Bloom: where is musa? im worry about her
Flora: she is at the park... she wanted to be alone
Tecna: did she told riven?
Flora: yeah... but it seems like he get mad या something
Layla: aaawwwn poor musa!
Stella: did आप know what is she going to do?
Musa: (getting into the store) im going to melody
Tecna: musa! आप are back!
Bloom: and आप are leaving?
Musa: yeah...
Layla: are आप sure?
Musa: yeah... i was thinking about what आप told me and आप were right... this is my dream i cant give up... not now
Flora: and when are आप leaving?
Musa: in 2 weeks...
Tecna: so fast?
Musa: yeah... i dont want this to get harder
Roxy: (gets into the store) who is leaving where?
Musa: hi Roxy.... im leaving to Melody, my home- planet..
Roxy: oooh... when?
Musa: in 2 weeks...
Roxy: we have to do something before आप leave!
Bloom: great idea!
Stella: we could go tommorow to the mall and have some shopping with friends!
Layla: for me is ok!
Tecna: for me too!
Flora: i think is a great idea!
Roxy: sure why not!
Bloom: ok!
Musa: fine... we are going to the mall tommorow!
Stella: yay!!!! shopping!!! finally!