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posted by Princess-Flora
----The अगला morning everyone woke up to the smell of food, and they all saw it was Flora cooking which made them smile. They ate their breakfast, cleaned up and then headed outside so Musa could perform the spell to help another realm. After everything went back to normal, Savannah opened a portal and they headed off to their अगला location which is Andros. Once they got there it looked the way it did when Omega was going to destroy the whole realm and Valtor was their biggest threat.
Musa: I can’t stand to see the realm this way so I have an idea
Savannah: sure what is it?
Musa: how about instead of only fixing one realm per दिन we do two and that way we could save the Magic Dimension faster.
Riven: I think it’s a good idea (the other three nods in agreement just as Musa says the spell to restore Andros and Savannah opens the portal to Domino)
----Once they arrive everyone heads for shelter and then Flora suggests that her and Musa get the supplies for रात का खाना and a आग to keep them warm.
Musa: (once they are a good distance away from the site) I know
Flora: you’re wondering why I didn’t tell आप sooner या the others aren’t you?
Musa: how did आप know?
Flora: your tone gave it away and there is a reason why I didn’t tell आप sooner let alone the others (looks away and picks up firewood)
Musa: so what is the reason?
Flora: well we already know this is the worst senior साल so far; but the reason is I didn’t know how to tell the people I प्यार and care about most that they’ll most likely have to watch me fall into darkness again plus they would all try to find a way to save my life when there is no other way
Musa: (crying) but there has to be a way; I don’t want to lose one of my best friends
Flora: (going to comfort her) this is what I was afraid of plus I didn’t want to upset you, I know आप want to find a way; but we all have to die at some point it’s not like we are immortal
Musa: (looks up) what did आप just say?
Flora: I कहा it’s not like we are immortal, (realizes what she mentions) but immortality spells are hard to do plus they normally aren’t meant to be used on one person; but normally meant 14
Musa: exactly the point how many of us are in the group
Flora: 14 आप are a genius Musa; but let’s head back before they worry and I will tell them.
----they get back to their hideout, eat and then Flora tells them everything. They seemed scared and shocked at first; but realize she had a good reason for not telling them. Once everyone is settled Musa explains her idea and they decide to go through with it. They are going to restore the rest of realms in no time, then destroy the opposing side but Helia कहा he had dibs on destroying his father which made them all laugh before falling asleep अगला to the आग on this cold night.
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1) Wash hair every 3 days - daily washing steals the natural oils from the hair cuticle and can leave your tresses weak, limp and difficult to work with.

2) The healthier your diet the thicker, shinier and healthier your hair. And do drink lots of water also to banish dryness and promote natural sheen.

3) Finish with a cool-to-cold rinse to help सील, मुहर the hair cuticle and convey natural shine, and always towel dry hair before conditioning otherwise आप could be diluting the conditioner द्वारा up to 70%.

4) Blow-drying, styling, straightening – who knows where our style would be without our favourite...
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