Flora’s POV

I woke up and my vision was blurred I was on some cold hard ground. My vision clears up and I see someone standing in front of me with their arms folded. I had absolutely no idea who it was.
“I see आप woke up.” She said.
“Umm, who’re you?” I ask while rubbing my head.
“I’m... Helia’s older sister.” She says. My eyes widen.
“Say what now?”
“You heard me. I know what’s been going on with आप and them. And I finally decided to help you. And uh, sorry about आप know, your eye. I didn't mean to scratch it like that. I tried to fix it with some magic but it left a yellow streak.”
I honestly didn't care about my eye at this point. Helia never talks about his sister around others for me it was weird talking to her right now. She hadn’t even come to the wedding which is why I didn’t recognize her.
“I know he doesn’t talk much about me our history was pretty crazy but that’s not the point.” She कहा while holding out a hand for me. I grab it and she helps me up.
“The point is I want to help आप get back to them. And I actually would like to see him again.” She says while folding her arms.
“And my name is Janessa.” She कहा while shaking my hand.
“Nice to meet you.” I say.
I look around at where we are. We’re in a outside environment and it is Icy and snowy just like it was back at the studio. We were in front of a big, beautiful temple that was also covered in icicles and snow.

The Lin Kuei temple

“This is the Lin Kuei temple. This is where I learned all my combat skills that I intend on teaching you.” She said. I looked at her confused.
“I know you’re confused, but in order for आप to get through that army, and defeat Icy you’re going to need to fight your way through.” She explained. I wasn’t sure about this but when I thought about it, it made a lot और sense. I nodded.
“Follow me.” She कहा while walking into the temple.
    We walked in and we stood in an open अंतरिक्ष in a fairly dark room. We were standing in front of each other.
“So since Icy is very powerful with your powers it will take और than just fighting skills to beat her because after that what are आप going to do? Put her in another jail so she can break out again? आप need a better way and I know just the way to do it.” She explained while making her hand glow for a विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें सेकंड then she stuck her hand in her chest. And she pulled out what I thought was her heart.
“Is that?” I start to say.
“Yes, it’s my heart. Don’t worry I won’t die या anything if I keep it out for an extended period of time. I’ll only die if it’s crushed. आप don’t need to crush it though.”
“What good does that do me?” I ask.
“If आप have Icy’s दिल आप can control her. आप can make her stop doing what she is doing. Therefor, आप win.” She explained while putting it back in her chest. She grabbed my hand and made it glow the same way she made hers.
“Now, I want आप to pull out your heart. Don’t be afraid, just don’t crush it.” She कहा while stepping back and folding her arms.
I hesitantly stuck my hand in my chest and felt for my heart, which was the weirdest thing I’ve ever had to feel for. I grasped it and pulled it out. And there it was, in my hand, my own beating heart.
“There आप go, not that hard is it?”
“No, not at all.” I responded.
“Now put it back so we can हटाइए on.” She instructed. I put it back in my chest still shocked and then followed her to a wall. On the दीवार were a bunch of weapons.
“Whoa.” I कहा looking at them all in awe. Janessa jumped up and grabbed 2 blades. She flicked them and they opened up into beautiful blue fans.
“I thought that आप would like these the most.” She कहा while handing them to me.
When I touched them I felt a feeling that felt somewhat like magic. We walked back to the open space.
“Hand ‘em here.” She asked while holding out her hand.
“The cool thing about these fans, is that they’re kinda magical.” She said.
“When आप throw them for an attack they will vanish so that no one can take them and use them against you. But आप as the owner of them can make them appear back in your possession just द्वारा thinking about them in your hands, and that cycle can continue.” She explained.
“Cool.” I said.
“I’ll दिखाना you.” She कहा while facing a wall. She threw them at the दीवार as hard as she could and the blades stuck in the brick.
“Yes, they’re that tough.” she said. I looked at them and sure enough they disappeared. She held out her hands and in less than a सेकंड they appeared in her hands.
“That’s amazing!” I कहा while clapping.
“It is, and it’s perfect for आप since आप have no magic. These things come with it.” She says as she hands them back to me.
“So do आप agree to let me train you? And before आप say yes, just know I won’t दिखाना mercy if I hit आप या yell at आप and आप will be training 24/7 for a few months. So are आप ready?” She asked with a serious look on her face. I agreed with everything Janessa कहा and I trusted her. And doing all of this would like she कहा help me fight through that army and defeat Icy. So without hesitation I said,

Flora trained with Janessa for 7 months. She had mastered the art of using the fans. And of course she was taught regular fighting with just hands and feet. Janessa was proud at how far she had come on training Flora and thought that she was ready to take on Icy. They had planned out what they were going to do and when. Janessa gave Flora a black jump suit with a utility बेल्ट to hold her प्रशंसकों when needed. Janessa also gave her a blue mask that covered her nose and mouth. ‘You don’t want to breathe in too much cold air’ was her reason. It was blue like the प्रशंसकों were and it matched perfectly. Janessa would help her fight through the army and they would go tomorrow. She would go get her life back tomorrow and above all be back with her friends.

Calypso’s POV

We were all still watching Helia. All the winx tried healing spells on him but nothing worked.His condition stayed the same every time. He is just barely breathing and he feels like the inside of a deep freezer. He’s ice cold and his skin is pure white. We don’t think he has much time left. he probably only has द्वारा tonight. It’s something we don’t want to think या want to happen, but it’s the truth and we have to accept it unfortunately.
Her mask, fans, jumpsuit, and eye.