meggie: oh its beautiful! belive आप me!
Faragonda: well girls, आप have the rest of the दिन off. आप have to pack all your stuff. आप can also go to Magix and buy things आप need. The flight leaves at 6:30 pm. so आप have to be there at 6:00.
Rikki: this is going to be so fun!
Vivienne: I agree! it will be good to go back to earth!

its 5:00 pm and the girls are at Magix. They are at the mall, buying new cloth, and everything they are going to need.

Resa: I think we already bought all we need!
Rikki: yep! we did!
Resa: good! lets have a break!
Dakota: so Meggie Vivienne! how is Earth?
Meggie: it is beautiful!
Vivienne: लॉस्ट of kids and people!
Meggie: there is no magic so it is different from here
Vivienne: but other than that it is amazing!
Ashley: Ms. Faragonda कहा we were going to live with a family there, right?
Dakota: thats right! the families of the girls who will come here...
Rikki: I heard Ms. Faragonda कहा that the girls will be still at their houses when we get there. Their flight is 1 घंटा after we arrive.
Brianna: it sounds fun! we are going to meet the girls who are going to be in our place!
Resa: yes! cant wait to get there! I heard in Earth there are big libraries with a lot of different पुस्तकें than the ones who are there!
Vivienne: yes! there are amazing पुस्तकें in Earth!
Meggie: we could go there when we arrive!
Vivienne: good idea! I प्यार to read!
Resa: me too!
Meggie: me three!
Rikki: (sees Roslet) हे Roslet! want to शामिल होइए us?
Roslet: no thanks...
Dakota: why not? we are having fun!
Ashley: yeah! come on and शामिल होइए us!
Roslet: I dont know if आप notice...but I have to be in the airport of Magix at 6:00 and it is already 5:40. I need to get to Alfea and get all my stuff...
Resa: 5:40?!?
Roslet: yes...now good bye! (leaves)
Brianna: Resa!!! आप are the fairy of time! आप were suppose to tell us when it was 5:30!!!
Resa: Im sorry!!! but we are just 10 मिनटों late. We will get in time dont worry!
Meggie: then, we better go to Alfea right now!!
Dakota: agree! lets go!

All the girls went to Alfea and got all their stuff. Faragonda gave each of the girls a paper with the direction of the houses they are going to live in. Everyone were in the same सड़क, स्ट्रीट luckily. They कहा goodbye to the teacher, fairies, Grizelda and Faragonda and then left to the airport of Magix. There they took their flight to Earth and in less than one घंटा they were already in Gardenia. Everyone was excited! a new adventure was about to happen to them
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