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Icy was certain that she and Darcy would have victory this time. Naturally बादल Tower would be the first to go.

As always.

Icy kicked in the door.

"Die potato." Darcy put on her sunglasses.

"Not today." Remarked the only witch remaining in the school. She reported away.

"Where the Hell is everyone!?" Icy frowned.

"Dear, Icy, Darcy, and बादल Hair….Cloud Hair!? Hey!?" Stormy started पढ़ना the note she found on Griffin’s desk. "When we heard that आप were going to take over the world again we decided to take a school wide vacation…without आप three >:) we’re tired of आप guys going after our school first :( so we decided to leave. At least until आप take over Red फव्वारा (because we all know आप always go for Alfea last). Enjoy our school. Sincerely Headmistress Griffin and a school of crazy college kids with a long overdue spring break."

"You have got to be kidding me! I suggested taking one of these school wide vacations and she never had one!" Icy complained.

"I know. आप even had this really sexy bikini picked out." Darcy sighed.

"You guys went bikini shopping without me?" Stormy frowned.

"Stormy, we always go bikini shopping without you." Icy rolled her eyes.

"Well then who’d आप replace me with?" She pouted.

"Riven." Darcy shrugged.

"He enjoys wearing bikinis." Icy pointed out. "Pretty sure he told me not to share that…oh well, his fault for telling me."

"You know what we should do?" Darcy asked.

"What?" Icy asked.

"We should go find out where they went to take their vacation and crash it!" Darcy suggested.

"Good idea. But how are we going to find them?" Icy muttered.

"Oh, it says on the postcard!" Stormy flipped the note over.

"They went to Miami beach." Darcy read.

"Typical." Icy muttered. "Everyone always go to the समुद्र तट for spring break. Why can’t someone just go to Alaska या somewhere worthwhile."

"Dammit woman, just get your bikini on and get ready to attend a wild and stereotypical college party!" Stormy shouted.

"I’m ready guys!" Riven burst in, his starfish bikini clinging seductivly to his curves.
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