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I realized it has been I while since I published a story. So here's a serie of (Dutch) songfics. And most likely, they'll all be sad. For the original song, click link.

In een doolhof वैन, वान emoties, is de tijd voorbij gegaan

In a dungeon of emotions, the time has passed

They had some fights. Well, a lot. But they didn't think they'd end up teared apart. No one actually did. But, maybe, it was for the best...

Dan loop ik naar de kamer, waar jouw spullen niet meer staan

Then, I walk to the room, where your stuff isn't in anymore

Yes, she missed him. But, she was too stubborn to admit it. She thought he was too. Or, he didn't प्यार her. She always thought so. She was never right. She knew that, but didn't want to admit that as well. Maybe, being stubborn isn't really good. Sometimes.

En als ik koffie wil gaan zetten, zet ik teveel voor mij alleen

And if I want to make coffee, I make too much for me alone

She stared into her cup of coffee. This was her सेकंड one. It was actually supposed to be Riven's. She wanted they could stop fighting, just for once. So they could have their happily ever after. Maybe, that wasn't really it for them.

Het is net of ik, mezelf verloren heb

It's just like, I लॉस्ट myself

They really had something. Something special. Maybe it wasn't a fairytale love, but it was fine with them. And yes, they fought a lot. Though, she was feeling like she was missing a part of herself.

Ik moet wennen aan de leegte, die jij hier achterliet

I have to get used to the emptyness, आप left behind

Normally, Riven was always around. The house felt empty and haunted. She realized he was her सुरक्षित heaven. She turned on the radio, searching for some संगीत to cheer her up. The news was on. She was about to turn the radio off, but then she heard something.
"There was a man found dead in the lake. He is most likely to be one of the famous Specialists, Riven."
She froze. It had to be impossible. It took a while, before she realized it wasn't. The tears flowed down her cheeks. She would never forget him. Never.

In het hart वैन, वान mijn gevoel, zal ik je nooit vergeten

In the दिल of my feelings, I will never forget you
I see on a blog a post like this and i read it . I though some प्रशंसकों would agree if i will post some trix stuff . it made द्वारा an anonymous प्रशंसक . :

As for the Trix, firstly, the appearance of the Ancient Witches makes them look like older versions of the Trix. They’re as good as look alikes.

I remember Stormy saying, after they failed to get the Dragon’s Flame from Stella’s ring, “We shall be as we once were. There was no explosion” in the RaiEng dub of S1, and in the French and Italian dubs, it’s और like, “We will be like in the ancient times. In those times, there was no explosion.”...
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posted by socute4u
 Saying goodbye
Saying goodbye
this story, the winx go on a vacation for the summer. Where? To Hawaii!
"Oooh i cant wait! Wait, where are we going again?" Asked stella.
"My parents कहा we can come to earth for a nice vacation for the summer, stella" कहा bloom.
"Where on earth?" Asked stella
"Hawaii" कहा bloom
"Hawaii?" Asked flora
"Hawaii" कहा bloom
"What's Hawaii?" Asked flora
"We'll, its a big लोकप्रिय island, very beutiful" कहा bloom
"Island?" Asked Aisha( i call her that )
"Yes, im sure your familiar with it. It has a big ocean seas and bright sun" कहा bloom
"Cool" कहा Aisha
the winx pack up there stuff and get ready for...
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posted by Zmidy313
Close your eyes,
And open your heart,
Believe in in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Because the Magic's in you,
And the Magic's in me!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come शामिल होइए the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx!
Come शामिल होइए the club!
We are the Jinx!

Elemental Powers,(Akyra)
Electrical Showers, (Ashley)
Songs on Guitars, (Lexi)
With powers of Stars, (Megan)
Burning love, with shapes of lune, (Julie)
With Light and Darkness from the Moon! (Lilly)

We've got the looks,
And we've got the flair!
Adore all आप want,
Just don't touch the hair!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come शामिल होइए the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx'
We are the Jinx!
Come शामिल होइए the club!

We are the Jinx!
Question 1: What are your feelings on being chosen as this months "fan of the month"?

~ I'm really honored that I'm FOTM May! It's really good feeling. That I'm 2nd प्रशंसक of the month. I'm glad that people like my posting and contributions to the spot and they've chosen me as the प्रशंसक of the month.

Question 2: Who is your प्रिय Winx Club girl, and why?

~ My प्रिय winx club girl is Stella and Tecna.
Stella: I don't know why? But the मिनट I saw her I fell in प्यार with her. She's a fashion diva just like me. She's talkative and life of the winx I don't know why some people here don't like her...
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posted by LavenderLily
Part 2: The Trix appears.
Bloom: Oh no! Musa where are you?
Stella: I`m sure she`s kidnapped द्वारा bad guys.
Flora: Bad guys? But i thought we don`t have bad guys to fight right now.
Tecna: Looks like we have got a mission, girls.
Layla: Yes. We got to hurry before anything bad happens to Musa.
Tecna: Wait! First of all we have to find where is she.
Bloom: That`s not a problem. Winx Believix!Winx Tracix!Show us the past!
The past: The girls were sleeping when the shadow of 3 mysterios women showed up.The first women had long ponytail hair.Next women had a cload like frizzy hair.The last women had long...
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posted by Flora_Bloom
An awesome song!Loved this one!Icy and some guy(Valtor,looks like) have entered a skating competition with Layla and Nabu.In order for them to win,Icy,from the stands,melts the ice in front of Layla's feet.But Bloom manages to fix it.Then,people throw फूल upon Layla and Nabu.Layla picks one up and goes and gives it to Icy!LOL
I know that one day
Deep inside in my eyes
Only I will see
What is been there for me
All the magic lights

Every dream I have will be reality
And the wind coming from the past
Blowing away the evil
Just like dust


I stand up and fly away
'cause I know
I will never give...
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 Twinx club logo!
Twinx club logo!
(In the park)
Lisa:So,u guys r really witches.
Liana:Not exactly,our mothers were.
Kristina:But that does not make us witches.
Sabbra:So,u think we shud introduce ourselves?
Lisa:Ok,I am Lisa.Bloom's daughter,i still don't know my history yet but i am a आग fairy.
Sunshime:I am the sun,moon fairy,Sunshime!And i am Stella's daughter!
Rosena:I am Rosey/Rosena.My Mother is Musa and i am a nature and संगीत fairy!
Sabbra:Nice name.
Angel;I am Angelica,i.e. Angel.Flora's daughter and the फूल fairy!
Liana:I प्यार flowers!
Siobhan:I am Siobhan,The tecno fairy...
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Roxy shuddered as she arrived घर and rode to प्यार and pet on her bike, Artu swiftly trotting beside her. 'Trap my friends?' Thought Roxy. 'I must be mad. What if the sisters were lying? After all, I hardly know them, yet alone trust them! But i guess its too late now.' She parked her bike outside the winxs खरीडिए and current home.
Tiptoeing though the double doors with Artu whimpering (which was probally a plead to forget the the three witches claims.), Roxy once again found that no one was in the main entrance, except this time their were the guardian परियों pets who were hovering about Roxy...
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