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Sweet fragranced फूल looming over shiny balconies, the sun lighting up the landscape, momumental buildings, Gardinia sure is beautiful in the summer. Everybody loved it, including Roxy,
partly because her new फ्रेंड्स the winx lived in Roxy's humble town and see could visit them in their pet store almost every day. Riding along on her neon green bike, she reached the awesome खरीडिए marked as "Love and pet.", Roxy leaned her bike on the दीवार and paced into प्यार and pet with her loyal dog, Artu. "Winx, it's me Roxy!" Called Roxy but there was no reply. She and her dog peered around trying to find Bloom या Tecna, या any of the other परियों but there was no trace of them, not even the cute little प्यार and pet animals! "Come on guys, I'm here!" Shouted Roxy, deeply annoyed that no one had even कहा hello. "They must be up the stairs Artu, they probally can't even hear us." Informed Roxy, using her animal powers to make Artu understand her. They stepped half way up the stairs before hearing a sound. At first the duo expected it was the fairy hunters so Roxy instantly created a glowing green power ball in her hands, but then she made it dissapear as she realised it was Stella's voice fondly saying "Oh yeah, I remember that, how could I forget? Let's turn the page." Roxy blew a sigh of relief and beckoned Artu up the stairs and into the chill out room upstairs. The 'Chill out room.' was बैंगनी, वायलेट and lilac, it had dozens of fluffy pillows and the winx were crowding round a चित्र album with the words "Alfea memories." tatooed over the cover. Roxy gazed at the चित्रो stuck to the pages. Some were of the winx in different transformations, ones she hadn't seen before; Their wings were smaller, they lacked the make-up that Believix had and each winx girl looked younger, but the transform still managed to look stylish, little did Roxy know it was the standard winx transformation. In some pictures Layla wasn't in (Probally before those pictures were before Layla joined the winx.) and some of them were just the winx like they were now only in different outfits.
Still, it didn't matter what outfit या transform they where in, they all were set in front of a grand big school; Alfea. "Guys, whats a Alfea?" Asked Roxy confused द्वारा the title. "Oh hi Roxy, didn't expect आप to be here, how did आप get in, sunday is closing day." Mentioned Bloom. "You forgot to lock the door." Explained Roxy. "Alfea isn't a thing it's a place!" Giggled Stella at Roxy's mistake. "Cool, so is it out of town, seems quite far away." Questioned Roxy. "Well, I guess आप could could say that...." Considered Musa. "Quit patronizing Roxy, just tell it how it is: it's in magix, आप didn't think we came from earth did you?" Chuckled Stella at the thought of her; a rich, regal princess being from what she saw as such a common place: Earth. "We promise to take आप there one day, but logically we can't take आप there now due to....To logical stuff." Blushed Tecna. "Ok, I admit it, we can't be bothered."Roxy rolled her eyes as if it was normal for the winx not to care. "Actually guys, ever since I've transformed I've felt independent enough to go on missions and adventures without आप guys tending to me, but don't get आप wrong your company rocks, I just want to go myself, ok Artu can come as well." Admited Roxy. "Ok, good luck." Smiled Flora. "Bye!" Waved all six girls (And their प्यार and pet pets and Kiko of course.), as Roxy left the building. 'This is it.' Thought Roxy excitedly. 'My first solo adventure!'
Thanks for reading, hoped आप enjoyed it. Please टिप्पणी दे and rate. :) (PS part two should be on it's way soon and please note I do not own winx club.)
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Episode 6x06

Preparations are made for the celebration of Daphne, who will officialy become Crown Princess of Domino. Bloom is happy for her sister and the प्यार story that is emerging
between and the paladin, Thoren. Diaspro is in charge of a trap द्वारा the Trix and dropped Bloom into the Vortex Of Flames. Selina manage to fall in as well, but the Fairy
of the Dragon Flame (Bloom), instead of being destroyed, she is raised to a new life.

Episode 6x07

Faragonda asks Daphne to research about the Legendarium, the book that transforms legendary creatures into reality. In order to close it down for good,...
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So today was the season finale of season 5 and maybe my least प्रिय last battle from all of the seasons. This is my opinion it's just that I prefer the battles against the Trix, Valtor, The Wizards and Lord Darkar before the battle against Tritannus since really only Bloom battled Tritannus while the Winx minus Layla were on Andros fighting the mutants.
So in the beginning Bloom, Flora, their selkies and Neraus are seen swimming to go after Tritannus to stop him; but Stella, Musa and Tecna along with Tressa seem to be in trouble so Bloom tells Flora she can go help which she does. So I...
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So संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर I thought this episode was cute, sweet, emotional and adventurous. I really think season 5 is starting to turn around in it's last few episodes and I hope that brings good news for season 6 and whats yet to come.
In the beginning all of the students and the Winx are in the dining hall for breakfast.The Winx are talking and all bubbly except for Flora who is obviously sad and has seemed to resort to her old self द्वारा not speaking and being shy. I feel bad for her; but, it was so sweet of Krystal to talk to her. We find out that Krystal is sorry for what she did and never meant to...
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