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posted by Princess-Flora
Sorry that it is so short but I really wanted to try to make at least one cliff hanger
Flora’s p.o.v
I walked inside and decided I think I’ll get the smell of saltwater and मछली off of me before I check out the messages on flutter. As I walked up the stairs, I looked at the pictures of my mom and my dad; it really feels good to finally know who my parents are. When I reached the चोटी, शीर्ष of the stairs, something felt out of the ordinary so I quickly ran to my room and there was glass shatter from the mirrors behind the ballet barre shatter all over the floor and there was some red substance on the दीवार that read आप have been warned in a handwriting that belonged to a person who I was deathly afraid of. As I read the four words, I could feel my chest tightening and the room was spinning as something warm ran down my cheek. I slid down the दीवार with my hands on my face to catch the tears but I heard footstep coming up the stairs but all the sounds started to blur. Before everything faded there was a sharp pain in my back followed द्वारा the sensation of something warm and oozing and that was all I remembered.
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posted by FloraorStella
I'm watching an episode of the Winx Club right now (specifically, episode 13) and I'm only in for two मिनटों and I'm cringing so hard at this. I should have prepared myself for this. I don't know why I actually thought it might be good. I didn't finish the sixth season, but to be honest, it wasn't really going anywhere.

Anyway, back to the seventh season. What is wrong with it?? Like, why is the intro so weputthistogetheratthelastminute and what happened to their faces? I literally am so uncomfortable and OH MY GOD, I THINK THEY ALL JUST MOANED. What the actual hell. And they're giggling while...
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posted by rreynolds12
flash back I heard moans and went to see what it was but what I saw would break my दिल it was helia and musa चुंबन I broke in to tears and ran away and riven saw me he asked what was wrong I told him he was furious I told him I was leaving and I did .

It's been a साल since then I had changed a lot I was now an air nomad with. My body tattoo and the markings of the demon summoning on my coler bone to my stomach with a mark on my neck sim loosing that I was a vampire oh did I mention I had grown big perky boobs and my hips curved out और needles to say I was hot and the perfect body...
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posted by UnaDiNoiWinx
I think I've figured out a reason the प्रशंसकों reject Aisha and Nex as a couple. Unlike the other couples, they haven't had many romantic scenes. They've never said, "I प्यार you." They've never kissed. (They were about to on their date, but Squonk interrupted them.) Their romance feels weak.

I blame Nickbow. In seasons 1-4, the couples were और affectionate with each other. We often saw them kissing, cuddling, hugging, etc. It felt और appropriate for their age group.

But from season five onward, the romance has been toned down. There's not much cuddling anymore and almost no kissing. When Aisha...
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posted by floraisthebest2
The winx were going out for lunch, they were talking when they heard a rustle in the bushes. Tecna got suspisous and took out her ladybug invention and the ladybug snuck on the man that was stalking them. so who is it asked flora. When the man came out aisha left, then flora took a look and had a dissapointed look on her face. What is she doing here, thought nabu. flora stood up and stormed off the way aisha did. Oh man i really messed that up he said. Ya think, कहा stella. Then a message of valtor came and musa ran twoards aisha and flora. आप guys here that musa asked. Yeah, i wonder what...
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posted by gemixclub
Be kind. One of the biggest traits Flora has is that she is very nice. From फ्रेंड्स to strangers, be nice. Being social and friendly to everyone can help आप make new friends. Everybody loves her because she is always smiling, positive and with a great sense of humor!
Meditate. Flora is calm at all times so that she can think easily. Concentrate on positive thoughts and try to drain all negative things out of your mind. If आप can`t meditate या if आप don`t want to try to do yoga या just relax. Yoga will help आप to improve your body and your mind.
Love nature. This is obvious since Flora is...
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posted by yasmin124
Flora . we must find Ella

Aisha . no what about

Flora . Aisha we need to find Ella

Aisha . its just i dot want आप to get लॉस्ट so ill come with आप il be on your side all the time i प्यार आप Flora as a friend

Flora , thats so sweet thanks

Aisha .ok will find Ella together

Bloom. were did आप think your going

Flora . to find Ella

Bloom. not with out me i want to help

Flora . thanks Bloom i प्यार you

Bloom . aww

Flora . come on lets find Ella

Bloom magic winx flyrix

Bloom fairy of the dragon fire

Stella fairy of the shinning sun

Flora fairy of nature

Musa fairy of ,music

Tecna fairy of technology

Aisha fairy...
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