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posted by Princess-Flora
here's the song: link
and what is is the lyrics या reference to the lyrics
We were all on the ship in the middle ocean then out of nowhere the ship विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें into pieces in an explosion. Once the water calmed down and I could see again. I saw wood scattered all over the surface and I couldn’t see any of my फ्रेंड्स I was panicking. After I calmed myself down I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye, it was one of my friends. I swam quickly to her aid because with such rough waves it was easy to tell she would drown soon in her own tears are by the undertow. Once I got to her she hugged me and कहा I’m so glad to have someone else here with me especially आप Layla. I smiled and grabbed some drift wood and कहा Flora, if I could be drifting out at sea with any one I would want my best friend with me. She smiled and I smiled; but, tears streamed down the side of both of our faces because we knew the rest were already dead and probably drowned in the cool water. I took her hand and we both kicked with our feet holding onto the drift wood searching for another ship या land. What seemed like hours we saw a dingy and we decided it would be our best bet to sit on it, relax, and take a break after all the swimming. We pulled ourselves up and held onto it for dear life along with each other. I look out into the distance and realize there is no lifeline to climb and with those high tide waves coming we need to hang on या let go fast. I look at her and tell her we need to dive right in and even though I could tell she was terrified she agreed and the two of us dived right in after we let go of the dingy and at the right time. The waves crashed at our backs as we went deeper into the undertow we felt और alive as we surfaced I promised I would keep her floating and the two of realized neither of us would be going under even if we get swallowed द्वारा the undertow and then we decided to head to किनारा, शोर and ride on the tide until we get to the shore once we got there we couldn’t be और relieved. She held on tight as we set foot onto the sand and people came to our side, just in time because the two of us collapsed right then and there but it was सुरक्षित to say even though she tested the waters I promised her I would keep her floating until she was swimming safely and I did even though our फ्रेंड्स will always be a part of this beautiful ocean
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