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Musa’s dream
I was wandering through the streets of Magix. I could tell it was late at night, since the moon was bright in the gloomy sky. As I walked around the abandoned streets with damage for miles on end, I could literally feel a presence watching me. So I decided to be ब्रेव द्वारा looking back and behind was one of my best friends. She was the one who was able to contact me and boy was I glad to see her. I कहा “Flora, where have आप been? I searched for you.” She never did meet my gaze, but she did answer me “I have been with the others, we have been all taken captured but I managed to escape and was able to come and talk to you. Also did आप get my message?” “Yes, I got your message and I was able to talk to my mom as an एंजल and find Riven. Trust me I will be careful” however when I mention Riven’s name she looked at me in shock at the mention of one of our फ्रेंड्स but when she turned in the moonlight. I could see all the scrapes, bruises and dirt that covered her thin frame; but the one thing that caught my eye was the cut on her forehead that was caked in blood. “What happened to you?” I asked cautiously. Flora spoke softly “he found out I was able to communicate to the outsiders and this was my punishment along with having to be his son’s bride in a month’s time.” my jaw dropped but at that moment she reached into her pocket and pulled out a हार that belonged to Savannah and placed it around my neck. I was finally able to utter some words “Why are आप giving this to me and आप can’t be married, आप are supposed to marry Helia!” She turned “This is so आप can contact me with your where abouts and I can keep आप सुरक्षित and I am marrying him but not the way I dreamed so आप have to put everything and everyone the way it used to be before times runs out.” If I wasn’t already scared, I was now. She hugged me goodbye and then ran off, I hope this isn’t the last goodbye I thought. I started walking back to where I started and to Melody where Riven is.
Musa’s p.o.v
I was asleep until Riven started shaking me and saying “don’t worry my sweet musa it is just a nightmare.” I hugged him when he woke me up from that place.
Riven: why do आप have some breakfast with me?
Musa: sounds great (he looked at me funny before he spoke again)
Riven: where did आप get Savannah’s necklace?
Musa: WHAT!? I don’t have her हार (I ran my fingers across my neck and saw that it was there just as it was in the dream) was it real? (said curiously)
Riven: (he turned to face me) what was real?
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Stella yawned heavily as she heaved herself across the alfea corridoors, so bored she wanted to curl up and go to sleep.
'It's not my fault what had happened.' She thought
scorning Grizelda, for she was the one who had made her teach a few first years on फूल magic.
She shuddered as she saw back to the accident.
It was just after A shopping trip with the other winx girls and well, she splashed out a bit, still how was she supposed to know that alfea would be flooded neck high with the latest designer outfits? So now she has to serve the school, even worst teaching lesson! As if she had enough...
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